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Death in the Desert


Phaethon was here
Jun 14, 2003
Your territory
This is out right theft. I borrowed the bones from the Warhammer Mod.

I thought that they should go nicely to show up here and there in the desert.

I only changed 4 out of many many tiles. I also straddled the tiles so they are more into the desert. I didn't want to place it on the all desert tile as it would then appear on every tile in a large desert. As you can see they show up in the preview in a nice random pattern, not too much I think.

Snoopy's regular terrain post #3.
Version for Rhye's terrain on post #8
Greener Snoopy's is on post #17
Original Firaxis graphics on post #23.
Firaxis' European Terrain Version on post #49

:lol: I'll have to use this! Would it also work with Rhye's terrain pack?
Excellent! Thanks, Pounder! :thumbsup:
It looks cool. :) How about making one for the WH desert (that's a greener version of snoopy's, IIRC)? Seeing as you stole it from there in the first place. ;)
Cool idea, I'll be downloading this to see exactly what you did. You see, I've had an Idea to convert some of the cactus graphics from AOK to spice up the desert a bit, but I don't exactly want cactuses and scrub brush in every single tile.
Pounder said:
Sure, I'll post one before the day is over. You are making me feel guilty :blush: :sad: . I hope nobody minds. :confused:
It wasn't my intention to make you feel guilty, besides, I'm sure embryodead stole them from somewhere else. :)
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