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Mar 19, 2014
Brisbane, Australia
When I was playing about with modding Civilization III a few years ago, I was also playing the game Deadlock II: Shrine Wars a bit, as well. As it had a large amount of technologies with art around the right size, I thought that I may as well go ahead and make them usable in Civilization III. Earlier this year, I realised I had not converted them to the correct 256-colour palette and so set about doing so with the help of Gray Wolf's tutorial, and at the same time added the extra Time Dilation technology to the set.

These have been sitting on my hard drive for a LONG time (apart from Time Dilation), so I thought that since I've now joined it was about time I released them. Hopefully someone is able to find them of some use! The art in the in game manual for Deadlock II is a bit stylised, but I don't think that means that you couldn't fit at least some of these somewhere. I've only tested a few of them in game, but they looked fine, so there's no reason as to why the rest shouldn't work.

If you do use some of these, please make sure that you credit Cyberlore Studios and Accolade for them, as they originally made and published the Deadlock II game.

Download here.

Here's some information on all the technologies that are included, if you're interested. It's by no means necessary to follow this if you want to use some of these icons. They're in the same order in the above image.
Spoiler :
Technology|Original in-game effect|Notes
Advanced Cloaking|Allowed infantry, Sea Transports and Colonizers to cloak.|It depicts a cloaked aircraft since the first and main unit that could cloak was the Supernova Spyjet.
Advanced Medicine|Allowed construction of Hospitals and Medics|Or, more likely, CRAZY ROBOT SURGEON! :p
Advanced Structures|Allowed construction of Sea Platforms and Civilian Defense Bunkers, as well as strengthening buildings in general.|A very decent icon that could be used for various structural technologies.
Anti-Matter Beams|Allowed construction of the Holocaust Cannon and the Supernova Warhead, the most powerful artillery and missile units in the game, respectively.|A bit of an odd looking icon. It looks like a satellite weapon to me, to be honest...
Anti-Matter Containment|Allowed construction of the Anti-Matter Plant, the most productive power plant in the game, and allowed any power plant to start producing anti-matter pods.|Pretty self explanatory. It could be used for other futuristic power sources, too.
Anti-Matter Deflectors|Allowed construction of the Anti-Matter Defense building, the most powerful defensive building in the game.|Looks more like an anti-matter turret to me.
Anti-Matter Rifles|Allowed construction of Battle Troopers.|There's nothing that necessarily ties this icon in to anti-matter, so it could be used for any kind of futuristic rifle.
Assault Armor|Allowed construction of Assault Troopers, the most powerful infantry in the game.|Could be used for any technology relating to infantry power armor (or even cyborgs).
Automation|Allowed construction of the Automated Factory.|Not your everyday robotic arm, that's for sure!
Chaos Computers |Allowed construction of the Tech Lab|This is weird. Brain-in-a-jar technology, anyone? Apparently the technology allowed computers to take advantage of chaos theory, but I don't know what the image has to do with that...
Cloaking|Allowed construction of the Supernova Spyjet, the first cloakable unit.| Depicts an aircraft for the same reason as "Advanced Cloaking".
Cloning|Allowed construction of the Cloning Centre. Using the building also caused a drop in colony morale.|I think this icon is pretty applicable to any scenario that allows cloning or other genetic engineering tasks.
Cortex Scanner|Allowed construction of the Collective Tech Lab, the most productive research building in the game.|A bit of an odd icon, but could be used for a brain-scanning technology or similar.
Disruptor Beams|Allowed construction of the Disruptor Cannon.|Another image that could fit in for any technology that allows beam or energy weapons.
Electronics|Allowed research buildings to produce electronic parts. The Command Corps, Spy and Sea Command units also require electronic parts to be built.|I only realised recently that the image shows a contemporary PC expansion card...
Endurium Mining|Allowed all mine buildings to start collecting the Endurium resource. In Deadlock, Endurium was a raw material that had five times the value of iron.|Possibly could also be used for other types of ores.
Energy Deflectors|Allowed construction of the Energy Defense building.|It could work as a technology image for a super-collider, maybe?
Flak|Allowed construction of the defense building of the same name, as well as the Flak Ship.|This image could fit a turret weapon in general, not just flak.
Food Replication|Allowed construction of the Food Replicator, the most productive farm building in the game.|A bit of a funny icon, so probably a bit hard to find a use for.
Fusion Cannon|Allowed construction of the artillery unit of the same name, as well as the Amphibious Assault Vehicle.|Not related to Megatron !
Hoverway|Decreased the cost of transporting resources between colonies.|Would make a good futuristic railroad replacement, in my opinion.
Ion Weapons|Allowed construction of the Shockwave Carrier and Groundbreaker Warhead.|I don't really have an idea as to why ions are represented like this. The help text specifies that these weapons can "concentrate the destructive effects of an ion storm."
