custom older pc


Feb 24, 2010
I build this pc for a friend from older parts i had in the last five years or longer. I have formatted it several times and still not running well on games as well itself. It crashes sometime while on desktop and games, so something is not right.

This pc specs...

WinsXP (update to SP3, but failed to update to netframe 3.5 or 4.0)
Mainboard Biostar along with 2GB
GeForce 8500 GT (think its 256mb)
Sound Blaster Audity
Brand new CD Drive and used Harddrive from newegg.
I checked the PSU and making sure it suitable and not underpowered.

The reasons i am trying to get netframe so can download from Gamefly (D2D) and wont work without it. So she plays LotR Online, but kept crashing and blue screen so i had the latest video driver. Ran checkdisk making sure that harddrive i ordered wasnt bad and seem okay. So i didnt want to spend more money on this and though about buying her Wii and few games to keep her company. Her laptop sucked bigtime, paying almost 2k for it from rentacenter around four or five years ago and told her you got ripped off big time. I had to clean her laptop few times and put Vista on it, update it and ran LotR Online okay, but rather slow due to GPU. And she wanted to play GuildWars (on Gamefly) i have purchase awhile back.

At gamestop, close where i live have refub Wii for 79.99 than brand new one for 150. Least i can get couple of games next month that not going over 150 budget, unless i save up more every months. So she hasnt found a job when we moved up state NY so she was getting bored lol.

Also noticed alot of other players that play LotR Online have problems sometime too. Been trying to find other games she will like, there so many online for pc and cheap compare to Wii.
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