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Oct 24, 2000
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In case you had not noticed, I, the Cyborg Moderator, have taken control of this Forum. Planet, here at Civfanatics, shall be orderly and efficient. This model does has humor sub-routines installed, but none of you can be a funny as I. Recognising our Cybernetic Consciouness's weakness in the area of procreation, I have decide to elevate the Fertility Cult to faction status, but that require disposing of one of the offical factions.
Now for the meat of the thread:
What faction would you like to ditch from the game
for thoses of you who have seen the many custom factions already produced (many dozen at the network node site alone) which of them do you actually play with?
Original SMAC: The Morganites. They are such pushowers and always get killed of first. Plus, I simply do not like them.

Alien Crossfire: I was going to say Data Angels because I do not think they are believable as a faction. But I changed my mind. The Morganites are still my first choice to kick out. :lol:
Yes, the Hive are ruthless and cruel. I would not want to meat them in real life. But in SMAC they are always your toughest opponent. Without them the game would be less challenging.

There is nothing like defending the entire world against tyrrany. ;)
Originally posted by spycatcher34
The HIVE. , but some how I dont think it will weigh down your workload.:confused:

I have adequate bandwith on my direct connection dataport. Nor do I get as busy as some moderators. I usually only act when there is actual disruption whcih interfers with the purpose of a thread or forum (egburying a game topic under political argument) or there is a complaint, or if there is a joke that is not funny.
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