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Deity Japan Photojournal (of an amateur)

Discussion in 'Playthroughs and Photojournals' started by amateurgamer88, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Hi everyone! I'm amateurgamer88. This is my second Deity game on Marathon so I accept that there are chances that it can be a trainwreck. My last game as Denmark, as shown in my photojournal, showcases how OP Denmark was before their nerf recently. As the title suggests, I am going to play as Japan. Do note that this is my first time playing this civ on VP so it should be interesting. Why am I playing Japan? I haven't played this civ before and I want to see how the changes to Golden Ages affect this civ. I don't expect an easier game this game but we'll see. After all, Japan has some interesting options while Denmark, at least the version I played, was just outright broken.

    I know I'm not a great player so I appreciate any advice as I want to learn more. I have many areas lacking so feel free to point them out to me. I like to improve more as I actually want to eventually win some deity matches. As a result, I'm doing these photojournals so people can see what I'm doing wrong and give me constructive criticism.

    An additional note is that, due to various reasons, I have to play this game windowed so, in later eras, you'll see the various things like gold, resources and etc overlapping. I also have to lower my graphic setting so my game can run smoother. I apologize for that but it's the limitations I work with.

    Spoiler Game Settings :
    Deity (8) Difficulty
    Marathon Speed
    Standard Size, 10 civs, 24 city states
    Frontier (Large Continents)
    Strategic Balance
    No events, vassalage, ancient ruins, tech brokering and tech trading
    Disable Nuclear Weapons
    No Morocco, Byzantium, Austria and Spain (due to them showing up too often in my past games)

    The Patch used in this game is 12-18.

    Spoiler Initial Thoughts on the Civilization :
    Extra :c5culture: and :c5faith: from defensive buildings and military training buildings sound very strong. Regardless of what style we play and what victory we go for, we need those buildings, though some put more emphasis of course. Certain buildings like Walls and Barracks can be so crucial if early wars are necessary. Getting more benefits from them just seem so nice. Getting Great Writer, Artist and Musician points in the capital from birth of Great Generals and Great Admirals seems rather interesting. You can abuse this if you're lucky and get those circumnavigate the world CS quests to get 2 or three admirals at once. Great General can be acquired through clearing encampments. Overall, I'd be curious to see how strong (or not) this can be.

    This UB replaces the Armory and apparently doesn't require Barracks. I honestly don't see a situation where you don't want the extra experience for your units. Units trained in cities with this UB gets 5 more experience than an Armory and provides a very unique promotion. I guess it works a bit like what the Indonesian UU has but I'm sure they made it quite unique. Looking at the civilopedia, this UB seems to give 3 :c5culture: and 5 :c5science: as well. In addition to that, it gains :c5culture: and :c5science: once your units promote? I guess you get instant yields in all your Dojos when you promote units which means stacking buildings like Order with the Barracks and Dojo can be quite powerful. Or maybe I just misunderstood that altogether.

    Here I get another Longswordsman replacement since I played Denmark last. The Samurai can get you GG faster, works for your UA, and gets experience more. The promotion for more experience does seem to stay after upgrades so, if that's the case, I can see you get some really strong units if you know how to keep them alive. The CS is quite nice as it's almost as high as a Knight and we all know how powerful Knights can be. I also like the fact that Dojos come at the same time as Samurai so that makes Steel that much more vital.

    Spoiler Starting Location :

    Let's see the starting location.
    While I would've preferred to get Walls and Barracks as soon as possible, I think going for Calendar is the right path to connect those Wines for a religion. I need to see how the rest of the map seems before I decide what I'm going for. We know this is going to be a war heavy game. After all, the wars in Epic and Standard speed don't seem fun to me but that's probably just me. I will settle in place as that will get me two Wines immediately and I'm on a forested hill.
  2. chicorbeef

    chicorbeef Warlord

    Dec 26, 2017
    Never played on Marathon before, but this civ is probably affected hard on Marathon.

    Experience required for promotions doesn't scale on Marathon, correct? Does experience required for Great General scale?

    You don't get instant yields in all Dojos, btw. Only the Dojo you trained the unit in gets the instant yields. It ought to be clarified in the civilopedia. And as a little nugget, the +1 Culture/Faith from the UA applies to the Dojo.

    By the way, why throw away your plan to go for Barracks on turn 0 just because you have Wine? You could even go Bronze Working for Spears/Zeus. Lots of possibilities early on.
  3. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Experience required for promotions are 3 times as much and I believe that's the case for Great Generals too. Some quests are broken like Circumnavigating ones but they're a different matter altogether.

    Thanks for clarifying it up with the yields for Dojos. That makes more sense and it seems quite nice with what you get for the UB. As for how I go, I can tell you that things will get interesting for sure as we have a broken civ this game. It's a spoiler but you probably can think of a couple of broken civs that exist in this game. Keeps things interesting for sure. :)
  4. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Quick update about this photojournal!

    I have played a bit and have to restart. Why? I have Mongolia in the game and, by turn 233 on Marathon (equivalent of turn 77 on Standard), he has annexed 5/6 CS and more or less crushed his closest neighbor. He's 6 techs ahead of the other civs and also ahead in policies. Considering this is Deity, I expect him to just snowball with me unable to do anything about him.

    New change to the Game Setting: Mongolia will be banned from this game and my future games until its stupid ability to annex CS (sometimes 2 CS are annexed 1 turn apart) is fixed.
  5. Minh Le

    Minh Le Chieftain

    Aug 20, 2018
    6 techs and a few policies isnt a big deal on deity. Remember in my India progress game I was 11 or 12 techs and almost a policy tree behind China, but still can pull ahead in the end. Its not the end of the world.
  6. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    I don't think I clarified why I didn't keep going. This isn't a simply my opponent is ahead of me and I have to slowly catch up to pull out a victory. Instead, it's Mongolia snowballed far too quickly and I can't do anything to stop him. Let me explain below the situation so you understand the situation and my thoughts on the matter.

    First, this is my situation. I went Progress as Japan because I believed I can get a couple of cities. My closest neighbor is Brazil who I have defeated and only left his most recently settled city. Since Brazil went Tradition, he won't be a problem. However, there's a problem where the Huns settled towards me and, with this on Deity, he will have lots of units and we all know what the Hunnic UA is.

    On my continent, I'm actually tied for 2nd in techs with 9. The other civ is Poland but he has just lost a war against Mongolia and I don't expect that trend to change. Why? Mongolia now has 14 cities and has a rather powerful army. It's not the largest yet on the continent but I expect that to change soon. Essentially, Mongolia is in the Classical Era while everyone else including me is in Classical Era. Mongolia has Mathematics, Masonry and Iron Working. Two of those techs give him the Catapult, Swordsman and Skirmisher. With the extra movements on mounted ranged units, those Mongolian Skirmishers are going to be dangerous for sure.

