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Culture Victory


Lord Skillz The Angry One
Apr 20, 2001
Louisville, KY, USA
Where do you find the other Civs current culture rating compared to yours? What entails a culture victory? Double the culture of the next highest Civ?


Also, will installing the 1.17f patch have any adverse effect on my current game?
I don't know where you find the other civ's entire culture thing but too check a city you have to pay to invegistate the city also you win when one city reaches 20,000 points or when your entire civ rreaches 100.000 and atleast double the next highest civ's culture
Look in the Histograph (click the little "H" that is on the side of the status board). The first view will be Score, which is pretty useless. Change the dropdown box at the bottom left corner to Culture and you'l have a visual representation of how big each known civ's culture is.
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