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CubaMod 3.0 (MUCH better then the last version)


The Worthless
Nov 27, 2001
Cape Cod
This is the final of my flurry of updates for awhile until I can get a Che Guevara leaderhead to add Argentina to the mod.

Download 3.03 (Created 2/10/02)

Leader: El Presidente Fidel Castro
Bonuses: Militaristic, Religious
Free Techs: Warrior Code, Ceremonial Burial
Fav. Gov: Communism, Shunned Gov: Democracy
Aggression Level: All the way to the right

Available only to Cuba
Cost: 10
Pre: Radio
A/D/M: 6/6/2
S/R/F: 12/2/2
Abilites: Draft, Bombard, Clear Jungle, Automate, Join City

- SAM 2
Available only to Cuba and Russia
Cruise Missile with 1 extra movement

Sacraficing themselves to strike fear in the hearts of millions.
Available to Eqypt, Greece, Cuba, Russia, China, India, Persia, Aztecs, Zululand
Cost: 15, Pop Cost: 1
Pre: Computers
A/D/M: 0/0/1
S/R/F: 16/2/3
Abilities: Cruise Missile, Bombard, HIDDEN NATIONALITY

Sacraficing themselves for the love of their country.
Available to Rome, Germany, America, Japan, France, Iroquois, England
Cost: 15, Pop Cost: 1
Pre: Computers
A/D/M: 4/1/2
S/R/F: 16/3/3
Abilities: Cruise Missile, Bombard

Pre: Communism
Rate Cap: 10
Worker Rate: 3
Assimulation Chance: 4%
Draft Limit: 2
Military Police Limit: 4
Hurry Production: Forced Labor
War Weariness: None
Corruption/Waste: Nuisence


Download 3.03 (Created 2/10/02)
You can now download CubaMod 3.01.

Changes from 3.0 are above.

I'm thinking of replacing Aztecs with Argentina in 3.5, so if anybody has a Che Guevara leaderhead please let me know.
It looks like not many people are interested in this mod.

If you do end up reading this thread, please tell me why.
The last version of CubaMod until I can get a leaderhead of Che Guevara for Argentina is downloadable.
its a nice little mod, maybe include tobacco in it as a luxury resource, then maybe people will download it, if it has more in it
That's a good idea. Do you know if there is a mod already with the tobacco graphic in it?

I'd make graphics myself (I'm actually very good at it) but Flicster and my comp don't get along very well.
i used this plant graphic when i made my mod, i was gunna release it, then it starts crashing like mad, so i didnt. ;) .
its a graphic of 3 plants near each other, like a tabbacy field, i imagine anyway, ive never seen a tobacco plant :cool:
Wow! Making a fine line between 'Patriot' and 'Terrorist' are we? And assigning countries. That is sad. I know this is a game, and I am usually very leniant towards such things, like the debate of Hitler being in the game; and I think he should be. However, this is just wrong. It shows your lack of thought and knowledge of other countries. Do yourself a favour and choose 1 or the other, 'terrorist' or 'Patriot.'

Ones Patriot is anothers terrorist.
i was reading a post somewhere on the forums about José Martí, so i took the pic and made a new leaderhead.
i,m not sure if it works in the game properly though, but here is a preview.
and if anyone wants it, just let me know.
dammit, i want your mod
it sounds brilliant and i want ot play it dearly,
but this casperpage wont let me dl!!!!
where is the zip????
either 13 nor 2 mb version can be saved as a zip and the links
always open a nother page when i left click...
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