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Culture questions


Feb 8, 2002
Indianapolis - in the basement
Why oh why?

Some of my temples give me 4 culture points per turn... some only two.

I have captured the Hanging Gradens. It no longer produces any culture points. Now, it is past its prime - having been made obsolete by Steam Power... however, it still produces three happy faces... but no culture.

Any ideas?

Your 4 point temples are probably a 1000 years old. It's a major bonus level.
the others will catch up --with age-- eventually.
Captured wonders produce no culture.

I have seen the HangGard appear to produce happy faces beyond obsolesence, I don't know if it really does or not.
Yes, I can see that captured wonders produce no culture. I have captured several more and they are all that way. I don't remember anything about that in the manual... although is says culture acrues to the civ that builds a wonder... I guess that implies that culture does not acrue for othetr civs that take over the wonder. I do, apperantly, get the physical benifit of the wonder though.

As for the temples showing differing amounts of culture... I don't think it is the 1000 year thing. I have many cities older than the 4 culture temple cities and they only produce 2. Hmmmm...
Age bonus is not dependent on the age of your city, but rather the age of the improvement itself.

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