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Dark Russell's Terrain

Dark Russell

Dec 24, 2002
OK, this has been a long time in the works for me but I am at a point where I have no time to do more so I'm posting.

This terrain is a cut and paste of Womoks and Snoopys so I take no credit for the design. In fact, all the graphics included in this pack are from other creators, I just worked them into what I wanted.

Before I go any further, I want to thank ALL the graphics designers for continueing to provide quality work for Civ and I am apologising to all of you because I have lost track of everyone's name from whom I have borrowed the graphics from. If any artists recognize their work, please inform me and I will give them the credit they deserve.

This pack requires Snoopy's terrain to look 100% proper and I am not sure how it will look with other terrains as I have just replaced all the overlay terrain (mountains, hills, trees, etc) and left most of the ground untouched.

There are zip files for Civ3 and C3C and each is set up to overwrite the files in the terrain and cities directories so make sure you examine the zip files closely to find out which of your original files you need to back up before you install this pack. For those using LM terrains in C3C, you could use these files by just renaming them and replacing the apropriate LM file.

Finally, if any modder wishes to use these in their mods feel free! Just let me know so I can check it out.

Now for a screeni shot:


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Ideally, IMO, the rivers should start out grayish in the mountains, then to blue to green to brown as they approach the coast.
Looks great! Espeically that mountains and hills, but your rivers seems to have kind of a reddish tint.
Pounder said:
I like what you have done with the hills and mountains.

yeha, that struck me to. Beautiful
Another sentence about the mountains: You used Womok's to do with Snoopy's what I did with the default terrain. But I haven't posted yet.

Although the mountains looked incredibly good, the was quite a lot of work of fine-tuning them. I know what you mean by "long time in the works". :) Not to forget all the other stuff you arranged.

Your nice looking mod makes me think of posting my version of Womok's mountains, too (before nobody cares for all of this stuff anymore). :cry:
bluebox said:
Your nice looking mod makes me think of posting my version of Womok's mountains, too (before nobody cares for all of this stuff anymore). :cry:

I'll still be playing C3C, only for the huge map sizes. Post em up so we can check them out!!

Thanks for all the comments everyone.
that is good Terrain Dark Russell.
what have you done about irrigation if anything?
@supa: Thanks for the congrats! This is #2 and that will be that!

@slozenger: The irrigation is borrowed (like a bunch of other stuff) from another author...but I'll be damned if I can find the link to it. Once again I apologize to all the authors whos work I borrowed but forgot their names and links! My bad.
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