    Unlike Standard and maybe Epic, Marathon sees such a military tech advantage as massive. Unlocking better units takes time and Mongolia isn't going to give his neighbors time to stand a chance. I might be able to beat him with better positioning and stuff being a human but his neighbors aren't going to win. I didn't go for Authority so I'm not quite geared for war against the Huns. I most definitely cannot fight the Huns and the Mongols at the same time since Mongolia annexed the CS closest to me so we more or less share a border. If this was Immortal, I think I could've grind it out. Since this is Deity, defeating the Huns with Progress and without my UU is such an uphill battle. That's also assuming I don't get attacked by Mongolia at the same time. I don't like quitting games but Mongolia has snowballed far too early. Even in the ideal case where I do defeat the Huns (who has 6 cities and 1 tech behind me) and eliminated him, Mongolia would've wiped out his other neighbors and I doubt I'll have the units to defend a very large border that we share.
  7. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Chapter 1: What Awaits Us?
    Spoiler I. Birth of Kyoto :

    After abandoning my last start, I got myself this one. It has food and the monopoly for Coffee is pretty decent, especially later on. Regarding defenses from naval coast, it will suffice for the early game with only one coastal tile. I would've preferred more Coffee resources in range of my capital but I shouldn't get too greedy. At least I won't see anymore Mongolia in my games from now on. I hope they fix it because it's ridiculous how quickly they can snowball by building a larger army than CS.

    Spoiler II. Hello Arabia :

    I met Arabia fairly early on so he could be quite close. However, it's also possible that his Pathfinders just happened to be moving towards me. I realized that, on higher difficulties, AI units get two promotions and that's quite strong. Usually, I see AI Pathfinders taking Trailblazer I and II so they can cover a lot of territory. This does make me wonder why AI get two when this usually means they'll get most if not all the CS initial encounters and ancient ruins (which I fortunately disabled).

    Spoiler III. Hey Babylon! :

    I think this game might give me a good idea of how strong the Babylon UU is. His UU comes online around the time I'll get my UU assuming I can keep up in tech. Then, we'll see how the wars will go. Given the time required for me to meet a Babylon Pathfinder, I think it's relatively safe to assume that Babylon isn't that close to me. I won't know until I find their capital though. I can see Babylon being a civ that can snowball if he's allowed to do what he does. I definitely need to stop him from getting too strong.

    Spoiler IV. First Target for War! :

    Mecca is quite close to my capital so it's clear that we will attack him as soon as I get the chance. Regarding my tech, I choose to go for Bronze Working so I can grab the Statue of Zeus. Then, I don't think I'll have any problems dealing with Arabia. Why? Arabia has Tobacco as his monopoly resource. This means Arabia will likely go for Calendar so the most dangerous unit Arabia will field when I attack is the Archer. I'll get Trapping after Bronze Working so I can have my own Archers to the sieges.

    Spoiler V. What a Relief :

    If I met Persia in the first 10 turns, I'd be quite worried. After all, his Immortals are no joke and can be a pain to kill. I'm hoping that his capital is far enough away that, if conflict does arise between us, my UU will be a lot more relevant than his. I'm just curious what civ is unfortunate enough to border Persia. Imagine if Greece is in-game as well and they can fight it out to see who has the better UU.

    Spoiler VI. Second Target? :

    Babylon is some ways away from Mecca so I don't expect an early war with Babylon in the foreseeable future. Maybe I was right about earlier that we will meet on the battlefield with our UU crossing paths. I hope Babylon doesn't go Progress this game but it can be very powerful with Silk as his monopoly. The extra income means he can speed up all his buildings unless the AI doesn't do it. Anyways, it's starting to look like I might be on the northern tip of our continent. I don't know yet if that's a good or bad thing.

    Spoiler VII. Interesting Opponent :

    I always find Assyria to be a very interesting AI. This AI can do very well in successful wars. If he's behind a few techs, he can gain them by conquering other cities. If he's ahead, he'll just snowball even more. I wonder how Assyria will do in this game and whether or not he shares border with Persia. Persia has Immortals but the Assyrian Siege Tower is nothing to scoff at. Maybe these two civs can keep each other preoccupied then.

    Spoiler VIII. Policy Tree :

    Since war seems inevitable with me, given what I explored so far, boxed in by the other civs. I will likely settle a few cities but the priority is going to be producing units to fight Arabia. Currently, my priorities are Spearmen once I get Bronze Working, Archers once I get Trapping and Statue of Zeus that takes the greatest priority. At this point, I've already got my Monument and Shrine. I was also fortunate that barbarians left me alone in the early game. Now that I think about it, they didn't bother me until I settled my second city.

    Spoiler IX. Free Culture and Science? :

    Given my priorities (I forgot to mention a Worker), I will be staying on one city for quite awhile. At the same time, I get the worst lucks as taking even a single Barbarian camp is becoming a headache. It will eventually deal with those barbarians you see east of my capital. As for Arabian, he has settled Medina at a great location. I will raze it and settle my own city there. I'm pretty certain that I'll have Imperium by the time I take Medina. My military production hasn't even begun so it will take awhile, especially if I want to grab Statue of Zeus as well.

    Spoiler X. A Dangerous Foe? :

    I know this is a bit cheating but I have to share this. It's clear that this Pantheon belongs to the Celts so we know she's in the game. This does seem a bit late for her Pantheon so many barbarians gave the Celts some problems before the Pictish Warriors were produced. I finally cleared the camp and I'm sure all of you know what I'm taking since I hinted at Imperium earlier. That Settler will save me a lot of hammers as I don't have any to spare right this moment.

    Well, that's it for our update! Will I war against Arabia next game or will something unexpected happen? :)
  8. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Chapter 2: Time to War!
    Spoiler I. New Policy :

    Since I'm going for Imperium, I had to go Tribute. However, I rarely find myself really taking advantage of the tributes from CS that much. I guess that I prefer to befriend them more than taking tributes. Regardless, the extra food and gold from expanding borders will help. The gold is especially helpful since I have to spent a fair bit for military units. I won't be building all of my units so I have to purchase a few units like Archers and/or Spearmen.

    Spoiler II. Pantheon :

    With the Pantheon, I wanted to try something different. Normally, I'm quite reliant on what resources I have around me and, if that's not ideal, I'll got with something like Goddess of Beauty or Goddess of Fertility. Given the Japanese UA gives Walls and Barracks :c5faith: and :c5culture:, I wanted to see how this stacks with Goddess of Protection. This essentially means that I can get 3 :c5faith: and 2 :c5culture: once I get Statue of Zeus due to the free Barracks. That's pretty strong and, on this difficulty, I probably don't want to delay my Walls and Barracks too long.

    Spoiler III. That's Interesting... :

    There are a few things to note here. First, Arabia finished Stonehenge which means that he's delaying his third city. I want to say he's neglecting his military but this is Deity so I highly doubt that. Currently, I have only three units, the Spearman, Pathfinder and Worker. I've invested most of my hard earned gold for the Statue of Zeus. Oddly enough, No barbarians have attacked my capital yet so that's a blessing. Third thing is, if you look at the minimap, you'd see Babylon settling a very distant third city. That location has Coral so you can be sure he's trying to get another monopoly.

    Spoiler IV. Statue of Zeus :

    Since I basically beelined for it, I got the Wonder and it's a pretty massive boost to my capital's yields. I basically got 3:c5culture: and 4:c5faith: where the Wonder itself provided one of each yield. I also got an extra :c5science: from the Barracks which I didn't realize it provided. Essentially, this makes Barracks a pretty big priority since it provides the same :c5culture: as a Monument, more :c5faith: than the Shrine and the same :c5science: as a Council. I'll get a lot out of one building and it certainly takes much less time to build than those three combined.

    Spoiler V. New Policy :

    This policy sure took long enough but maybe that's due to me playing with Standard and Epic Speeds lately. Imperium will give me my first Settler and my capital won't be producing any Settlers anytime soon. The war against Arabia takes precedent and I intend to, at the very least, take out Medina so I can settle there. For now, I have another location in mind.

