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Dec 30, 2001
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You have stated on another thread that you're not really sure what's causing some users to experience the now infamous CIVILIZATION.EXE errors. I've included below a saved game that has crashed as a result of this bug, which is (I think) independent of the "Show Civil Disorder Pop-Up" bug addressed in the new patch.

You have also stated that you believe that this problem may be caused by several Safedisc issues. If this is so, I will gladly volunteer to test that Safedisc patch that you didn't receive any feedback on earlier. Please let me know if this particular saved game is a good candidate for that patch.

You'll notice a couple of odd things about the game in question. First, I cheated like a whore throughout the entire length of the game, hence the 3.5 million gold I have in my coffers. Secondly, I used Wolfshanze's Facism patch, which has never caused any stability issues in any game I've played since I first started using it back in early December.

Any help that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

BTW: The file was still too large using Winzip, so I used WinRAR to compress the file instead.
Originally posted by Jeffy Barbarian
Do you acutally think that the Civ. Exe fault will be fixed?

Why wouldn't it be? And like I said, if it is a Safedisc issue, then I will be willing to use the patch and let Dan know if that remedies the problem.

The 1.17b patch that Firaxis is releasing tomorrow clearly shows that they are committed to improving their product as much as possible, so I'm optimistic that this issue will be eventually addressed accordingly. If it is a problem with my hardware, which I can't rule out, then perhaps the Safedisc patch will help.
Apparently, this game isn't compatible with the new patch, so screw it. If it's a toss up between redeeming this game and using the new patch, I'll take my chances with the patch.

I removed the file because it caused a fatal exception error when I tried to load it. These error messages are a lot like genital herpies: easy to contract and impossible to cure. I'd hate to be responsible for starting an epidemic here at civfanatics. :nuke:
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