Culture War


Feb 23, 2002
After a few failed attempts at a culture war game without any military aggression or retalition on my part I finally succeeded. I still won the "failed" games but gave in to my trigger finger. It just gets too itchy, especially when I see easy pickings. ;) I almost gave in several times, especially when 3/4 into the game only a few cities had flipped for me.

Then the culture wave started. Wow :eek: It started small. A small city here, another just a few times later, a couple more in the next few turns. Then the big boys started falling. In the end a hoard of cities bowed down to the culture wave, among them 3 major cities with great wonders. The last one a pop 25 with the Hanging Gardens and Js Bach's Cathredal. I achieved the culture victory soon after.

I was always a bit skeptical about how effective a culture attack could be but I doubt it no more. At least on easier settings that is, I'm still playing on Warlord and just growing out of my civ newbiness (I hope). I'll probaly go back to war mongering for a bit now but this was definately a nice change of pace.
I don't think you'll find that sort of effect once you start playing at levels above Warlord. If a city has a Great Wonder or two, that alone should generate enough culture to keep it from flipping to you. But hey, it sounds like you had fun.

The largest city I ever got to flip to me on Regent level was size 12. It went from Roman to me (Babylon) for about 400 years, then flopped back to Rome for about 200, then flipped back to me for good.
Thanks for the input but I don't think I'll be trying that strat on Regent anytime soon. After a few good games at Warlord I tried a few at Regent and have been getting trounced so far. But it was fun and I've even enjoyed the beat downs on Regent so far.
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