    Spoiler VI. Time for War! :

    Now, I wanted to prepare a bit more but I noticed Arabia was escorting a Settler with his Warrior. I don't want another city to cause problems because we all know how productive even new Deity AI cities can be. I declared war to stop that expansion and begin my siege. I'm still producing units but, at the time of this declaration of war, I have 2 Archers and 2 Spearmen. Meanwhile, Arabia seems to have hundreds of Warriors to my annoyance and one Archer that I can see in Medina.

    Spoiler VII. Slow Siege :

    Taking Medina wasn't easy. Arabia had a ton of Warriors and steadily killing them took awhile. Eventually, I had four Archers and four Spearmen while, for whatever reason, Arabia only had two Archers. I was able to bait them into doing stupid things like get too close to my Spearmen. If it weren't for the Arabian Archers, this war would've gone a lot smoother. The pillaged gold from the city is nice and I'm definitely going to raze the city to settle my own city. I'm still building a Settler at this point. For whatever reason, I forgot to take a screenshot of my second city, Osaka, northwest of Kyoto. It will get me two more copies of Coffee which I believe is enough for my monopoly.

    Spoiler VIII. Even CS Supports my Conquest :

    The experience might not seem like much but, for ranged units, that's 6 attacks. It was definitely worth it and, at this point, I was considering ending the war. However, I did, after some thought, decided that I should at least take the Arabian capital. I want to cripple Arabia or he can be a problem later on. Babylon in the meanwhile began rapid expansion. He has five cities and he went Tradition. I do find it frustrating where we as humans can't go wide with Tradition (at least have a very hard time) while the AI doesn't care what policy tree they take because it's all viable. I honestly don't know how strong a wide Tradition AI on Deity Marathon game can be.

    Spoiler IX. New Policy :

    I'm more or less on par with the other civs on my continent. I guess that's a good thing since I've invested a lot in my war against Arabia. I'm even losing GPT due to the troops I got for this war. At this point, I'm moving my troops against Arabia and realized that I've hurt the AI very badly. How bad? Arabia has no more Archers and only a handful of Warriors defend the capital. With my Spearmen closing in, those Warrior with the exception of the garrisoned one backed away so my Archers basically have free reign to whittle down the health of Mecca.

    Spoiler X. First Great General :

    I don't know if this is late or not when it comes to getting your first Great General. I did notice that I just get a bunch of points in the capital and, while it's not enough to spawn any Great People, I'm about halfway there. Do I need this Great General for the war against Arabia? I highly doubt it. Mecca is more or less at my mercy and I just need to take it to remove Arabia as a threat for good. In this war, I noticed how strong Goddess of Protection is. It basically allowed my units to heal faster so I can get them to the front lines again. Right now, I am working on unlocking Walls and Barracks so I can build them in all my cities.

    Well, that's it for our update! How will the minimap change by the end of the next update? :)
  9. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Chapter 3: One Down, A Bigger Threat Awaits
    Spoiler I. End of Arabia :

    Apparently, I'm doing a horrible job taking screenshots for this photojournal. Basically, I started attacking Mecca the moment I settled with my Settler that you can see in the last screenshot of Chapter 2. I waited till then because I realized how strong Goddess of Protection and, with Tokyo somewhat nearby, I can heal my units faster and keep the siege strong. I soon learned that wasn't necessary for Mecca as I faced only Warriors and they were easily defeated by my Archer/Spearmen composition. Afterwards, I went on to conquer Arabian city of Damascus and eliminated Arabia from the game. I just didn't want anymore problems from him anymore.

    Spoiler II. Fall of Damascus :

    For this city, I'm still wondering at this point whether I should've razed the city or not. It's not exactly a bad city but it will take time to be developed as it lost most of its city. However, there's a chance that, before I get a Settler there, Babylon will take the location. Babylon is settling quite greedily this game with his cities so I wouldn't be surprised if he does take advantage of no city in the area. Puppeting the city does mean that I don't have to worry about this location and can settle one other location.

    Spoiler III. Meeting Carthage :

    Given how many turns have passed, I'm quite certain that Carthage isn't on the same continent as me. This means that it's possible to reach her continent with Triremes only. This is an interesting bit of information but I probably won't be doing much exploration yet. After all, I don't need Fishing that urgently and, if war against Babylon is mostly unavoidable, I will need to tech properly. We'll see which of our UU will rein supreme.

    Spoiler IV. New Policy :

    The war with Arabia certainly helped me a lot in terms of policies and techs. I'm currently more or less in the lead for that. If I want to keep that going, I'd need more conquests. However, Babylon will be a much more difficult opponent than Arabia. My Spearmen and Archers won't be enough so I won't be rushing to war just yet. I do have a feeling that Medieval era will be a good time to strike. Since Babylon will get his UU around that time too, then maybe he'll initiate the conflict.

    Spoiler V. Religion :

    I had a pretty strong faith production with my Barracks and Walls. The Japanese UA and Goddess of Protection do work really well and I enjoy that a fair bit. Now, we return to Religion which can certain be a difficult decision for me. I can never figure what's good and what's bad at this point. For experimentation, I chose to go for Apostolic Tradition to see if this can make my capital incredible. The extra food is going to give my capital a large population so many specialists will be working. As for Order, I get yields from promotions so more experience is always good. In addition, killing units now give me faith through the Order so that's a plus as well.

    Spoiler VI. Another Wonder :

    All those kills in the war against Arabia got me enough techs to give me a crack at the Great Library first. Babylon was certainly right there behind me by getting Writing shortly afterwards. I still managed to grab this Wonder and it was rather nice. I initially thought I got a good lead over all of my competitions due to my successful war. Then, I learned that, on Deity, that sort of victory lets you stay somewhat on par but you are certainly not taking a lead.

    Spoiler VII. Tech Ranking :

    Babylon is staying on par with me and that's certainly a problem. At this moment, I realized that, regarding techs, I have a tough decision. I have to decide what I want to go for. First, Dojo and Samurai are both unlocked with Steel. However, the Alhambra is available with Chivalry. I have to make a decision now on what I want to prioritize. After all, UB and UU are amazing but Alhambra will be gone if I miss it. I'm leading with Babylon for now but I don't think that lead will last as, by going one path, another civ I haven't met and gone for Authority might nab the Alhambra. What should I do?

    Spoiler VIII. Another Wonder :

    For this game, I wanted to try out Fealty so Diplomacy is going to be my weak spot. I went Roman Forum for that exact reason. The Great Diplomat can give me an embassy and extra paper while the Wonder gives me an additional paper as well. Once I get Scrivener's Office, I'd have enough paper to get 3 cities producing diplomatic units and that can be quite strong. It does depend on what techs I got for though as my cities might be idle or not. Why didn't I go for Hanging Gardens? I tried to Osaka but lost it to Babylon by 2 turns. I thought that, with my religion, my capital is going to grow plenty so the extra food isn't very useful. The Garden might've been but I can't get everything in Deity.

    Spoiler IX. Babylon Must Go :

    Babylon is on par in tech and now also has his religion. He will be a problem if I don't rid him and, after some thoughts, I chose to go for Steel first. However, I'm also researching Engineering first to see if the Great General from the Great Wall can proc my UA as well. It would be nice to get Great Writers, Artists and Musicians early on as their Great Work culture is quite significant this early on. In addition, I don't mind slowing down my enemies to assist my future war efforts.

