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[BNW] Cultural Victory and Tourism (BNW)

Cultural Victory and Tourism

  1. Moriarte

    Moriarte Immortal

    May 10, 2012
    You're welcome. Perhaps i wasn't clear enough to get the message across. What i really meant was this:

    Three civs.

    India (you) [order] - exotic with both civs below.
    Morocco [order] - familiar over you.
    Israel [autocracy] - familiar over you.

    Thus, you are pressured by one hammer and one sword. In effect, Moroccan hammer cancels out Israeli sword and you are content. In other words, even though Israel is pressuring you with one level of influence, you are also pressured with one level of influence by Morocco, who has order, like you. Therefore Moroccan friendly pressure saves you from being discontent.
  2. Carlsguides

    Carlsguides Chieftain

    Dec 22, 2013
    Thanks for the clarification! I did some heavy editing to incorporate that and gave an extra example using the screenshot already on the page. I now understand the system fully and think I have this explained well enough that most could understand how it works. Much, much better for the readers. Cheers.
  3. Mutineer

    Mutineer Deity

    Feb 20, 2006
    I believe there are mistake in description how tourism interacted with culture.
    I believe It is comparesing Sum(Tourism[1-N]) Compare Sum(Cuture[1-N]/N

    So, total accumulated tourism been compared with average culture try the game.
  4. rover6695

    rover6695 Prince

    Aug 5, 2014
    Q on CV at immortal and higher.I'm finding CV to be much harder than SV.
    With SV, I just need to build the science buildings, the guilds, and then I have time to build up my military, economy.

    With CV, I still need to build the science buildings and then all the culture buildings, so I have less resources to build my economy or military.
    Anybody else find CV to be harder due to this, or any tips around?
  5. Plumfairy

    Plumfairy Prince

    Apr 20, 2011
    CV is probably the hardest VC on the higher difficulty levels, and the optimal CV strat is kinda counter-intuitive; you probably want to play it as if it were an SV, except that cultural city-states get a higher priority than usual (to prevent the AI from allying with them & slowing down your cultural influence acquisition) and the Sistene Chapel is prolly higher priority than usual. Oh, and you prolly want to spend your spare pre-Renaissance policies on Aesthetics rather than Commerce or Patronage.

    I believe the consensus is that the optimal CV strat is to just race to hotels & airports, and *then* get serious about tourism/influence.

    Having said all that, I tend to chase after various mid-game cultural Wonders, as well as prioritizing archaeologists (and the corresponding museums). I should probably stop focusing on mid-game cultural stuff, since I never achieve a CV until after hotels & airports anyways, but.... *shrug*. It just seems wrong to me to play the same as if I were chasing after a SV.

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