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Da' Vane's Mod Release Thread v2

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by davane, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. davane

    davane Warlord

    Feb 10, 2009
    London, UK, Earth, Sol System
    Latest News

    16/06/10: It saddens me to say this, but I have encountered a fatal flaw which I am unable to resolve at this time. This means that the development of Da' Vane's Mod will have to be suspended indefinately until more information can be obtained about this issue, as I have exhausted all avenues to resolve this myself.

    08/06/10: After acquiring some of my own personal hosting for another purpose, I have decided to sequester some of it for use with my mod, so now there is no more need to rely on the services of AtomicGamer for my file uploads! What beeter time than to start a new thread for this mod! The old thread can be found here.

    Production costs for buildings have been rebalanced so that they are constructed at a relative pace to units. Standard buildings cost 50% of their normal production, so it is quicker to build the latest standard buildings in cities that need them. National Wonders have not had their production costs changed, but there is only a +25% cost increase when hurrying these buildings. World Wonders have had their production costs increased by +50%, and they also get an additional +50% cost increase when hurried. This means World Wonders will require significant time and resources compared to standard buildings.

    The bonuses for possessiong a religion or corporation have been halved. In addition, the bonuses provided by corporations that use resources have been modified so that they provide +1 for two different yields/commerces per resource used. For example, Cereal Mills nows provides +1 Food and +1 Wealth per resource used, rather than +2 Food, while Creative Constructions now provides +1 Production and +1 Culture per resource.

    Mod Purpose and Design
    The purpose of Da' Vane's Mod is a complete rebalancing of Civilization IV to allow for more epic games. The pace is being altered so that units and standard buildings are much quicker to produce, while wonders and technologies take much longer.

    The secondary purpose of Da' Vane's Mod is to incoprorate and rebalance material from the best Civilization Mods out there to extend the game in many directions, and to create the perfect genre-blending mod for the game.

    Da' Vane's Mod will be released as a series of mod collections, allowing players to pick and choose which genre-blends they prefer.

    Da' Vane's Mod Collections
    Da' Vane's Vanilla Mod
    Da' Vane's Warlords Mod
    Da' Vane's BTS Mod
    Da' Vane's Complete Mod
  2. Lachlan

    Lachlan Great Builder of Civs !

    Mar 27, 2002
    European Union
    Still compatible with Mac BTS 3.19 :confused:

    I will test on my mac, i will say to you, very soon, if i was ok...

    I will download and test !

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