    Spoiler X. Assyria and Persia :

    Assyria and Persia are on the western side of the continent. I expect them to control quite a bit of territory since this map looks like it can be quite big. If those two go to war, I can see things get ugly quite easily. However, I can't worry about them for now. Babylon is growing out of control with his 10 cities. Tradition will give him a powerful capital while all those cities will make him as strong as a Progress civ. I don't think letting him grow indefinitely will be smart. Still, I need my UU.

    Well, that's it for our update! Deity AIs are no joke for sure. How will I deal with Babylon? :)
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
  10. chicorbeef

    chicorbeef Warlord

    Dec 26, 2017
    Pretty late Great Library and a ridiculously late Roman Forum, I would never attempt to build Hanging Gardens in a secondary city on Turn 104 on Standard Deity but I've think I've commented enough on why it seems like every wonder goes so late on slower speeds (in my Standard Speed games GL/Roman Forum/Hanging Gardens goes on Turn 70-80...)

    Good early conquest of Arabia, I am expecting a successful war on Babylon (Samurai > Bowman).

    I think it would probably be better to go for Steel before Chivalry. I think it's just not worth delaying Dojos/Samurai (come to think of it, why not go with your typical Council of Elders? It would help rushing Steel and building a Dojo + a Samurai army). Though the wonder magic might work again, to me, getting Alhambra, especially when you have no Science boosts to rush it and a greatly increased Production cost from all the Classical Wonders, as well as nearby Authority civs, will make it pretty hard.
  11. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    I think the slower speeds do tend to affect the build order of the AI. I remember watching a video before where the AI has a certain build order they always go for. I wouldn't be surprised if that's still very much the case with some variation depending on what VP included. However, there has to be a certain order or the mod would take up too much memory going through all the if statements. In addition, I was the first to get Writing so the teching speed might also differ between slower and Standard speed. It feels like there are a number of factors that might slow things down more than just 3 times and, since I beeline for certain things, I can prioritize where the AI cannot.

    As for that war, you'll see soonish. I don't remember how many screenshots are needed but it was quite a lesson about Deity on Marathon. My Denmark game had wars later in the game so these early wars are still unfamiliar to me. Regarding Arabia, he definitely asked for it. I'm just lucky he had a Plantation luxury so he didn't go for Spearmen. Otherwise, this war would've been a lot worse.

    Well, I did say in the update that I was going for Steel. Engineering was for the Great General from the Great Wall. I realized that the yields from Dojos are going to be very insane at this point (imagine if Goddess of Protection stacked with Armories and Castles too...). As for Council of Elders, I know it's very powerful and it gets boring if I keep taking the same thing. I should change it up and figure out what works and what doesn't. I should be putting efforts to try out all the Founders on Marathon to give them a ranking. As for Wonders, my capital does have solid production at the moment. I'll have some competition like Babylon but he'll pay for his mistake soon enough.
  12. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Chapter 4: War of the Titans
    Spoiler I. Carthaginian Capital :

    Carthage is certainly very distant from my continent which explains why it took her UU that long to find us. However, this seems like something a human player can abuse a lot since you gain experience by exploring. If I had a ship that can explore multiple continents, I'd have so many upgrades that they can take cities with such ease. Luckily the AI isn't quite capable of that or Carthage would've snowballed already by conquering all the coastal cities.

    Spoiler II. Another Wonder :

    I got myself the Great Wall and the Great General does indeed proc my UA. As a result, I got my first Great Writer, Artist and Musician. The irony is that I have yet to unlock any buildings that have a slot for Great Work of Music yet so my Great Musician will just have to chill in my capital. He will get his chance to contribute but I'm certainly not wasting him to get tourism. If I'm going the warpath, then CV is the last on my list.

    Spoiler III. Another Wonder :

    Angkor Wat is certainly an interesting choice as it will keep my Great People in my capital safe. That's quite important given my UA. In addition, it will allow my city borders to expand faster because, as I realized later, there are other locations that the AI can settle. Those will be horrible cities but the AI don't care, especially with the bonuses they get. I wish that the AI will one day stop settling in every possible location possible because capturing those aren't even worth it.

    Spoiler IV. There's Polynesia :

    Well, I had expected Polynesia to find my continent sooner since his units can embark sooner than Carthage can build her UU. I guess he just went in the wrong direction and therefore never met me until now. The Polynesian capital seems relatively close to Carthage so I'm surprised they aren't at each other's throats. Maybe they had war but it has been largely unsuccessful. There's still a lot to explore so I'm curious what other civs are in this game.

    Spoiler V. This is Bad... :

    Steel will get me into Medieval Era and yet Babylon beats me to it. The worst news is that he went for Chivalry so I'll have to fight against Knights who are quite a match for my Samurai. If Babylon uses Knights and his UU, then we can have some problems in a future war. As you can see in the screenshot, I'm getting Emissaries while I'm waiting for my Dojos to become available. I'm also stocking up on gold so I can rush the Dojos as soon as possible. Soon, I'll be producing lots of Samurais for future war against Babylon.

    Spoiler VI. New Policy :

    I decided to go for Fealty this game to see how the new changes work. I don't normally go for Fealty because it feels underpowered compared to the other two. Normally, I'd go Statecraft given how many CS I can ally. However, I should try something new and see how Fealty will benefit me. The extra CS might be a nice bonus as they can give newly captured cities some needed defense until the puppet decides to get Walls and Castles.

    Spoiler VII. The Opportunity? :

    Now, I did take a short while to think about this proposition. Babylon is getting out of control so a war to neuter him is probably a good idea. Persia also happened to be west of Babylon so, regardless how many units Deity AI gets, those will be split up to defend the two fronts. There's a slight problem though. I've only just finished my Dojo in my capital while my other capitals are still producing the UU. Therefore, I'm not fully prepared for the war. However, I can't let this opportunity go to waste, can I?

    Spoiler VIII. Let's Do This! :

    I certainly cannot let Babylon keep making the progress he's making. I decided that the time has come for a major offensive war to slow down Babylon. At this point, Babylon actually has 14 cities which's a lot. Only Deity AI can go Tradition, spam so many cities and still maintain a lead in the game. I guess I should be glad he didn't go Progress or he'd be a bigger threat. However, I do wonder if the benefits from Progress will kick in yet.

    Spoiler IX. There's Shaka! :

    Shaka has quite a few cities himself and I suspect some of those are puppets. Speaking of puppets, I'm also done with Philosophy so I can soon annex Mecca because it's indeed a very nice city. Regarding Mecca, I did prioritize repairing the Plantations of the Tobacco. I know I won't benefit too much but getting monopoly in that will get me some extra faith. Tokyo will certainly benefit from it and cutting the time I need to get what I need to faith purchase is quite nice.

    Spoiler X. Hero Scout :

    Here we fast forward a fair bit into the future where I'm trying to duel with those Babylon Skirmishers. They are a bigger problem due to the terrain I had to face. I did lose a few Landsneckht though but my Samurais are proving to be very powerful. I'm lucky Babylon just throws his Knights to their deaths so that's a plus. My Scout is the real MVP as he baited out two Skirmishers that I'll dispose this very turn. With the Skirmishers gone and very few UU from Babylon, I'm actually in a good state in taking my first Babylon city. He has plenty so he won't miss it.

