[C3C] Creating new terrain question

Jan 7, 2002
Aboard the Praetor's pride
Hi all,

I'm interesting in seeing if anyone has ever created a 2D terrain set?
If not can anyone point me to a good tutorial on how to mod existing terrain pcx files?

Reason for this request:
Viewing C3C maps on modern day monitors has become difficult for me. My eyes are not as good as they once were and I find the 3D representation of terrain hard to discern. In addition the 3D terrain detracts from the 3D unit model visuals.

I'm looking to find/create a terrain set that is simply a solid 2D color representation of 3D terrain features. In other words I want a map where all the squares are filled in with a solid color. A different color would be used for what the terrain type is. For example dark blue would be for ocean tiles. Dark green would be thick forest. Etc.

By creating a 2D map I'm hoping to better see the beautiful 3D unit models that the community has created over the years.
Unfortunately, while there is a lot of posted info and techniques there is not a unified tutorial.

This template set might be a good start for creating your own.

A tedious but simple way would be to pick and replace colors in an existing set, until you've got a single color for each terrain type.
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