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Uncle Hồ
Dec 9, 2008
These are my scenarios, made by me, CurryAztec :D

Trade Empires Series

1. Trade Empires, Indian Ocean Blue

Spoiler :
This is the first scenario I've ever made, so you might think it is sort of cheesy. It takes place in well, obviously the Indian Ocean. The time period is from 1000 - 1600 AD, and is 300 years of playing. This mod also has custom music for each civ.

Here is the link for the download:

Trade Empires, Indian Ocean Blue

The Civilizations:

Spoiler :
Cham Kingdom - Che Bunga - Mountain Guard (Pikeman) - Linga (Monument)
Chola Empire - Rajendra Chola - Kallarani (Maceman) - Trade Guild (Market)
Dai Viet Empire - Ly Thanh Tong - Battle Elephant (War Elephant) - Open Market (Market)
Delhi Sultanate - Iltutmish - Royal Sentry (Pikeman) - Mausoleum (Jail)
Dutch Republic - Cornelis de Houtman - East Indiaman (Galleon) - Dike (Levee)
Khmer Empire - Suryavaram II - Ballista Elephant (War Elephant) - Baray (Aqueduct)
Mactan Chiefdom - Lapu-Lapu - Vinta (Galley) - Barangay Hall (Jail)
Majapahit Empire - Hayam Wuruk - Silat Adept (Maceman) - Candi (Hindu Temple)
Malacca Sultanate - Mansur Shah - Malay Privateer (Privateer) - Warehouse (Bank)
Mughal Empire - Akbar - Heavy Bombard (Cannon) - Craftsmans' Quarters (Forge)
Pegu Kingdom - Bana Thau - Burmese Levy (Maceman) - Local Garrison (Barracks)
Portugese Crown - Vasco da Gama - Carrack (Caravel) - Feitoria (Customs House)
Spanish Crown - Ferdinand Magellan - Conquistador (Cuirassier) - Citadel (Castle)
Sukhothai Kingdom - Ramkhamhaeng the Great - Mahout (War Elephant) - Ho Trai (Library)
Swahili City-States - Al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman - Dhow (Caravel) - International Port (Harbor)
Tibetan Empire - Gendun Gyatso Palzangpo (His Holiness the 2nd Dalai Lama) - Kham Cavalry (Knight) - Gompa (University)
Timurid Empire - Tamerlane - Turcoman Rider (Knight) - Oasis (Granary)
Yuan Dynasty - Kublai Khan - Cho-Ko-Nu (Crossbowman) - Pavilion (Theatre)

Lastly, thanks to:

Spoiler :
Fk2006 - bunch of buttons
CivGold - bunch of leaderheads
CybrxKhan - making map by my request
Ekmek - for some leaderheads
Everyone else - For everything else

2. Trade Empires, Asian Invasion
Spoiler :
Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Asians discovered and colonized the Americas during the same time as the Europeans?

What would happen if the Venetian merchants sailed to the New World?

What would happen if Cibola really did exist?

What if China colonized all of what we call today the U.S.A?

What would happen if the Colonizers never colonized, for the Natives were too fierce for them?

This mod starts in the year 1375, and ends right before the American Revolution, in 1775, which gives you 400 years of currytastic expansion!

You will decide the fate of these people, so I hope you enjoy this scenario.

Here is the download link:

Trade Empires, Asian Invasion

The Civivilizations:

Spoiler :

Asian Colonizers:
Spoiler :
Dai Viet Empire - Nguyen Trai - Rebel (Musketman) - Open Market (Market) - Hard (Bad Position)
Demak Sultanate - Sunan Kalijaga - Mounted Penakluk (Cuirassier) - Spice House (Granary) - Impossible (Terrible Position in between Mayans/Dai Viet)
Japanese Empire - Toyotomi Hideyoshi - Arquebus (Musketman) - Dojo (Barracks) - Easy (Little room for expansion, but resources are rich)
Joseon Dynasty - Yi Sun-sin - Hwarang (Longbowman) - Seowon (University) - Medium (Isolated Position)
Ming Dynasty - Zheng He - Chinese Naphtha-Thrower (Grenadier) - Pavilion (Theatre) - Easy (2 Starting locations, most advanced civilization)

European Colonizers:
Spoiler :
New England - Francis Drake - Redcoat (Rifleman) - Stock Exchange (Bank) - Medium (Decent Position)
New France - Samuel de Champlain - Musketeer (Musketman) - Salon (Observatory) - Medium (Many fur resources, easy expansion)
New Netherland - Adriaen Block - East Indiaman (Galleon) - Dike (Levee) - Hard (Small island position, Little room to expand)
New Portugal - Henry - Carrack (Caravel) - Feitoria (Customs House) - Medium (Decent Position, but will be harassed by the Tupi)
New Spain - Hernan Cortes - Conquistador (Cuirassier) - Citadel (Castle) - Easy (2 Starting locations, advanced technology, most units for a colonizing power)
Venetian Republic - Marco Polo - Merchant's Ship (Caravel) - Arsenal (Forge) - Medium (Bad starting location, but good techs, many ships)