    Well, that's it for our update! How many more Babylon units must we mow down to keep our conquests going? :)
  13. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Chapter 5: Fate of Babylon
    Spoiler I. Babylon Defenses Crumbling :

    Samurai just proved far too powerful for the Babylon units to stop. Surprisingly, Babylon only had a handful of Knights and I honestly only saw one Babylon UU for this entire war. I'm not complaining because Babylon's main ranged unit is a Catapult and I can assure you that they don't last very long against Samurais. The unique promotion for Japan makes them very powerful since, combined with Authority, my units can heal 25 HP after a kill. For Samurai, that means they will be more or less be at full health after combat.

    Spoiler II. Another Wonder :

    I thought this Wonder would be more highly contested but apparently I had it in the bag. The lead I'm getting from my wars help me tremendously and, from what I discovered, the Zulu was the biggest threat as Shaka is third in rankings. He's not that behind me in terms of techs and policies so I suspect that the Zulus will be the next biggest threat after I deal with Babylon. Unlike Babylon, the Zulus don't share my continent so major naval battles will take place before I can deal with Shaka.

    Spoiler III. Enhancing Religion :

    I wondered about what options I should go for with my religion being enhanced. After some thoughts, I thought getting Cathedral is a good start. This will provide me with quite a bit of gold to help me with expenses. With the way things are going, I know I'll need gold for upgrades and, at this point, I already made my choice for what I will go for Industrial policy tree. Since I went Order that provides me faith for all my kills, I have a feeling that Zealotry can pay off quite a bit in building up my army faster.

    Spoiler IV. New Policy :

    The first policy is only useful when it comes to Castles. I have built all of my Dojos at this point. However, I will admit that the happiness is a nice plus but, from my experiences, happiness seem to only be an issue early game. At this point, I'm either not having anymore happiness problems or I'm in a really bad state for the game. Maybe this is just a Marathon speed sort of thing but the policy seems alright. From what I read on the forum, it seems quite powerful on other speeds.

    Spoiler V. From Bad to Worse...for Babylon :

    Pushing forward certainly took time but I'm only getting stronger as time passes. I have more Samurais at the front line and more are arriving. I will also have Crossbowmen to quickly eliminate any Babylon units standing in my path. At this point, I'm also getting Trebuchet to speed up the fall of cities. Babylon capital is going to be a tough fortress to crack and some siege weapons might be necessary.

    Spoiler VI. War is Won! :

    I have to wonder if the Babylon UU could've made the war harder for me. He built two Knights and both of them were somehow sent aggressively towards me and got slaughtered. Samurais are no joke when it comes to this age and they helped me rapidly eliminate all resistance with all of them having full or almost full health at the end of each turn. My Crossbowmen doesn't help in that aspect but, by the time I upgraded my Composite Bowmen, the war was already decided.

    Spoiler VII. Fall of Babylon :

    Since this is Deity, I doubt taking the Babylon capital will cripple Babylon. At this point, Babylon still has over 10 cities and that's just crazy. I am curious about one thing about Tradition though. Does this mean that, if the capital changes, the new city also gets those Tradition policy buildings as well? If that's the case, I can see Babylon recovering from the war. Otherwise, he'll grow weaker and weaker until he's no longer relevant.

    Spoiler VIII. Cleaning Up Before Conclusion :

    I don't want Babylon to pose as a huge threat so I decided to take a few more cities before concluding this war. For whatever reason, I forgot to take a few screenshots. In essence, I took Nippur and two other cities. You'll see my conquests next time a minimap shows up in one of my future screenshots. I don't want to raise my warmonger penalty any further fearing that I might anger civs on the other continent. I still want good relations because trade is good for my economy.

    Spoiler IX. End of Babylon? :

    I doubt that Babylon is truly eliminated as he still have a number of cities and those ones can be quite tough to take. I lack a navy so he will be controlling the seas. As we know, dominating the sea in certain situations means you have ships to support and that can make a huge difference. I also doubt Babylon will forgive me for this war and there will be conflicts in the future. However, I do worry about the scenario where he and Assyria/Persia will attack me forcing me into a two front war.

    Spoiler X. Another Wonder :

    Golden Ages are very powerful now that they are harder to acquire so I think Notre Dame actually became even more powerful overall. I grabbed it to get a stronger economy and more hammers for my cities is nice. We are advancing in tech at a nice pace so plenty of buildings are being built in all my cities. My happiness is also looking quite good and I don't expect it to drop much unless I'm at war and WW kicks in.

    Well, that's it for our update! Will we enjoy peace or will our warmongering cause other AIs to attack us? :)
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  14. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Chapter 6: A Slight Problem
    Spoiler I. New Policy :

    I always find it interesting that you have three options to pick from in Fealty after Nobility. At this point, Nobility has given me quite a bit of happiness and I don't mind that one bit. For my next policy, Organized Religion doesn't seem necessary since I don't have any religious threat. Babylon was the only civ to find a religion on my continent and he has seen better days. Divine Rights can give me a healthy dose of culture while Serfdom can give some of my cities decent gold and production. I decided to go for better yields instead to help improve my cities further.

    Spoiler II. Annexation :

    Mecca was captured fairly early in the game and I feel like I need another decent production city. After all, four seems okay but, as I soon learn, four just can't produce what I need fast enough should I need more units. Five will help and, in the ideal case, Mecca would've been a coastal city too. Regardless, I need to have the capability to produce more land units faster and Mecca will help with that.

    Spoiler III. Finding Seoul :

    My Explorer is on a journey to find all the civs and we discovered Seoul. To be honest, a Gem monopoly for a Deity AI is quite broken as they'll get so much gold. I'd happily trade for those gold but I doubt I'll make a dent. Korea isn't that far behind me in tech and, with his UA, I expect Korea to be a growing problem. Of course, Korea also went Statecraft so we'll also have an annoying foe competing for CS.

    Spoiler IV. Finding Edinburgh :

    Edinburgh isn't that far away from Seoul and yet the two civ are on good terms. This generally annoys me because I know the Celts wouldn't hesitate to attack me if I was where Korea is at. The Celts are doing alright but she never really poses a threat. Her strength should be her religion but, given that Korea and Carthage both have their own, the Celtic religion never really dominated this game. Of course, I don't care about this continent too much at this point.

    Spoiler V. Well, Someone is Foolish :

    You'd think that, given the reputation Japan has, other civs would stay away. Of course, we all know that the AIs will settle their cities wherever they can and don't care one bit about how much sense it makes. For Polynesia, this city is going to fall very quickly and I most definitely don't look forward to defending it from naval attacks. You can count on AIs to settle ridiculous locations and believe it can hold it.

    Spoiler VI. New Policy :

    I still don't need Organized Religion and Divine Rights will give me more culture so I can unlock the next policy faster. I will admit that, by staying at peace, it feels like everything is slowed down further. One thing I do want to talk about is the map. I don't know how but the land available for settling is much greater than what I expect. You might see three Persian cities on the minimap but he was able to get to around 12 cities at this point of the game. I have lots of exploring to do.

    Spoiler VII. He Will Stop Me? :

    I think Babylon forgot what happened last time when we fought and that was when he was arguably his strongest. Of course, there is a slight issue this time. My forces are divided with the two fronts I have to fight on so I'm not at my strongest as well. I'm not running any risks of losing cities but I would struggle to capture any Babylonian cities at this point.