Mesotronic Generators|Allowed construction of the Weather Control Station.|Another icon that's not really good at depicting what it does in Deadlock II, but a good looking one in my opinion, anyway.
Metal Replication|Allowed construction of the Replication Station, the most productive factory in the game.|Probably could be used for a more traditional metal-working technology as well.
Metallurgy|Allowed factory buildings to produce steel, which had twice the value of iron.|Same as above.
Molecular Bonding|Allowed construction of the Mantle Drill. Supposedly, specially treated surfaces could allow molecules of iron and Endurium to bond to them.|I think this looks more like cell division or something, but maybe that's just me...
Native Languages|A big part of Deadlock and Deadlock II were the ancient races that lived on the planets that each playable race was competing for. This technology revealed the positions of all Native Shrines and increased their productivity.|This is probably one of the few, if not the only, icon that could be used in scenarios set in ancient times. It's a pretty good icon in my opinion.
Neutronic Fuel|Increased the range of aircraft and allowed construction of the Military Airbase.|I expect you could find more uses for this than just a fuel technology.
Nuclear Fusion |Allowed construction of the Fusion Plant.|Pretty self-explanitory and easy to fit in to many scenarios as a nuclear fusion technology.
Orbital Surveillance System|Allowed viewing of the entire map and every territory, as well as the construction of the Anti-Colony Assault Silo.|Could be used for a satelite or space station technology (or building or unit).
Power Cells|Increased the speed and firing rate of units.|Probably good for some kind of battery or energy technology.
Proximity Detectors|Allowed the deployment of minefields.|Probably could be used for any technologies relating to minefields.
Psi Helmets|Increased the effects of Mind Control and Mind Blast abilities, and increased the defenses against these abilities for units which did not have them.|Probably would be good if your scenario included units with psychic capabilities.
Rocketry|Allowed the construction of the Missile Base, used to produce missile units, as well as the Scatterpack Warhead and the Siege Cruiser.|Pretty self-explanatory.
Shockwave Projector|Allowed construction of the Shockwave Dreadnought, the most powerful sea unit in terms of sheer power, and the Hydroport.|Unfortunately, the technology icon seems to depict just another beam weapon instead of something that uses shockwaves to inflict damge. It's not a bad icon though!
Starflare Bombs|Allowed construction of the Starflare Bomber. The help text for the unit specifies that these bombs were so named because of the blinding flash they emitted on detonation.|Doesn't really look like a bomb to be dropped by an aircraft to me.
Sub-Space Scanner|Allowed construction of the Sub-Space Magnet, the most productive mine building in the game.|A bit of an odd looking icon! I'm not sure how else you could use it but it's certainly interesting!
Surface-to-Air Missiles|Allowed construction of SAM Troopers.|I used to prefer this to the normal Rocketry icon, but now I'm not so sure. There's little to differentiate them, though.
Synthetic Fertilizer|Allowed construction of the Hydroponic Farm.|Apparently in the future, fertilizer will take the form of weird clouds raining stuff on plants... or whatever that icon is representing...
Targetting Computers|Allowed missile units to be given targets, and increased accuracy of defensive buildings.|Could be used for any type of precision weapons or sensor technology.
Time Dilation|This was the final, hidden technology in Deadlock II. Its effect was to greatly increase production per turn. Also, it "leads to Victory!"|A very odd icon in my opinion; it would work well in a fantasy environment more than a sci-fi one, I think.
Transporters|Greatly reduces transport costs, increases the range of units, and allows transported resources to overcome blockades. The last technology to be normally visible in the tech tree.|I'm sure there are other futuristic technologies that can be represented by this, as well.
Triidium Processing|Allowed factories to produce Triidium from Endurium. Triidium had ten times the value of iron.|Yet again, could be used for some other metal-working technology.
Uncloaking|No, you didn't have to research how to turn off cloaking for your own units! This technology was for your Command Corps to disable cloaking on enemy units, forcing them to take part in battles.|Since it depicts the Supernova Spyjet in full, it could be used for a futuristic aircraft technology.
Underwater Tracking|Allowed construction of Destroyers, warships that were able to seek out and destroy Attack Submarines.|I like this icon, but I'm not sure how applicable it is to other types of technology...
Vortex Emitters|Allowed construction of the Tidal Vortex Generator.|Like the Shockwave Projector, it looks more like a generic beam weapon than a "vortex emmiter", but I do like this icon anyway.
Zero Friction Hulls|Allowed construction of the Attack Submarine.|Could possibly be used for shielding technology of some type as well.
Nice. I spent many hours playing Deadlock II, the underrated gem that it was. ;)
They look great. Hadn't heard of that game before, I'll have to take a look at it.
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