Feb 7, 2005
A varientless deity game. Will be tough, but with this start I'm a solid favorite to win. Strategy going in is to expand like mad at first while keeping up in tech. If I'm not satisfied with my territory (something that happens 9 out of 10 times) I wage some quick, to - the - point wars to grab some productive land. Ansars are nice, but I don't plan on doing any major conquering with them. I will become republic ASAP, and keep up in tech via 2fering/3fering/etc. Then when I get RP, huge arty stack. Then motorized transport, huge tank stack, then the world is mine. It is often said that if you are somewhat in the game when artillery and tanks roll around, the game is over. My job until then is basically to keep myself somewhat in the game by keeping up in tech and aquiring a decent amount of land. A good formula for deity, but solid MM is a must.

No talkie, only pictures :).

World Size: Standard
World Form: Pangaea
Water: 60%
Wet, warm, 5 billion, sedentary barbs.
Civ: Arabs
Opponents: Max random
AI aggression: least
Difficulty: Deity

To be continued
2fers. A 2fer is buying a tech from one civ and then selling it to another for another tech. It's 2 techs for the price of one. In the Ancient age with a more criss crossy tech tree, it opens up more trading opportunites, and sixfers and sevenfers become available. Middle ages is just a bottom and a top tech path, so 3 <fers are rare.If I can grab enough land and become a republic quickly, I'll be able to support an economy strong enough to do it.

Middle Ages by 1275BC. The AI starts to get ahead in the middle ages, as MA techs will be too expensive to buy, so I'll need to become a republic soon. I hope a civ that I'm up currency on will get it before they get currency. Once I get to Chivalry, I'll build up a few Ansars and raze those three Aztec towns and resettle them. Even with artillery and tanks, I'd be in no position to take on the world later, I'll need some more territory.
Wow this style of story is very interesting. :)

And I can't wait to see how it turns out.

BTW the Iroquois seem to be huge! :eek:
Well, I was just about to ditch my plans of stealing some land from the Aztecs, because watching all their pikes and knights jogging near our border was quite scary. But then the Incans kindly declared war on them :D .

Between updates, I got 2 2fers (Theo and Chiv; Education and Invention) and a 3fer (banking, astronomy, gunpowder). I'm at tech parity. Now I'm interested in Aztec land again. I might even strive to conquer them whole, as their capital will get 20k before 2050 assuming they don't build anything else. So I do this.

Huh? Why Japan? Well, they're on the opposite side of the Aztecs, so I simply ally with the Aztecs against them, build up for 20 turns, let them get gassed, then overrun them.

Problem, aztecs have both the great wall and muskets. I'd need trebs for that, which would be a pain, and make Ansars worse than regular knights. But, they just started building them, and check out this:

So I stop their musket being built, 20 turns is enough for the Incans and Japs to kill off their remaining muskets (they just discovered gunpowder so they can't have that many). I can strike all four towns in one turn.

Next update: :hammer:
Great strategy with the Japs, wouldn't have thought of that. But have you considered the possibility that they will finish Japan and get much stronger? :)

Glad that there's interest :) .

Optical illusion, the Incans are purple as well. I really don't understand why, there isn't another hot pink civ :rolleyes: .

Ah I see, I saw the cities are strangely placed for 1 single civ but didn't think the Incans are purple as well. :) (stupid AI assigning colors!)

Looking forward to the war! :D
Great strategy with the Japs, wouldn't have thought of that. But have you considered the possibility that they will finish Japan and get much stronger?

There's always that risk, but it's worth taking. More often than not they'll just throw their units at eachother all spread out and crazy. The AI really sucks at warfare, one has to be signifigantly stronger than the other to conquer them.

Looking forward to the war!

:( I was too. Sadly, I see no opportunity. The Aztecs are just too strong. With the Great Wall, and muskets in all bordering cities, I'd need trebs. But I'd also need more ansars and lots of muskets. But that requires a bigger, more productive empire, which I sadly don't have, and most cities are producing badly needed infra anyway. Also, to make ansars useful, I'd have to attack on turn one, not allowing them to reinforce those cities, but with muskets and walls that's foolish. Maybe if they didn't have muskets or didn't have the great wall I could pull it off, but I don't see it getting me anywhere. What's good about this game is that no AI is running away. The AIs in this game are unusually balanced, which means my current empire, small as it may be, could take on the world when tanks roll around. We'll just have to see, but until tanks this is a builders/ diplomats game. I'll need a lot of troops to attack my opponents, ansars and cav are too expensive, so I'd need factories, but when those come I might as well wait for tanks as I'll be facing infantry anyway.

Good news right now, got a GA from some Japanese cannon fodder than wandered near my borders, and keeping up in tech is still a breeze.
Wow, this game is going very well. I've played it all day, and have gone very far, and forgotten/ got too lazy to post pictures of my progress. Here's a short summary in bullet form:

  • Tech parity: I kept up with the AIs and now I have a lead :) !
  • Democracy: With few workers, rails, and precious pop I couldn't afford to use on workers, I decided to quickly revolt to demo. Revolt to republic, demo, and my eventualy revolt to commie only equals 6 turns of anarchy, so it's all good.
  • Big Scare: A failed steal prompted a war with the Americans, which confused me because they were only annoyed. Also no war happiness, you don't get the -30 WW if the war is provoked by a failed espionage mission. The American took two cities that I had to recapture, but the stupid fascists slaughtered a good portion of the population of each after capture :mad: . Then I got the worst RNG luck I've ever had (no, this isn't some common exaggeration, I can't remember ever having enemy cavs on defense consistently take down a cav or two with them on defense on flatland). WW was heavy, so I had to sign and alliance with the Maya to avoid getting killed and to get easier peace, but I knew I'd have to break it, 30% lux tax isn't acceptable for 20 turns. It ruined both trade and alliance rep, but I'm still well in the game. Eventually the Americans were getting owned by the Mayans, so I sent 11 cav or so to raze a city, getting me 600g :) . Anyway, I got peace and 350g for it.
Now for some pictures-

After this, the game isn't in the bag yet, but I see it eyeing the bag with a desire to crawl in it.

Some trades-

Also get RP from the Incans for steel. I ponder trading electronics to the Aztecs for 11000g. That would put me in great stealing position, as I'd have 17k in the bank. But I'd rather not risk war, and I could get combustion for it. But I'll be checking it every turn, and if it's value starts to drop (meaning they're researching it and not combustion), I'll take the gold imediatly.

The real fun and entertainment will come when I get tanks, this has just been the introduction, I expect the war part to last much longer and have many more pictures.

Aztecs research combustion. I get combustion and 1200g for electronics (I've stopped haggling to the last gold piece, I'm getting carpal tunnel here).

Btw, it's worth mentioning that I have iron, horses, saltpeter, coal, oil, and rubber all local! I guess taking a start despite having marshes, jungles, and lots of mountains has it's merits.
(stupid AI assigning colors!)
Purple Incans and red Germans:shake:

I like the story by the way.
Wow, you're progressing really fast. Nice story - might help me keep up with the AI if I ever try Demigod or tire of trying my traditional Regent-level strategy on Emperor.

Definetely looking forward to the war, it's always fun to see Deity wars played by skilled players. Good luck with those.
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