CTD when I hit turn button


Oct 8, 2007
First off, Great Mod, I'm having a blast with it, which is why I really want to be able to finish the game.

The year is 98 AD, and when I hit the turn button, it instantly CTDs. This happened at the year 8 AD also, though it would start cycling before it would CTD. I fixed it then by declaring war on a certain faction(Hiram?), and it didn't happen again until now.

I tried declaring war on all factions, I have a peace treaty with 2, so I can't declare war on them. It didn't work.

I tried going into the worldbuilder and making everyone be at peace with everyone, and that didn't do it either.

I've uploaded the file to filefront, here's the link


Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks again for all the work on the mod.

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