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Dags More Great People Mod 2019-05-21

Mar 23, 2006
Adelaide, Australia
dagriggstar submitted a new resource:

Dags More Great People Mod - Adds more great people

Adds additional great people to the game so that the breakdown is

4 Available great admirals, generals, engineers, merchants, scientists and artists per era
5 available great writers per era starting in the Classical Era
First Great Artists are available in the medieval era

No new artwork. This includes the new great works of art. I don't know how to art. My Great Admirals look like warriors on water I don't know how to art because I am stone age modder. Only cold hard text no...

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Hello, great mod, a lot of very interesting solutions. But I would like to remove a few Great People (in particular all writers, artists and admirals) from mod, how can I do this?
Great idea, I have always thought there should be more great people, especially when Civs like Russia or Greece are in the game and just spam them. This is not necessarily a request for your mod, but it could be added. Is there any possibility you could add a GWoA to Leonardo DaVinci? I just feel like the Mona Lisa and Last Supper are glaring omissions. Why not give Leonardo 3 charges, 2 of them being this GWs and the last being his bonus? It is a bit OP but we are talking about Leonaro daVinci here!
Also, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley should definitely be Atomic era.

Edit: Jackson is arguable, but his hey-day was definitely Atomic.
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