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Deity Balance.. Domination victory Paratrooper thread

Discussion in 'General Balance' started by MichaelCIV5VP, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. MichaelCIV5VP

    MichaelCIV5VP Chieftain

    Oct 21, 2019
    I have a few things I take issue with with the deity balance.

    1) Paratroopers are wayyy to over powered. Para trooping 9 tiles away from ANY tile you own is ridiculous. I can see 9 tiles from a city center may make some sense. but not from a random border tile. They need a nerf. For one thing deity AI's cities by the industrial era, while at war, essentially produce 2 units per city (one from production, the other from purchase). so a 10 city empire is producing 20 units per turn. Once they research flight paratroopers are the strongest unit they produce so thats all they spam. its ridiculous. Its INCREDIBLY frustrating when i try to go to war with the AI and i can't take any cities because all I'm doing is swatting their paratrooper spam, and my happiness is shot because its turn 2 of the war and I have -30 happiness from my total due pillaged tiles. Its broken. my production is instantly decresed by 50% in basically in all my cities because a) my tiles are pillaged, and also I can't work tiles because they have paratroopers on them. They are broken. They need a nerf, AND IF YOU SAY "WELL ITS DEITY ITS MEANT TO BE CHALLENGING" -- I SAY ARGHHHH ITS BAD GAME DESIGN. SERIOUSLY. I have a few suggestions/options in the ways they can be nerfed.

    1) a city can send 1 unit per turn 9 tiles from its centre and they keep the pillage immediately thing, or
    2) they cannot pillage/move after landing, but can keep the nonsense 9 paradrop from any tile or
    3) they can only drop into tiles the AI can see through existing units, (Like XCOM sqauds)

    And then they need their movement bonuses changed. Their extra movement in terrain needs to be take away. They should get just the regular promotions class not scout class.

    Paratroppers as they are represent a terrible game design and its not even historically accurate. in the 5 years of ww2 there were 2 big paradrops, D-day and Market Garden. WHICH took tones of planning, immense resourses, were expensive, needed airfields. They didnt happen out of some random dessert terran in the nations borders. They happened at huge bases near cities. they were meticuosly planned with support units coming in... not willy nilly send guys to their death (as it is now in the games). they were like 1% of the force sturcutre.. not 50%. they are annoying. Special forces units are incuded in this as well.
  2. Stalker0

    Stalker0 Baller Magnus

    Dec 31, 2005
    I will say that it’s it’s probably worth dropping DFPs (or entrenchments I forgot which one they have) on the Paratrooper. Survivalism III already makes them very tanky, they don’t need the extra on top.

    Special forces I’m more open too keeping it if we wanted too...I’m on the fence with that unit
  3. cerk

    cerk Chieftain

    Jan 26, 2019
  4. phantomaxl1207

    phantomaxl1207 King

    Nov 19, 2010
    I did not know that Entrenchment line of Promotions was also given to late game Paratroopers. Entrenchments, DFP's, etc. is the line of Promotions given to late game Infantry (Fusiliers, onward) to help them form a front line, it gives +15-25 HP and +15%-25% Ranged Defense. I see Paratroopers also received them. I am against seeing this Promotion on X-Coms.
  5. swapoer

    swapoer Warlord

    Dec 6, 2007
    It happened to one of my game. I agree it is out of player’s control.
  6. Craigsttaa24

    Craigsttaa24 Chieftain

    Oct 1, 2019
    The range is probably too far, as i think 9 is farther range than the first bomber by a lot. 6 would be more reasonable? That solves a lot of the spam problem as there are a lot fewer tiles they can go, and it matches the range of the other planes of the era better

    And they should somehow be affected by the anti-air unit and fighter intercepts, if not already. It would give more reason to build these units, which i struggle to find useful.

    And i agree it should be limited to AI sight, like bombers and ranged siege attacks.
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