Custom Map Creation For Ingame use


Feb 12, 2002
Hi Everyone,i was wondering how can i alter the in game maps so that i can start my tribe in a resource-rich environment.This is what i've tried so far but it doesn't seem to work,when using the CIVIII built-in editor,i've accessed the 2 scenario maps,called,Earth map(standard)and Earth map(huge) and have altered them both and saving them to the correct locations.However,when i want to play a scenario,the map seems to either put me in desert or arctic area and this is after having reset the player starting location tiles.How can i use an altered map within the normal game?I'd appreciate any help with this.Many thanks and apologies if this topic has been covered before.
Well, there's two ways.

You can restart until you get the position you want,


You can download a hack that allows you to set starting points.

I'd say that the second one is better, but I'm not sure what it's called... I'm sure it's available here in the files section. If not, it is available at Apolyton.
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