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Dead Planet: Total Terraforming (Complete Overhaul)

Discussion in 'CivBE - Requests and Ideas' started by Migrant, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Migrant

    Migrant Chieftain

    Jan 13, 2010
    This is an Idea for a mod.
    Just like so many others here, I don't know much about modding and I'm not willing to put in the effort into learning and programming it. BUT, I do have an idea for a mod which I think would be pretty cool. So if you're good at modding and looking for a good idea, keep reading! :)

    The rationale: When humans first find and colonise a new planet, it is most likely that it won't be a planet full of life like in the vanilla game. Instead, like most planets which can support life, it will have water, an atmosphere, carbon dioxide and land. People today are already trying to develop technology to terraform Mars!

    The idea: Instead of arriving in a planet richly populated by fauna and flora (which somehow is highly compatible with earth biology?!), the players arrive in a barren planet, without life, without oxygen, without any organic matter at all. A planet which has naught but potential: Water, sand, rock, an atmosphere and a temperature range similar to ours.

    • Native terrain has little variety: hills, mountains, craters, soft sands, rocky surface, mineral rich areas, mineral poor areas and vast oceans.
    • Native terrain has zero, or near-zero output - different terrains can be upgraded differently to increase production.
    • Mineral resources are plentiful: Titanium, silica, copper, etc.
    • Biological resources are non-existent at the beginning, but can be added later.
    • Instead of immediately landing a colony, civs would start from a space station orbiting the planet. From this station players would launch explorers, workers, prospectors, scientists and soldiers onto the surface, in order to begin harvesting resources and terraforming the land. Once a large enough area has been made safe, civs could land a colonist unit to create their first city.
    • Tthe orbiting station move a few tiles every turn in one direction, eventually returning to the starting position.
    • Terraforming the land would be a stepwise process, with technologies allowing land and oceans to be made more and more fertile as you progress. Generally the idea is photosynthetic bacteria -> Other bacteria -> Microorganisms & Fungi -> Plants -> Animals, with each step increasing the yield. The exact path of terraforming would depend on the original native terrain, the tech path chosen, and possibly even affinities and virtues. All lifeforms would be descended from the genetic codes brought from earth in the spaceship, with genetic engineering playing a strong role in terms of diversity and flavour.
    • Fertile plots close to terraformed plots would slowly be naturally colonised by bacteria/fungi/plants/animals, by regular speciation - though the results could be slightly different.
    • As an added flavour, ancient ruins and fossils could be discovered on the surface that would hint at the planet having sustained intelligent life a long time ago, which is now extinct. These would eventually lead the player into discovering that the planet was abandoned by its original inhabitants, and reestablishing contact would be one of the victory conditions.
    • Instead of each sponsor having launched one ship, all civs originate from the same space station, but having landed units in different parts of the planet. The space station continues orbiting throughout the game, acting as a sort of "united nations" as the colonies start to ideologically separate. Another victory condition would involve taking control of the space station, either by diplomacy or by force, or launching an ICBM to destroy the space station (which could cause all other civs to declare war on you).

    Well, this would be, in my view, a more realistic version of humans arriving in a new planet - especially if it is the first planet colonised outside the solar system. And because I always loved the terraforming strategies, this sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

    If anyone who is code-minded would be willing to work on this, I'd be glad to work alongside the project as I can. Having said that, this is obviously a large project that would require some time, so I'm not really expecting anyone will put their hand up. I just wanted to share the idea ;)


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