    Spoiler VIII. Easy Conquest :

    Shushan was relatively easy to take as it's poorly defended and Persia are also at war with Babylon. I'm sure someone bribed Babylon to his death and I don't know how I feel about this. I got quite a bit of Warmonger Penalty from taking all those Babylonian cities so I should avoid war for now. Do I fear my neighbors? Nope. However, I prefer not to anger all my neighbors and fight multiple wars. I don't have enough units to cover every city and I don't even have a navy.

    Spoiler IX. Silly Polynesia :

    I don't even expect to see any Polynesian units except for those guarding his forward settled city. At this point, I realized that I need a lot more units to take Babylonian cities but my forces in the area is wholly underwhelming. I will need to find an opportunity to build up my military to at least use up more of my supply cap. A larger army might make these AIs think twice before attacking me in these meaningless wars.

    Spoiler X. One Less Headache :

    I definitely don't want to take Tuamotu as defending it is a nightmare. I also don't want to raze the city or someone else might get the idea to settle there as well. Luckily, Kyzyl saves me the headache by taking the city itself. That's one less problem I have to face and, if I can secure my CS alliance with Kyzyl, then I'd have a decent trading partner and a relatively strong ally to my west to deal with an hostile navies.

    Well, that's it for our update! Will Babylon lose more cities this war? Will Polynesia units actually reach my territory? :)
  15. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Chapter 7: What Awaits Us?
    Spoiler I. Gruesome Push :

    Unlike the previous war where my Samurai were literally a power not to be messed with, this war became considerably harder with my units being split on two fronts. Why don't I dedicate more units to this front? I'm now bordering Persia and, from my experience, Persia can be very aggressive towards his neighbors. I have no doubt Persia would try something and the last thing I need is a poorly defended front.

    Spoiler II. Speaking of the Devil :

    I was initially shocked when Persia was talking about a wonderful gift where I should give him four luxuries. To be honest, I don't recall seeing this happen before but, once I figured out it after refusing, Persia declares war and I think it's time to teach him a lesson. Of course, he's caught me at a bad time as my western front is also pretty bad. One thing I'm learning about Deity Marathon is that I need a large army at all my fronts given how many units the AI can field.

    Spoiler III. New Policy :

    I've been making steady progress in my policies and am still leading by 2 policies ahead of the civ with the second most policies. I will be finishing Fealty and, from what I've seen, its biggest strength is the happiness which the other two Medieval Era policy trees don't give directly. Another thing I noticed is the relatively high CS of even newly captured cities and that helps defending those cities until the puppets finally decide to build walls.

    Spoiler IV. Peace for Now :

    Babylon doesn't have much to give after losing more cities to me. At this point, I do want to get rid of Babylon so I don't have to divert anymore units against him. Two fronts is harder to work with and I most certainly want to cut my fronts down to only a single one. Babylon should become irrelevant once I rid all of his cities that I know of. He might have cities elsewhere but they aren't a concern for me right now.

    Spoiler V. Waste of Time :

    Polynesia basically just gave Kyzyl an extra city. Otherwise, his war accomplished little else. For me, I'm just glad this war is over because I'm trying to explore more with my Explorer but Polynesian melee ships are stranding him until I have an opening to work with. Instead of taking chances, I waited until this treaty is active before I resume sending my Explorer to uncover more of this world. There seems to be plenty of land and that is going to be a problem.

    Spoiler VI. Good or Bad News? :

    Without knowing what the rest of my continent looks like, it will be tough finding out who will win in the war between Assyria and Persia. However, I don't mind a bit more help because my western front was having issues as Persia is very aggressive with his units. I'm busy building up more units to support that front but I still lack what I need to make a heavy push. Persia will feel my wrath in due time though.

    Spoiler VII. Minor Counterattack :

    Istakhr is the only city I can effectively take and, after that, I need to rethink my strategy. A lot of rough terrain makes approaching Pasargadae quite difficult and I don't want to eliminate Kuala Lumpur. I hope to secure alliances with all of these CS in due time to strength my front here and distract the AI units. Until that day happens, Singapore is being bullied by me since I can use the production for Wonder production and the extra bit of culture doesn't hurt either.

    Spoiler VIII. A Strategic Advantage :

    As I mentioned earlier, Deity AI on Marathon fields a ton of units. In the early stages, it's quite likely they will all come at you with what many call carpet of doom. The extra bit of CS on my melee units will allow my front line to hold longer until my second line of ranged units can demolish my opponents. With Metallurgy almost completed, my second line is going to be quite dangerous.

    Spoiler IX. This Isn't Over... :

    This isn't a bad peace deal for taking one city. Persia will soon feel my might as I'm not so happy with him thinking that he can just demand what he wants. I think, as a proper offering to the Japanese Empire, I should take the Persian capital next war and maybe let him remember that I don't play nice. Of course, Assyria is, in the meantime, just growing steadily without needing to win wars. I might have to do something about him.

    Spoiler X. Finishing Fealty :

    I have finished Fealty for the first time since its recent changes. What do I like about it? It gives quite a bit of happiness and you can see my happiness is ridiculously high at this point of the game. I have to mess up considerably to go unhappy. The extra CS might be underestimated by most but, to be fair, warfare just play a much bigger role on Marathon speed so it's most useful in my games. Otherwise, I feel Fealty is alright in other aspects and nothing really stands out. The other policies are specific to certain scenarios which you may or may not have and the opener can be quite powerful if you can take full advantage of it.

    Well, that's it for our update! How long will it take before the latest military buildup is ready and Japan can renew its wars? :)
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  16. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Chapter 8: Slow and Steady Progress
    Spoiler I. Another Wonder :

    One thing I realized with Marathon Speed is that you can potentially compete for certain Wonders if you can get ahead from a war or such. I know this isn't possible on other speeds because, at this point, you will be lagging in both techs and policies and both of those will prevent you from getting Wonders. Is Marathon easier then? It's a vastly different game where warfare rules and peaceful play is what's quite difficult. Of course, there's still the issue in the fact I generally play on larger maps which don't help peaceful playstyle.

    Spoiler II. Gaining More Momentum :

    I had a couple of choices when it comes to the Reformation Belief. I decided that Crusader Spirit might be a a fun option moving forward. However, I also realized now that naval units don't get a bonus from this belief. I don't know if that's intentional or not since, for certain maps, naval units can play a huge role and the extra bit of CS shouldn't greatly shift the future wars in your direction. Regardless, I plan on taking more cities and use that to get further ahead.

    Spoiler III. Annexing Babylon :

    As the diplomatic game starts to ramp up with Korea starting to send his diplomatic units to my continent, I need more cities that can either help me produce Envoys or give me another city to purchase them. It's not going to be easy because, for whatever reason, the Immortal and Deity AIs seems to have the capabilities to spam out diplomatic units very quickly. I don't know if they just build their buildings so quickly that those cities have nothing else to build or if the AI cheats and can buy diplomatic units every turn until they run out of Paper.

    Spoiler IV. Another Wonder :

    At this point, I won't only focus on Wonders that are very useful for me. Instead, I'm also aiming to deny the AI from getting anything that helps them along. One thing I noticed for Deity in Marathon games is that the AIs can be behind at some point but they eventually catches up quite easily. One example is Persia who was, at one point, quite behind in both policies and techs. Now, they have closed the gap but that might just be due to all the cities he settled. At this point of the game, Persia has a dozen or so cities.

