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CubaMod 4.0 (with Argentina and Palestine)


The Worthless
Nov 27, 2001
Cape Cod
I don't have the Civilopedia done yet, but i'll make it available to download by itself l8r so you can download the mod now.

If anybody knows where I can get (or if you can make) a Che Guevara and Yasser Arafat leaderhead, I will kiss your feet and praise you like a God.

Download CubaMod 4.0

ADDED RESOURCES (pcx by Gromit)
- Tobacco
- Marijuana
- Coffee
- Jade
- Fruit

- Fascism
- Imperialism (the government Che was rebeling against)


Leader: El Presidente Fidel Castro
Bonuses: Militaristic, Religious

The guerilla is a cross between a Marine and a Paratrooper.
The graphic is the Japanese Imperial Marines by TVA22

Cost: 10
A/D/M: 6/8/2
Unit Abilities: Blitz, Amphibious, and cannot airdrop like Paratrooper
Pre: Radio
UGF: Swordsman, UGT: None

Leader: Rebel Che Guevara
Bonuses: Militaristic, Commercial

I used Dark Sheers Bandit for this, as it looks very similar to Che's mounted guerillas.
Cost: 8
A/D/M: 4/6/2
Pre: Nationalism
UGF: None, UGT: Infantry

Leader: Kim Il-Sung
Bonuses: Expansionist, Religious

UU will be Turtle Ship, but until then it's the Chinese Rider.

Leader: President Yasser Arafat
Bonuses: Industrious, Religious

Suicide Bomber
Cost: 15, Pop: 1
A/D/M: 0/0/1
S/R/F: 16/2/3
Unit Abilities: Cruise Missile, Hidden Nationality


Sam 2
- Cruise Missile with 1 extra movement.
- Starts Cuba's Golden Age (Cuban Missile Crises)
- Only available to Cuba and Russia.

Unit graphics by pesoloco
- Helpless Harmless Air Unit that Recons with a movement of 2
- Pre: Steel
- Upgrades to Satellite

Unit graphics by Masterjo
- Helpless Harmless Air Unit that Recons with a movement of 4
- Pre: Satellites

Radar Station
Unit graphics by Kal-El
- Airdrop it to keep an eye on things

Eastern Pikeman
Unit graphics by Lab Monkey
- Replaces Pikeman for Egypt, China, Japan, India, Persia, Zululand, and Palestine

The following have the same stats as a knight but different graphics
- Arabian Knight for Egypt, Persia, Zululand, and Palestine
Unit graphics by Lab Monkey
- Mounted Archer for Greece, Cuba, America, Argentina
Unit graphics by Kryton
- The knight stays with Rome, Russia, France, and England

Download CubaMod 4.0
- Changed added governments stats a little

- Arabian Knight
- Mounted Archer
- Eastern Pikeman
- Assasin
- Radar Station
- Fixed Tobacco, Marijuana Resource problem.
- Added Coffe, Jade, and Fruit
- Ditched the Assasin (entire suit was black!)
- Fixed some upgrade problems.
Thank you. It's nice to see somebody notice this mod.

The next version will be called Guerilla Tactics Mod.

I will add Korea as a civ and have their UU as a War Wagon or the Turtle ship (if someone can get them from AoE Conquerors)

All the civs added (and maybe a few more) will also have Guerillero, a unit that looks like a modern worker (you get at Nationalism) and is specially made for pillaging (quick movement with no attack and 1 defence).

If you have any other ideas please let me know.
I redid the entire mod (huff-puff) and the freeze problem is fixed. I have no idea what was wrong.

But this mod is now called Guerilla Tactics Mod, but it won't have it's own thread called that until I can get a War Wagon or Turtle Ship graphic. Korea is already on this version (replacing China) but until I can get those their UU is the Rider.
um.....whats up with that name thing, im quite sure it should be different ;)
OOPS! Korea's leader is Kim Il-Sung
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