Delayed "war on friend" diplo modifiers??

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    Feb 3, 2008
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    Diplomacy in BtS seems a bit strange...

    I am playing BtS, Noble, Large, Epic as Ghandi...

    I meet Justinian who is temptingly close for a warrior rush... I check the diplomacy screen and everyone is Cautious towards him at the moment... so, I crushed (sic) him under the weight of 3 warriors in 2750 B.C.

    After killing him, I look again at all the diplo modifiers for all the leaders I've met... I'm happy because nobody considered him a friend and gave me demerits... I move on, blissfully thinking I got away with murder.

    Roll forward to 0A.D...

    Now both Boudica (his former neighbor) and Huayna gave me a -1 for it... in fact, this (and close borders) were the sole reasons Boudica used to declare on me.

    I've seen this delayed "Declared war on my friend" modifier before... is this a bug, or am I unreasonable when I think that the AI should not manufacture friendships 2000 years after the fact?

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