Spoiler :
Aztec Empire - Montezuma - Jaguar (Swordsman) - Sacrifical Altar (Courthouse) - Medium (Developed civilization, but under attack)
Iroquois Confederacy - Hiawatha - Mohawk (Archer) - Longhouse (Granary) - Hard (Undeveloped, threatened by England and France)
Northern Incan Empire - Atahualpa - Quechua (Swordsman) - Terrace (Granary) - Medium (Developed, but at war with Southern Inca)
Seven Cities of Gold - El Rey Dorado - Oquichtin Teocuitlacoztic (Spearman) - Fountain of Youth (Forge) - Hard (Many cities, but terrible location)
Sioux Tribes - Laughing Thunder - Thunder Brave (Musketman) - Tipi (Granary) - Hard (Primitive)
Southern Incan Empire - Huascar - Sun Chaser (Knight) - Terrace (Granary) - Medium (Developed, but at war with Northern Inca)
Taino Tribes - Agueybana - Raider (Swordsman) - Cassava Farm (Market) - Impossible (Useless location)
Tupi Tribes - Cunhambebe - Wayu Huu (Archer) - Shabano (Barracks) - Impossible (Useless location)
Maya Empire - Tecun Uman - Holkan (Spearman) - Ball Court (Colosseum) - Medium (Most advanced Native civilization, but threated by Spain)

New Features:

Spoiler :
Colonists - Colonists act as settlers, exploreres, defenders, and workers, just like they did during the Colonization period in the Americas

Disease - Use disease against your Native enemies to decimate their populations (Acts like a nuke)

New Buildings - Such as the Siege Factory, which gives +2 experience to all siege units

Culverin - Unit that is between a catapult and cannon

New Corporations - Choose which corporation you want to found carefully, for each one gives a really special bonus that you will definately need in the New World

New Wonders - Build these new wonders to gain wonderful bonuses that will be much needed in colonizing the Americas


Spoiler :
Cybrxkhan (Especially for map)
Everyone else who made this scenario possible (Remind me to add you if you did something and I didn't add you)

3. Trade Empires, Pearl in the Orient
Spoiler :
Under Development - Might take a while.

All these modpacks should be put into the BTS mods folder.


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Uncle Hồ
Dec 9, 2008
I have just released Asian Invasion, which I have been slaving over for you guys for about 8 weeks. I hope you guys will enjoy it, though... there are some strange CTDs, which I don't know how to fix... If any experts know how to fix this, please show me... :(


Asian Xwedodah
Aug 10, 2006
The Universe
GOod. Proper credit was given to me. :D

Otherwise, nice job.


Uncle Hồ
Dec 9, 2008
I just found out that whenever you play as anyone, the game crashes... Could someone please help me and figure out why the game keeps crashing? :( It feels as if I wasted 8 weeks for nothing...

When I played as Cibola, it crashed at turn 31... When I played as Dai Viet, around turn 15... Much more from all the other civs...

Please, can one of the experts figure out this issue?


Nov 29, 2008
Could you please tell me how to fix this issue, or atleast hint on how to fix it? I really want to fix it, but I just don't understand how it occurs. :(

I would love to be able to tell you how to fix it, however, I do not really understand Python or XML.

I would love to, but I'd have to have a lot of tutoring...

Otherwise, I cannot help. I do know a lot about history, and if the mods and scenarios are any indication, I know a lot more about history than most mod makers lol.

Anyway, I digress...


Slumerican Citizen
Nov 9, 2008
Looks great. You think you could get them to work with warlords too, or maybe let someone other get them too work with warlords too? (I coul'd do it for you)

Also... You think you can make another "What If?" scenario featuring a new way of the classical world. Maybe let the Romans start with one or two cities in Southern Italy while Hannibal and Carthage start with both Rome and Carthage under their control. Maybe the babylonians could rebel aginst the Selekvids/Persians and start to form the Third Babylonian Empire. And what if The Minoans still lived at the time, engaging in a war aginst the Pelloponnesian Allies (Sparta) and the Delian League (Athens), which here may have formed a defencive pact and be worlds best friends. And what happened to Egypt and Macedon... was the Celts really just a pack of barbarian tribes?
This is all just ideas, and you have to decide yourself if you want listen to them or not...

Anyway, good luck with Trade Empires, Paradise


Jan 14, 2008
Is this modular? I'd love to put the Majaphit civ in a middle ages mod and kick some arse with the Silat Adept.


Slumerican Citizen
Nov 9, 2008
I hope this project is still ongoing? I finally grabbed BTS, so i'm going to test your scenarios right now, with bugs or not.
Happy Holydays.
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