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Current State of CIV VP?


Jul 3, 2022
Hi all,

Returning to the mod after a hiatus and I have a couple of questions,

1) Congratulations on 3.0, is this the current definitive version?

2) I loved playing with a lot of the mod-mods, 3th and 4th UC, Unique City States, and More Wonders to name a few. To check compatibility I currently browse each mod's page for confirmation, but I recall there used to be a centralised page with all comptible mods . Does this still exist? Would be a great help for returning players.
EDIT: This is what I remembered: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/vox-populi-mod-list.635383/
Would still be nice to have a stickied list of mods working with 3.0 (especially with the most recent one being from more than 3 years ago)

3) I remember the move to compile the sub folders of VP together broke Events and Decisions. Has anyone managed to get it working again? The civ specific events and decisions were really fun and I'd love to be able to play with them again.
EDIT: Thanks to CppMaster for a link to a recent discussion: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/do-you-play-with-events-enabled.679864/

Thank you all for your hard work.
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Thank you for the reply and the link, although I recall it being more than just custom civs. I assume it has been likewise abandoned/outdated. Thanks for the information on VP's development though! Do you know if anyone still plays with Events and Decisions?
The last two versions have given me as much fun as I can remember since playing VP. The severe happiness of the previous version & raging hordes with reorganised difficulty levels in this have been great, though others haven't been so enthusiastic. Hope it continues.
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1) yes, VP 3.0.3 is the most updated version currently.

2) I think this is what you're looking for, almost all the mods should work:

Thank you for the reply. The page I needed was in the mods repository, linked below:

As theorised very much out of date but nice to know I hadn't misremembered its existence
almost all the mods should work
I think "almost" is a generous word when you know the fact that VP changed so many things in this year alone.
My advice is, don't expect mods that are not updated/not maintained in the last 1-2 years to be 100% compatible with the current VP.

The mod list is very much out of date, and I don't know when Recursive is gonna make a replacement thread for it. So rather than a single person make that list, just let modders post their own creations on that thread, so you can know the one who's responsible for that mod.
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