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Culture Based Science Victory, under what circumstances?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by Lily_Lancer, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Lily_Lancer

    Lily_Lancer Chieftain

    May 25, 2017
    I know that for Greece SV, the first thing to focus is acropolis and Globalization, then science.

    Also, for a non-culture leaned civ without massive culture city states, the best way is to go directly for science. Specially, If you get Goddess of Harvest, you can even ignore Suffrage and focus only on Science.

    In most cases, you need Suffrage to double some gold, but Globalization will not help.

    I'm discussing a clear threshold of which one among these 3 types of SV strategies is about to take.

    Possible Factors:
    Civs(from culture-leaned to science-leaned)

    Greece, Japan, Kongo, Russia, Rome, China, other civ, Arabia, Sumeria, Korea, Aztec.


    Goddess of Harvest, no harvest

    Papal Primacy, Shrine/Temple+Culture, Jesuit

    City State,
    Number of Scientific, Number of Culture

    Other factors?

    @civtrader6 @Ribannah @whacker
  2. civtrader6

    civtrader6 Chieftain

    Sep 20, 2017
    This is a tough question.
    It also seems that lots depends on whether you get Goddess of Harvest.

    Speaking of Greece, specifically Gorgo:
    1) I had a 14X (143 if I remember correctly) SV on Deity without building any theater squares. Harvest goddess was taken - so I took Divine Spark and just followed my usual quick strategy (hit all boosts, campus up - quick chop unis everywhere etc) ending the game with about 20ish cities. Barely hit suffrage at around T140, and since it was deity - didn't need that much gold to purchase GP.
    2) In GoTM 25 (immortal, Gorgo) - I've built a bunch of theater squares and less universities than in the first game. Throughout the game, science/gold was lagging despite going for Monarchy 150% walls overflow - but after hitting globalisation at around T120 or so - both science and gold caught up quickly - for a T141 finish.

    Point here is - that both victory times are rather close.
    What could have made a big difference is snatching the Goddess of the Harvest pantheon (for which - it seems you really need luck, as I wasn't able to grab it in my last many many games).
    With this said, I believe it would have made a much stronger difference in the second game - perhaps allowing the finish time to go toward T130ish.
    But at this point I believe it would only be a matter of few turns.

    I had way too much work and travel lately - so still didn't have time to examine the Chinese peaceful SV (in the T155-T170) range - especially those that start with 3 Theater squares.
    It seems to me so far that going for theaters as your first districts would not really fit an aggressive playstyle as it seems to delay both the first tier government - but more importantly - knights too much. I'll have to do a test.

    I'm also anxious and excited about the new rise and fall - whi
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