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Deity level sucks

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by kryszcztov, May 29, 2003.

  1. BillChin

    BillChin Prince

    Jan 7, 2002
    Yes, you can use diplomacy as much as you want. The AI doesn't get tired like in other games, and it has no effect on the bargaining (this I like). For novices, checking every AI every turn is a good idea. Experienced players can get a feel for when they need to check. Stay in Despotism, if you have zero or one luxuries and Monarchy is not available. Like I said, I suggest three or more luxuries for Republic.

    As for attacking, I attribute this to poor planning on the part of the player. A successful war is usually planned for early in the game, as soon as a player sees if he/she has iron and/or horses. One strategy is to settle on top of an iron hill and leave that city unconnected from the rest of the empire. Build or rush a barracks there and send warriors to the iron city to upgrade. This shortens the time and allows the rest of the empire to continue to pump warriors for upgrading. Research at 0 or 1 gpt to save gold for upgrades, even at war time. If your capital was cranking one Hoplite per turn during the Golden Age, it could have been making one warrior per turn pretty early in the game. With good starting terrain, an offensive by 1200 BC with a decent stack of swordsmen is doable. A few regular swordsmen are okay, but veterans are preferrable.

    A side consideration is ICS, building cities very close together, as close as one or two tiles apart. This makes for higher early production and research and easier defense both against barbs and enemies. Resources can be a problem because territory claimed is smaller. For this one way to go is the first three or five cities very close to the capital and then look to claim vital resources (horses, iron, luxuries).
    + Bill
  2. kryszcztov

    kryszcztov Deity

    Mar 1, 2003
    Because I'm actually beating every AI in my current game !!! :mwaha: I'm in the middle of the Industrial Age and everyone gives me tons of gold ! I'm gonna blow them away. So I expect my first Deity win soon. I'll have to get another one before getting into GOTM 20.

    @ shadow2k : Thank you, but I've already been through cracker's site, though I have to read it again, especially the Russian start. ;) And I'm already playing SG games (and see my sig ?). What I need now is : play more on my own, be confident, join more SG games, read a lot more SG and highlight games (like SirPleb's GOTM 18)... Funnily, it's cracker's site who really made me think that Civ3 is a bit of a chess program. :goodjob:

    @ BillChin : Yep, I've never been able to do a massive warrior upgrade, because of : lack of money, lack of warriors, lack of iron, or (on the opposite) iron already connected everywhere ! Better think about that !
  3. KingEd

    KingEd Chieftain

    May 12, 2003
    In my experience, the gameplay can be characteized by the following:

    On Monarch level and lower you can choose to FULLY IGNORE AI :) and anything it is doing. You can do your own research and keep up. If they come demanding things, just refuse everytime. War is worse for them anyway... You can totally ignore your reputation all along. You will win anyway.

    On Emperor level you need to be smart :king:, get the best deals you can, buy a lot of techs. Choose your rivals and allies carefully. Eventually, you will get the upper hand and beat the AI. I usually dominate by the time tanks arive to the scene, then I go for the fastest available win.

    Up to Emperor level game can be played using the "AI game rules". By this I mean:

    1) Fully automated workers, doing what they would for the AI. (By the way, don't you hate when they hide and party in the city during the war? This is about the only time I take charge of them...)

    2) Governors functional in the cities so that I do not have to deal with revolts. (Here I absolutely dislike the interface, yes there was a city in revolt but where??? I have 100 cities around the map!)

    Deity level, on the other hand, is all about the art of MICROMANAGEMENT :crazyeye::

    1) You have to take care of every city and every turn to optimize growth rate, shields overproduction and hapiness. The resourses sharing comes into the play for the first time. If one city on the current turn does not use that mine, cattle tile or whatever, check if some other city can use it.

    2) Every turn you need to check with the AI, to see if they came up with something new that could be traded and reselled. Early contacts are of the utmost importance. AI knows it, it will give anything for it and only sell it very expensively.

    3) Give optimal orders to the majority of your workers, build road network fast, beaming the the direction of the expansion.

    Unless you are willing to do this extensive micromanagement, you will be VERY frustrated at deity level.

    Another thing I noticed on deity level: It can be DESTABILIZED very quickly. AI race for new technologies gives them the know-how, but their military might is just relative. If you check around, till the "nationalism" is dicovered AI keeps majority of cities defended by spearmen. They could upgrade as they have the technology, however, they do not and prefer to sacrifice everything for technology advances and have no cash whatsoever. I do not know if other people have the same experience, but it looks to me AI is running on deficit all the time in the old age, sacking barbarian villages and human for gold, maybe even using production bonuses and disbanding buildings to get the cash. Poor state of their armies can lead to following: If you do go to the war and get the ally(ies) (I have found that to be very difficult on deity, they just do not want to fight!) your ally if only slightly behind in technology WILL get wiped out, because instead of upgrading an army they even more focus on technology race. Why? Beats me! That means somebody else in the game will get much stronger! If you do not get an ally, they will sign treaties agains you and game is over. In my several early deity games AI rocketed their technology to "Nationalism", upgraded and came slaughtering my spearmen/pikemen with hordes of riflemen, leaving their cities defended by the drafties. Cash flow problems of the AI and their huge armies of crappy units gives human player big advantage while taking initiative in the war. Prepare for short offensive, attack take two cities, defend for a while and sign peace for 20 turns. In the meantime do the same to another neighbour. After 2 to 3 cycles of this your empire will be large enough to survive any war, although not necessarilly in the winning possition.

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