Deity (vs)Shaka Game III!

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Oct 15, 2004
Italy, Roman Empire Province
added the (vs) on title to specify I'm NOT playing with Shaka :)

As promised

Deity Shaka Game III!

Big, bald, he is back, stronger than ever! Amongst 31 civilization, he is the one with most power: 4 starting techs, all traits available, starting UU as powerful as a Medieval Infantry and free of charge, and more aggressive, more blood thirsty than ever!

Will he accomplish in his quest of vengeance against my Roman armies?
Or will he succumb again to the mighty Roman armies?

Will I succed to stop this monster before he makes easy job of the other weaker civilization?
Or will he become so powerful I will have to surrender to him?

Will I start next to him so that I gotta scream everytime I see an Impi, hoping for pity and mercy?
Or will we start to the poles apart, waiting for the last fight between
ME, clever human with a weaker civilization and
SHAKA, stupid but VERY fat n' dangerous AI with a bit of sarcastic humour?


Enough of the introduction. Let's go to the game.

Huge. Raging Barbarians. 80% Ocean Archipælago, Warm, wet, 5 billions.
Deity, against 31 civilizations. Rome.
Allow Conquest victory and Civ-Specified Abilities.

- 45 Max turns Research, 6 Min turns research, but Tech Rate is at 200 (slightly more than Tiny), in order to give a chance to small nations.
- Swordsman and Keshih basic Barbarian troops.
- Forest Value in Shields: 20
- Citizen Value in Shields: 50
- All treats: Commercial, Military etc.
- IMPI stats: 2 attack (sigh), 2 defense, 4 movement (sigh), no maintenance cost (and another little surprise ;) )
- A secret new Zulu unit - available with Steam Power
- Favourite Government: Communism; Shunned Government: Republic (in order to move Shaka to get a warmongering government)
- 4 Free Starting Techs! Pottery, Warrior Code, Masonry, Bronze Working.

Rome, Egypt, Greece, Russia and Zululand get a new UU.

Rome: Praetorian Guards. Takes away Medieval Infantry. Stats: 5 defense, 4 attack, 1 movement, +1 HP bonus. Requires Iron. Available with Feudalism.
Egypt: Arabic Knight. Kills Knight. Stats: 7 Attack, 4 defense, 2 movement, -1 HP bonus. Requires Iron and Horses. Available with Chivalry.
Greece: Macedonian Phalanx. Pushes away Swordsman. Stats: 4 attack, 6 defense, 1 movement. Requires Iron. Available with Iron Working.
Russia: Red Army. Substitutes Infantry. Stats: 10 attack, 8 defense, 1 movement. Requires Rubber. Available with Replaceable Parts.
All nations: Anarchist. They carry no nationality identity. Stats: 8 attack, 4 defense, 2 movement. Available with Nationalism.
Zululand: Secret Unit. Just telling it needs Steam Power!

and now *drumrolls*... the starting position!

About the "Will I..." part, bets are open!
Yes, you bloody well will, DvD! From a turn-log perspective, you're right up there with BasketCase, so keep on going! Wooh!

What's not to love?
I'm definitely following this one!
Oh. My. God. You're out of your tree, my wild Roman friend. I can't wait to see how this is going, and I'm already interested to see what the *surprise* with the Impi is and what UU the Zulu have with Steam Power...definitely following. *subscribes*
Thank you all for the encouragements!
Here is my first update:

Looking to the screenie I posted before, I can say that's identical to Rome real position. The Tiber river, the coast, the forests. I'd move a bit, but for this consideration I decide to immediately found my city. Rome is built.
In 500 years I build 2 warriors and max tech to Pottery.

Then, my western warrior scouts a nice city position. Good, I'll found my next city West. While my brave eastern warrior just owned a Barbarian Swordsman, wow! The first Roman victory.

I go further and attack the Barbarian camp. It succeds!

Ohh I meet someone: Shaka? Carthaginians! They have Bronze Working and Masonry, but they would give me just 10 gold for my Pottery. Hey it's cool making copper vases. Bah. Artless people.

2900, and I meet Alexander. My Greek friends give me Bronze Working for Pottery, which is VERY good. I can build spearmen to stop barbarian swordsmen for now and... tanks in the future.

@Rik Meleet: Forgot to say: Corruption is set to 35%, you know, with all these islands...
Nice start.

"And here we have a Roman warrior, closing on the barbarian camp. He YES! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! The barbarian is DOWN!"
Picture that in sportscaster talk.
DvD-IT - Your games were some of the first things I read when I found CivFanatics, and were a large part of why I picked Civ back up again... I look forward to another brilliant victory! (Heheee... No pressure, huh? :) )

WHACK dat mean ol' Shaka! :)
Sorry I'm late for catching this one. Ironically today is my Birthday, what a present! This looks like a big toughie with all these UUs. Steam Power.... A Steam Powered Tank!
Well congrats.....:) and nice story so far
@ Fallblau: Glad of it! No, it is SHAKA to be under pressure... you know, if he loses with all those powers he has...
@ andis: Eh, who knows...
@ MrMahk: Eh, who knows...
@ Icmancin: Eh, who knows... :) No, the technology isn't related to the unit type. I just wanted to make it appear in the early Industrial age.

As you could easily guess... Update soon.
...and here we are.

The victorious Warrior returned in his homeland with parties celebrated on the only streets of the nation. Mainly because people needed some military police to keep them from rioting.
The other Warrior, instead, went west and west, in the quest for exploration...

1500 BC. Half and a thousand years. Since 3000. The Roman lands decided for a quick, non-military expansion, in order to beat his adversaries on time... and space. Then it would have bothered about military and, if the case really needed, bribed the enemies if they were getting too cocky near MY boundaries.
My cash and my military suffered a lot, but it was worth it. 6 cities, 3 tiles of distance between eachother for rapid military emergency (the little military I have it is wise to use them... wisely and efficiently), Temples and Granaries quite everywhere. And, although Carthaginian troops were inside my boundaries, it was clear they have no bad intents.

But...! Where's the warring military loving DvD I once knew? This landsize-improvements-pacifist megalomaniac is getting worse than Capt Buttkick's Brennus!
Calm down, don't worry.
I first MUST halt enemy expansion. No military, no early wars. This ain't 30x30 with 31 civilizations where you won't build a settler for the rest of your game. This is still crowded but not exaggerately. NOW space got engulfed by those barbarian civilizations, and NOW it is time to clean some space.

First I need to get an idea of my land.

I lower both Luxury and Science sliders a bit, and I get a good amount of money. I buy a world map, and trade many techs with Alex and Hannibal (cant find a suitable nick for him :/). Then with a Galley I meet Gandhi, ruling a jungle filled island. I'm researching Literature. I'll most probably build the Great Library. I'm building up my military (thanks IRON!). I'm about to smash, again, my insignificant foes who hamper my path of glory. Well, it's all going fine.

Fine, I find a chilling news...
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