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    Jan 30, 2012
    Hey Guys,

    Thought I'd start a thread where people can add custom maps that they have made or found that work well and are balanced with the game play in NiGHTS.

    I'll start by adding a map of my own - it's called Realistic Continents.

    In this map I emphasized strategic land/coast positioning as well as realistic art types that will allow for more re-playability. Additionally, I put in a lot of resources to stimulate expansion (more happiness) and war (more strategic). I also excluded tundra, snow, and ice so that the map has a "middle latitude" feel, instead of being the entire planet. Also - it wraps, so you can sail around the world.

    The map size is standard, with the standard amount of civs and city-states.

    Take a look at the screenshots to get a better understanding of how the map will play out.

    To install, download the .zip file at the end of this post, unzip it, then save it to your maps folder.


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