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Discussion in 'Civ4 - MongooseMod' started by LunarMongoose, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    MongooseMod 3.6.1
    for Beyond the Sword 3.19

    I am sure there are still some things missing that I've forgotten and/or that my modding library doesn't contain archived zip files for, but this should cover most of it. Things are generally listed in alphabetical order by author. Please feel free to post here or PM me if you want to point out something I got wrong or don't have listed. As noted below, a lot of unit graphics used for racial variants are not accounted for yet and I will get those up when I can.


    * DaveMcW - Show Hidden Attributes Mod (used fully)
    * KillMePlease - Defender Withdrawal (fixed and expanded upon in several ways), GoldOnDisband
    * Moctezuma - Influence Driven War 1.1 (used a toned-down version of the basic effect only)
    * PieceOfMind - Advanced Combat Odds 2.01 (used fully)

    Special Mention:

    * JDog5000 / Fuyu - Better BUG AI 1.02b (the most important thing on this entire page, by far)
    * NeverMind - Mountains Back to Service (used in large part but not fully, and expanded upon significantly)
    * Refar - Just Another Religion Mod 1.11 (used in large part but not fully)


    * Cephalo - Perfect World 3v2 for Civ5 + Cephalo / Fuyu - Perfect World 2.06f (inspiration for, and basis of, the ported PerfectMongoose 3.1 and updated PerfectWorld 2.0.8 mapscripts I've made)


    * Sezereth - Fall From Heaven Terrain (used fully)
    * Geomodder - Cultural Citystyles 0.99 (used fully)
    * Kai Fiebach - Blue Marble 4.5 (inspiration for my current Silver UI Theme; very important improved Earth title screen texture; few miscellaneous bits still used)
    * Avain - Quot Capita 8.1 (primary source for current LHs; Neanderthal and Stone Axeman units)
    * Maniac - Planetfall 13.0 (invaluable menu and window graphics, and window background, for my current Silver UI Theme)


    Things in this category are the result of me firing up the major full mods out there, playing around with them for a while, and taking note of anything that piqued my interest. Whenever possible I tracked items down from their original sources and didn't lift things directly from the full mods, but they still deserve credit. I did get most of my building models and wonder movies, and some of my icons, from the first three mods in this list, however.

    Versions listed are the ones I actually downloaded and used back when I was prepping for development of version 3.5, and are not the most recent ones that exist.

    * Zappara - Rise of Mankind 2.81 + Afforess - A New Dawn 1.53 (source of almost all of my building construct sounds)
    * Phungus420 - Legends of Revolution 0.9.8c+
    * Tsentom1 - Thomas' War 3.5a
    * TheTriturador - Stone Age Mod 2.9 (exception: this was heavily incorporated as a base for the Prehistoric Era in my mod, which was unavoidable by its nature; a number of technologies, units and icons still remain the same even though my version is overall quite different at this point)


    * Dresden - EventSigns
    * RufusTFirefly - Real Resolution Names
    * Willowmound - ActualQuotes 4.2
    * EmperorFool - BUGMod (BTS update of the PLE Mod and probably a bunch of minor stuff, not sure exactly)

    Special Mention:

    * Sevo - Sevopedia (I made the original BTS update for this (2.32) based on Sevo's final version (1.93), and am still using mine rather than some newer versions other people have written; I am still planning to make more updates of my own in the future)
    * TheLopez - Unit Statistics Mod (heavily modified originally, then later fully replaced with my own version from scratch)
    * RenegadeChicken / Smeagolheart - Event Images (still using a few of these in my custom set that was released in version 3.6)
    * Gaurav / Patricius / Rabbit,White - Great Person/General Images (used fully)


    * Bernie14 - Kim Jong Ill
    * Chuggi - Hirohito
    * NikNak - Hitler
    * Ripple01 - Firaxis Chinese LH imports
    * SaibotLieh - Cleopatra, Maria II

    Special Mention:

    * Chuggi - Improved Graphics 2.0.7 vanilla LH reskins (used by LoVD)
    * Ekmek - Alexander, Ataturk, Hitler, Idi Amin, Marcos, Mussolini, Ibn Saud, Putin, Reagan, Wu, Constantine


    In this and the next two categories, I am for the moment only listing stuff I know from memory is currently in the mod. I added a lot of units in the last year or so as racial graphical variants and I don't remember exactly which I settled on in every area. I'll go through and look methodically when I have time.

    * Bernie14 - Modern German General
    * Bhiita - Archduke skin
    * C.Roland - Lizardman Crossbow
    * Chuggi - Imperial Japanese Units, Jedi, Sith, Legolas
    * EdgeCrusher - Flaming Pig
    * Esvath - Warrior Mage
    * Expositus - Samurai skin
    * GarretSidzaka - Conan the Barbarian, Sir Loracaz
    * GeS - Mi28
    * Mr.Metis - F4U Corsair
    * Rabbit,White - Scary War Elephant
    * Refar - Motorcycle
    * SaibotLieh - Werdandi
    * Sezereth - Paladin, Werewolf
    * Sharick - Flak Cannon, Opel Blitz truck, Trebuchet
    * Snafusmith - AH64 Apache, Willy's Jeep
    * Zerver - Humvee
    * Zuul - Exotic Animals

    Special Mention:

    * Chalid - Dragon
    * Deliverator - Sand Worm, EE2 conversions
    * TheCoyote - Culverin, Marauder mech, EE2 conversions


    * C.Roland - Galleas, Ticonderoga skin
    * Chamaedrys - Kobukson
    * Chuggi - Mesoamerican Caravel and Galley
    * Edgecrusher - Dromon, Siege Quinquereme
    * GeneralMatt - Essex carrier, Ironclad cruiser, Typhoon sub
    * Rabbit,White - Canoe
    * Refar - Akula and Astute subs
    * Snafusmith - Los Angeles and Ohio subs, Ticonderoga cruiser, Naval Mine
    * WalterHawkwood - EE2 Freighter

    Special Mention:

    * Chalid - Kraken
    * TheCoyote - Gato sub, EE2 conversions


    * Asioasioasio - Predator drone, U2 Dragonlady
    * Avain - daVinci Flying Machine
    * Chamaedrys - Khaki Balloon
    * TheCoyote - SR71 Blackbird

    Special Mention:

    * Nautil - A6M Zero, B17, Do335, F117, He111, Mi24 Hind, MiG15, MiG21, P40, P47, Su47 Berkut
    * Snafusmith - A10 Thunderbolt II, B52 Stratofortress, UH1 Huey, F4 Phantom, F15 Eagle


    * SaibotLieh - Snowman
    * WalterHawkwood - Wells


    * Cybrxkhan - Diplomacy Music Collections
  2. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA

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