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[PTW] Dastardly Turks


Jul 10, 2006
Chicago area in Illinois
I was playing my own modified (sort of heavily) version of TETurkhan's Test of Time scenario, and peaceably minding my own business. Really, I was!. i had not even built an Army to beat on the barbarians running around in Scandinavia so as to get a Victorious Army ot build the Military Academy and the Pentagon that I was closing in on through the Tech Chart . (The Pentagon now requires Nationalism to be built.) One of my Explorers ran into a Turk unit, and I made contact with the Turks. Note, I do cut down on the number of civilizations in the game to keep the turns shorter and heep my laptop from freezing up. As far as I knew when I started the game, I had the Zulus, the Mongols, the Aztecs, and the Incas in the game. I knew, courtesy of Toynbee, that the Turks were in the game, but where they came from I have no idea, unless I did not get one of the Random civ buttons set to None.

I was busily expanding in the New World, once I got rid of the pesky galleys off of the coast of Scandinavia, which promptly rowed down to England to pester me. That cost me several galleys of my own, about two of my for three of the computers. I did have a few cities in Europe, in Denmark, around the area of Danzig, France, Gibraltar (hey, I was playing the English), and I had park two Armies on the site of Byzantium to keep that for myself. The next objective in the Med was getting control of the Suez Canal so as to get to the Indian Ocean and Ceylon for Rubber. I had a few too many Dinosaurs running around in Africa and South America to make going after Rubber there a good idea. (Note, I like lots and lots and lots of Dinas, nasty ones at that. I have sort of boosted them a lit bit, okay, more than a little bit.)

Anyway, the Turks contacted me and wanted to swap a World Map for a World Map and Philosophy. I talked them into a World Map and 500 Gold. (I did have a substantial Treasury.) Did I say that I sort of stack the odds in my favor a tad? Oops, I did not. I confess that I do. However, the Turks must have really wanted Philosophy, because the next turn they declared WAR, and started killing my workers. So now I have Turkish units running all over Eastern Europe, and one trapped on Italy, along with a city on the site of Jerusalem, right near my desired Suez Canal. Needless to say, I am a bit ticked off, because this really messing up my building plans. I have a big Tech lead, and have not heard a peep out of the Aztecs and Incas. (Maybe I overdid the Dinos by them?) For that matter, I have not seen the Zulus either. The Mongols are not in the best of shape, so it is me and the Turks.

Now I have to chase down all of the units running around in Europe, still get my Suez Canal (or have to deal with my own Dinosaur creations, which means Tanks), and still keep working on the New World and getting island colonies. I am not a fan of war, as it really messes up my planning. Now, to think of a suitable fate for the Turks,
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