    Spoiler V. New Policy Tree :

    I know what most people will say to me. How can I be foolish and not go for Imperialism? After all, the Japanese UA benefits from the ability to purchase Great Admirals. That is true but I feel like I'm in a pretty good state. I don't plan on winning the game by maximizing everything. If anything, I want to see how Industry can potentially help me win the game. I have the Great Lighthouse so I go an extra movement to my naval units. As for the other yields and such, I want to see how powerful Industry can help me.

    Spoiler VI. A Mistake :

    At the time, I wanted to annex Borsippa because I wanted a coastal city on this side of the continent to build a navy to deal with Persia dominance. However, I would eventually learn that the sea bordering Borsippa is cut off from rest of the map. This means that whatever ships I've built from this city would have to be disbanded later if I need the free up supply cap. That would be a big problem because I'm wasting production that may or may not pay for itself. Therefore, I had to assign this city to another task which's building diplomatic units when it got all of its core buildings.

    Spoiler VII. An Opening? :

    I have enjoyed a surprisingly good relationship with Assyria and the fact that Assyria declared war might give me an opening against Persia. I have no clue where the rest of Persian cities are located but I do know that his capital is within reach. I need to take one city before I have direct access to Persia. Luckily, the Persian capital isn't well defended with a lot of flat terrain so, once I break through the main obstacle, the Persian capital will fall.

    Spoiler VIII. The Foolish Lord :

    If Darius I thinks that he can challenge Japan, then he is truly a fool. I have unlocked Musketmen and Lancers which are an enormous improvement from what he can field. I wish I had more siege weapons but I do think that I have the melee units to really knock down the city health. I also have Cuirassiers to assist in eliminating any hostile forces in my way. I think Persia will learn a big lesson about how much he overestimate his ability to wage wars.

    Spoiler IX. Persian Capital Exposed :

    Pasargadae was still a difficult city to take due to the terrain. However, it can't survive the troops that I've dedicate just for this war. Learning from my past mistakes, I greatly bolstered my forces on both fronts. Persia is facing a Japan that's better geared for war and that should be an important lesson. I should be grateful that Assyria is also at war because I would otherwise be facing a huge army that seems to be replenished very easily. Comparing Deity and Immortal, I find Deity to be more of a grind with how many units I have to mow through.

    Spoiler X. Another Wonder :

    Since Red Fort is accessible through Fealty, I might as well build it. It's not amazing compared to what you get for Artistry and Statecraft but it's at least something. The extra bit of supply cap can help drastically later because (spoiler alert) I'll need the cap to deal with a runaway civ somewhere else. For now, I have this built and think about my plans. Do I want to also attack Assyria to keep expanding? If you look at the minimap in the screenshot before this one, you can see Persia controlling quite a bit of territory to my southwest. A wider front against Persia can help me a lot, especially when the Persian navy is dominate the closes sea.

    Well, that's it for our update! How far will we go in this war against Persia? :)
  17. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Chapter 9: A Rising Threat
    Spoiler I. Major Blow to Persia :

    Persepolis was certainly a lot easier to take given how much more room I can work with. At this point of the war, Persia has lost a lot of units to both me and Assyria so it was just a matter of weakening the city until I can take it. There were a few limitations since the Persian navy can still pose a problem as those Galleass can hurt quite a bit. Being patient, I eventually got the Persian capital but I highly doubt this will weaken Persia much. After all, Persia still has lots of cities and a couple of them were CS and a few Assyrian ones were thrown in there as well. I believe I slowed down Persia but they are far from being irrelevant in this war.

    Spoiler II. The Biggest Foe :

    While I'm making steady gains on my continent, we have the Zulus creating havoc on the other continent. Those are lots of conquests and I fear that none of those civs can stand a chance against the Zulus. If we keep moving forward, it's highly possible that me and Zulu will each control a continent and we'll have a major war to decide who will be victorious. Of course, I don't I want to wait that long as the Deity bonuses can be quite massive late game and I'd prefer to cut him down to size before that happens.

    Spoiler III. Brief Truce? :

    Pushing forward against Persia isn't going to be easy with the units I have. It certainly doesn't help that Assyria stole some territory from me which belonged to Persepolis. With sharing a border with Persia, it's harder for me to push steadily as I can't heal my units up as quickly with my Pantheon. There are also two more Persian cities southeast of Persepolis but I have to get through a single tile path to reach them and that will be costly as the Persian navy will rip my units to shreds.

    Spoiler IV. Slowing Down the Threat? :

    I keep hearing people saying that sanctions do slow down the AI. I feel like that isn't quite the case in higher difficulty on Marathon Speed because its impact seem minimal. Generally, the target I want to sanction is already steadily snowballing so the sanctions aren't as useful. I feel that Ban Luxury can accomplish a lot more since the Zulu is very likely going for something like Imperialism and one of his policies won't be useful if all of his luxuries are banned. Still, I guess anything can help at this point. After all, the Zulus can't get anymore Defensive Pacts once he's sanctioned.

    Spoiler V. Another Wonder :

    One big difference between Deity and Immortal Marathon is that you have a harder time snowballing and you won't get all the Wonders when you snowball. In my Immortal games, I would be in a stellar position at this point because I'll nab all the Wonders as the AI bonus won't make the AIs competitive for any of these Wonders. Deity AI are able to focus on techs I'm not researching and that gives them access to some of the Wonders. I won't be grabbing them all so a bit of beelining for the Wonders I want is definitely needed.

    Spoiler VI. Another Wonder :

    Summer Palace is certainly a nice Wonder as I'm working to ally myself with all the CS I'm neighboring. Korea is becoming a really big issue and it's quite annoying for sure. It seems like the AI has a few diplomatic units reaching my continent every five turns or so. I can't even build diplomatic units that quickly and there's a cooldown regarding purchasing those units. I have a couple of cities to rotate through when purchasing diplomatic units but I need gold for other things as well like investing in key buildings.

    Spoiler VII. Foreshadowing of a Major Conflict? :

    To defeat the Zulus, I will have to defeat their navy and I think the bulk of their naval units are seen in this screenshot. I still don't have much of a navy at the moment so it's definitely something I have to work on. The idea if start building the navy soon and use the gold I get from Industry to upgrade many of them and finish building the rest as Cruisers and Ironclads. Of course, how much Coal we have will determine how many Ironclads I'll field. I might have to invade Assyria if I don't have enough Coal.

    Spoiler VIII. Let's Finish This! :

    Babylon is literally a thorn in my side as he doesn't threaten me much but forces me to deploy troops to deal with his aggression. Babylon had a defensive pact at one point but that treaty expired and I used this opportunity to strike. Just as I bolstered my forces against Persia, I also bolstered my forces against Babylon as well. Unlike the previous war, I have a single Corvette to provide support. Luckily, Babylon has mostly Galleass and my Corvette will eat them as a snack.

    Spoiler IX. New Policies :

    I have been very sloppy with screenshots as I missed two policy ones. I felt that this is a no brainer where I go down the right side of the tree first. More production, gold, science and culture seem to be quite good for my empire. My core cities are doing quite well and I have a slight lead over my opponents. Korea is catching up in tech but I still hold a 2 tech lead over the second place tech leader. I'm leading a fair bit in policies so we'll see if I can use Ideology tenets to really help me snowball. At this point, I think happiness is the least of my problems.

