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Custom Soundtracks?


Dec 14, 2003
Somewhere in Jersey
I really warming up to the game after a couple of playthroughs, but I am rather disappointed in the soundtrack after the greatness that was the Civ4 soundtrack...nothing really stands out, and it all sounds essentially the same.

Is there, or will there, be an option for custom soundtracks? I would be killer if I could hear the roman conquests theme from Warlords in Civ 5 :goodjob:
I'm not sure about replacing an .ogg file, maybe if you use Audacity or something to change the file from an .mp3 to a .ogg file, then you could replace music with whatever you wanted.

The main menu music is a .wav, I think, and I replaced it with an .mp3 file of an ES Posthumus track that I thought fit better than the, what I thought was sleepy sounding, original menu music.

So technically, I guess you can have a "custom" soundtrack right now. C:
The music is split up in regions or cultures:
- America
- Asia
- Europe
- Middle East Africa
(As seen in civ 5\assets\sounds\streamed\music)
I haven't tried it, but I guess you could add your own music as well and then edit the XML files to include your music, no matter what the filename is.
eg. civ 5\assets\sounds\xml\AsiaAudioDefines.xml
I don't know if it HAS to be OGG format. It's possible that Civ 5 doesn't have a built in MP3 player.
I like how in civ 4, in the sound settings you could set a custom music folder. I've played many a game with my own music.
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