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Deity Tiny Terra Tundra Low Food Start Turn 126 victory - Basil


Oct 3, 2006
I was on a mission to win with every leader in CIV 6 as fast as I can, no re-roll on starting locations. Just want to share this game with everyone. Basi - Tiny Terra (4 players), stardard game mode with just Barb clan and Industry/Corporation mode. Rolled a tundra start with very low food. I won on turn 126. Below is a screen shot of turn 6 when I just discovered a natural wonder (hint hint). Sorry I overwrote the turn 1 auto save. But I will post turn 6 save. Everyone is welcome to discuss how you would play this start. I can post later saves and victory screens later if anyone interested, but for now I will not spoil anything.



  • BASIL II 6 3800 BC.Civ6Save
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From what is shown, probably send the scout to see if the natural wonder will be contested by any other civilization, start a settler in 3 turns, and depending on what my scout finds, follow up with a few units as garrison. If no one is close, build settlers and military as needed and take advantage of the early science from the wonder to delay a campus and expand a bit wider instead. Perhaps look for some food rich area for rapid growth to loyalty claim more land.
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