    Spoiler X. Ending the Thorn :

    Babylon isn't wiped out but he'll be very much irrelevant at this point. The three cities I took from him are some of the bigger ones and I won't need as much units here. If anything, I need more naval units in the vicinity because I don't trust Shaka very much. The Zulus are expanding steadily over time and I aim to target the core Zulu cities. If Shaka loses a handful of those, I think he's going to be hurting a lot. After all, he won't be as dangerous once his navy is sunk and he has more puppets than owned cities.

    Well, that's it for our update! Will the Zulus leave us in peace so we can get ready for the inevitable bout? :)
  18. chicorbeef

    chicorbeef Warlord

    Dec 26, 2017
    How can you be foolish to not go for Imperialism? :p

    Anyway...nice job! The other continent is pretty big so I am wondering if you're going to try for full domination or Diplo. I can't help but feel like the war between you and Shaka is going to be next-level grindy, but Shaka often falls behind in techs (still, facing a million Fusiliers, even with Landships, is difficult).

    Korea is also a late game threat so I'm curious to see if he takes off. You have a DoF with him so do you think it's possible to coordinate a war? Persia isn't finished yet either, it seems.

    What is your city management like? What's your build order like? Are you building all Wonders in Capital or spreading them out? Are you building Constabularies/Gardens and assorted infrastructure, did you rush Unis/Chanceries after Dojos and whatnot? How's Apostolic Tradition treating you?
  19. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    I'm doing it in the name of foolishness of course. :p

    In my Denmark game, the Aztecs didn't give me an epic naval battle I wanted. At the very least, I want to see how a large scale naval battle look. However, you are right about the other continent being pretty big. Luckily, they are largely separated so, if I control the seas, I can liberate certain cities and weaken Shaka quite rapidly if I gain naval supremacy. To do that, I need a larger navy of course.

    As for coordinating war, Korea doesn't need my help to attack Shaka. The problems lies in that his military is too weak. I need to personally take on Shaka. Persia might have to wait because it's easier if I can eliminate Assyria. Assyria has been friendly and all but he's just unlucky to share a continent with me. Let's just say my land army need something to do while I prepare for war against Shaka. Honestly, I can be crazy enough to fight a land war on the west and a naval war in the east.

    Regarding my cities, the only one I manage is my capital. I'm too lazy to bother with the other cities unfortunately. So far, Wonders have been prioritized in three cities. My capital Kyoto gets the bulk of it. Osaka is my military city so it got the Heroic Epic and eventually the Brandenburg Gate. Tokyo has lots of production so certain Wonders like Summer Palace makes sense there. Most of my core cities are doing pretty well but, with all the infrastructure and Wonders, my military is behind. At this point, I think I have 50 or so supply cap available and I'm ranked 3rd in soldiers.

    I don't think I really bothered with many Constabularies since they are gold sinks and don't offer much. My capital is the only one to get it. Gardens are built in the cities with the guilds because I want those GP. Universities are definitely a priority as soon as I unlocked them before some buildings do come first. Barracks and Walls give decent yields themselves and Dojos are very solid too. I just see what I need and get them. It's hard to explain my build order since I don't always have one.

    As for Apostolic Tradition, I find it rather interesting. It has allowed my capital to become a Tradition capital. All that food has allowed me to work lots of Specialists slots in Kyoto and it's quite strong. Luckily, my other cities aren't too shabby either. In addition, the Golden Age Points you gained from converting is pretty good as well. With Golden Ages harder to get, I find myself not having too many problems. Of course, I do get lazy and go with Inquisitors sometimes instead. On slower speeds, I can definitely see this Founder Belief to be very strong indeed. It's a different focus from Elder of Councils but I do believe that they had different situations. If you benefit a lot from Golden Ages, this Founder on Marathon might just break the game for you.
  20. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2018
    Chapter 10: Finale
    Spoiler I. Summary :

    Sadly, the map was making so that the turns take forever to process, even when I go into strategic view. I think the fact that the map is so big and the Deity AIs having so many units proved too much for my potato laptop. Therefore, this will be the last chapter and we won't see the epic naval battle that I had hoped for. In the future, I'll play on smaller maps to ensure this won't happen against I also don't enjoy playing Deity on Marathon because the wars are really drawn out with the units the AI can field and it becomes a horrible grind. Immortal seems like a nice balance of powerful enemies with endless units standing between me and victory.

    Below are the screenshots of the Zulu territory. You can see that Shaka is encountering very little resistance in his conquests as he's more or less eliminated Carthage and Polynesia from the game. At this point, there's very little standing between him and the Celts and Korea. The only one that can stand up against him is me and there are a few issues involved here if I was able to keep playing.




    Spoiler III. Japan's State :

    I have grabbed quite a few Wonders and one of the noticeable ones is the Brandenburg Gate in Osaka. Currently, that city will be quite powerful in navy production as my capital will be busy with more Wonders like Eiffel Tower. I still have 43 supply left so that's quite a bit to work with. I intended to use all of that for my navy since I need naval supremacy if I want to hit the Zulus extremely hard. I intend to liberate a few Carthaginian and Polynesian cities so I don't have too much land to defend. As my supply increases, I will invest the rest to land units and those units will eventually be sent to the other continent with the help of the level 3 tenet of Autocracy assuming it takes that long.


    Spoiler IV. The Zulu's State :

    The Zulu has more cities overall but he's 3 policies behind and only 1 tech behind. Fighting him will be difficult but I'm confident I can get Cruisers before him. The problems lies in the fact that my navy is being built right this moment and it's a slow process indeed. Chances are the naval battles will be fierce and I'll lose units. At this point, I think I can handle losses as long as I produce enough units before declaring war. I doubt Shaka has any intentions to attack me when he has so many juicy and easier targets to prey upon.

    Spoiler V. Western Front :

    I was planning on making a push on my western front while my navy is being built. Capturing cities and killing units will help me stay ahead of the Zulu and I don't mind getting a monopoly on Copper. I'm lacking one more and Assur happens to have one copy. That does suck for Assyria but we must do what we can to deal with the warmonger known as the Zulu. I question if I have enough units here to defeat Assyria soundly but I have a feeling the AI will make some dumb mistakes and I'll capitalize on them. After Assyria, Persia will be next and I look forward to liberating 3 CS from Persian occupation.

    Spoiler VI. WC :

    Other than Korea, I have a fairly dominant position in the WC. The Zulu is already sanctioned and it will only get worse when Citrus and Furs, both monopolies of the Zulus, get banned. I have no doubt those two proposals will pass. With a fairly dominant command over WC, I think I have lots of options going forward. Weakening the Zulus is probably the biggest priority as I don't mind get some edge in fighting him. At this point, we will likely only see two dominant powers in the world and sadly we won't see that in this photojournal or the epic showdown to see who will dominate.

    Spoiler Needing Feedback :

    I was wondering if people are still interested in reading my photojournals. If interest is really waning, I might just stop altogether. Writing photojournals take a lot of time since there's not only the playing aspect but also the writing aspect. Feel free to give me feedback as to if people are still interested or not. Thank you!

    Well, that's it for our update! Thank you everyone for reading! It does suck that I have to abandon another one but I got to see the strengths of Japan. I don't feel like Japan is drastically weaker on slower speeds and, if anything, they can be very powerful with their UU and well timed wars. Even their UA can be well utilised with the numbers of Great Generals and Admirals you can get with all the wars you'd no doubt be pursuing. I enjoyed this a lot and, depending on the feedback, I'll see if I'll move forward to any other civs that I haven't played. I know it seems crazy but I still have a couple civs I haven't played yet. Thank you once again for reading!

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