Dec. 2020 mafia signups (or is it singups?)


¡Patria y vida!
Jul 11, 2005
up yours.
Uncle Takhisis is fat from a year of lockdown, bearded because he refuses to shave and red because of all this summer sunshine. And he is ready to stop clipping his nails at a moment's notice in order to morph into San Tak Claws.

He brings you all a giftie, though: a mafia game! Sign up for your lives!

1. JohannaK
2. Snerk
3. Yakostovian
4. Legacy of Smiles
5. Dolbster
6. RRRaskolnikov
7. pzelda
8. LordArgon
9. Nagisa


Ace Marvel

No upper limit on players, but we won't be starting without a minimum number of players (9?). If not enough people sign up it can be just a Dethy or similar minigame setup.
No majority lynch.
48/24, EOD/SOD to be arranged depending on the players' timezones.
You can write San Tak Claws a letter to ask him for any particular mafia setup. He always aims to please. :)
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You seem to have left the CFC Mafia server so I posted a link there.
Thanks for the advertising. Yes, I am no longer in that server.
Hello, I heard you're looking for volunteers for medical experiments.
What experiments did you have in mind?
Throwing a group of people together in a room with a knife and see who's last.
Throwing a group of people together in a room with a knife and see who's last.
Uhm, I totally wouldn't do that with the mods watching.
Just as well. :nono: :scan:
Am I correct to misinterpret that as an in, @Arakhor?
Posted again in the CFC Mafia server, as well as The Syndicate's server.
I don't know what The Syndicate is, but since it sounds like a bunch of criminals then I approve of whomsoever you might have been contacting while of course denying any and all criminal liability.
Sub for now. You can switch me to in whenever I die in Visor's MU game... if there is still room ofc.
Well, yes, but I didn't want to leave Takhisis hanging.
Um, the ones who hang are supposed to be the players rather than the GM, but sure.
Snerk! You're a rogue...
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