Culture Victory too easy


Sep 14, 2018
Hi, I want to ask other people's perspecitve on the difficulty of culture victory right now (I'm always playing the latest versions available). In all of my recent games (except for the one when I conquered the whole world as Mongolia) either me or an AI won a cultural victory. The problem is that it happened way too easy. The AI usually goes Tradition/Progress > Artistry > Rationalism and just wins by playing super peacfully. Since it is not expanding or competing for City-States other AIs tend to ignore him. And the cultural victory seems to be achievable much earlier than both diplomatic and scientific ones. I tried the same strategy, with the only difference that I vassaliated my warmongering neighbour before going for permanent peace and great people production, and it worked without any problem. In contrast, the AI tried to fight me when I started constructing the wonder that give cultural victory, but at that point it was too late for them to get my well defended captial. Is it that I have some strange streak of cultural games or other players also experience this? If the latter, maybe tourism should be pushed a bit later, so that other civs have a chance at the other victory conditions and not being left with the only option of completely conquering the cultural dominator?
Yeah, that's a general consensus here. There already were discussions how to change tourism.
I am playing on the highest difficulty and culture victory is impossible for me. But I see the AI winning it a lot.
It's the easiest plus it happens way too early in the game usually.

It's been discussed in another thread and the issue seems to be with the instant yields from some buildings.
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