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Discussion in 'R.E.D. World War II Edition' started by Gedemon, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Gedemon

    Gedemon Modder Moderator

    Oct 4, 2004
    Here is the list of contributors to the mod.

    Please do not post in this thread unless you find out that I've forgotten someone in the credits, or if something need to be corrected or modified.


    danrell, snafusmith, wolfdog : Creation and conversion of units 3D models
    Urzahil : Icons for units
    bernie14 : Units and 3D Hitler
    Ekmek : 3D Churchill, Bunker improvement conversion.
    T_KCommanderbly : Earth 1942 scenario, Europe/USA 1936 scenario, some DoM screens, presentations and texts
    FouR_Pharao : Icons for leaders
    JFD, Janboruta, Leugi, Viregel : JFD's WW2 Leaders Pack
    Achille44: French translation
    Hulfgar: Civilopedia entries and icons for units
    Glorthoron, Skibbi, thecivinator58, MrManilow : Civilopedia entries for units
    ozzi: some projects & units entries
    ruckingit : resources map
    DJSHenninger : conversion of Depot tile improvement
    NwabudikeMorgan: Historical DoW list
    PAVLOS_GR300: material (pictures, sounds, texts) for Greece.
    ZeroZeroSix: testing, providing data
    Genghis Kai: GEM for civ4
    NiRv4n4: the European Landmass map
    ww2commander: some units reskinning
    Putmalk: Unit icons
    mihaifx: the City States Leaders mod
    pap1723: the WW2 civ flag & leaders icons
    Whys: SaveUtils code
    whoward69: route finding code and others small but great code components
    smellymummy : AI override
    Redox : PathNode function for Air units rebasing
    asioasioasio : Bunker model for civ4
    seZereth : Depot model for civ4
    Mylon : Naval counter-attack
    csebal: CsebMod
    AgentofEvil : Simple 24 Hour Clock Mod
    Erendir, Xienwolf, Kael and Thalassicus: Flag Promotions mod
    Labby: Improved Air Recon (for inspiration, now coded DLL side for the AI, and for the highlight code)

    DEathgod65 : North America/Europe 1940 (modmod), More Detailed Unit Names (modmod)

    Gedemon: design/coding, Europe 39/45 and Stalingrad scenarios, some DoM and diplo screens, texts

    Firaxis: for a great modding platform

    Many thanks to them and to all users of the mod for your feedback, comments and bug reports :goodjob:

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