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Aug 19, 2021
Wondering if anyone has a clue if there's a way to set up custom logging for this game. I'm not shy of learning some LUA if I have to, just figured before I bang my head against a wall in total darkness about how this game's logging functions, thought someone else might have some familiarity.

Reason I ask is I made a custom soundtrack for a custom civ I'm working on and it kinda works, but I ran into some crashing while playing, and what seemed like some tracks getting played a lot and others ignored (which is weird cause I have 25 Peace, 25 War, and some Either), so I wanted to see if I could log the soundtrack execution; ideally, log in a file what track is playing, when it starts/stops, and if there's an error. Figure it'd give me an idea if the custom soundtrack is running ok or if the crashing is just civ 5 being civ 5. (side note: I did check the logs in the civ 5 folder and didn't see anything that seemed to relate to soundtrack or the crashing)

Edit: Found this, I'll see what I can do with the information there:
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So thought I would share, not sure if I fixed the crash yet, hopeful that removing everything but A-Z/a-z characters from the track names helped, but I ran into something in testing that may be a bug with the actual game, not my mod.

Realized I could use the debug panel to get a better idea of what's happening with audio and found something odd that happens when my civ is at war. If I hit Next Song a time or three, it'll get "stuck" on a particular track. As in, it'll try to play the track you Next'd to, but if something interrupts it (like talking to another civ) not only will it start over, it may backtrack to the track it's "stuck" on. I don't know if I'm explaining that well, but seems pretty reproducible. At first, I thought it was my custom civ, but then I thought to try it with base game and repeated it in a Korea save. I doubt it's a mod issue at this point, as the only mod I have installed right now is that big UI one, other than my custom civ (unless that panel is part of the UI mod? I never tried debug before I installed it, so idk for sure).

What I still need to figure out is if it's just a bug with the audio debug panel, in which case, what're you gonna do, right. It's a debug tool. Or if it occurs without that, cause then... jeez, that's a pretty significant bug. The likelihood, I think, is that it's just the debug panel's Next Song option having a bug that never got fixed because it's a debug tool and so fixing that kind of thing is super low priority. But I want to be more sure.

Edit: Don't want to bump needlessly, but thought I would edit to add that based on further testing, it didn't seem to occur without using the Next Song button from the audio debug panel, so that's probably the cause.
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