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Demand option in diplomacy screen

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Glassmage, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. mr.ioes

    mr.ioes Chieftain

    Mar 24, 2012
  2. pntran84

    pntran84 Chieftain

    Jul 20, 2013
    Slightly off demand, the developer of the game would rather a hard and fast rule:

    AI civ can keep x gpt and have unhappy empire rather do fair trade with you for luxury. By the time you hit ideology and they are getting civil unrest, the fact that they dislike/hate you for whatever the reason, such modifier prevents them from reasoning to go into fair trade and that could restore happiness, order and growth for their empire.

    Most time, and in the ideology phase where I have abundant happiness, I just let the AI civ be stubborn about unfair trade and they could be unhappy for all I care. Don't grow, and be unproductive. I'll just feed shaka/monty/whoever to start a war on you using the spare luxury that you could otherwise have. :D

    On another uneven AI diplomacy, we can't ask them about their army at our door step. Furthermore, the AI would risk asking that question despite they having an inferior army to defend themselves should they engage in war with you and lost another city. Yes, indeed that may generate warmonger with other civs, but if you intend to build an army and take a city, it should have been acceptable penalty to be accepted. The only plus side for the AI civ is that they get one turn head start.
  3. EK834

    EK834 Chieftain

    Aug 26, 2013
    You don't use "demand" for this with your friends, it's for bullying. You ask gold, gpt or a luxury (only if you had gifted one to them too) and leave your side blank, and you propose. That's how you do a proper request for help to friends.

    When the AI requested help and you agreed, it tells you it will try to return the favor one day. That's not empty talk, it eventually does if you stay very friendly, if you're strong enough and do it often enough (renew the help, that is). That's the only situation in which I managed to get freebies from friendly AI: agree to their own demands a few times first, then ask fora little something too (eg: in my current game I give Hiawatha 4 gpt as help like forever, and he eventually agreed to give me 1 gpt in help. Previously he had refused the straight request, but he proposed 1 gpt (90 turns) for 30 gold.

    You gain much more from their generosity in fair deals, though. It's not really worth it to make requests from friends in my experience. You give the help for the modifier it gives you with them, mostly.
  4. AIcivs

    AIcivs Chieftain

    Jun 3, 2014
    Of course you will get diplomatic penalties when you demand things from other civs, in a similar manner as to demanding tributes from city states.

    In order to successfully demand something from them, they have to be 'afraid' of you, again, the same status needed to demand tribute from city-states. The 'afraid' status is achieved if you have a stronger military presence than theirs (both civs and city-states).

    Please note that non-warmongers and civs that do not build large armies can achieve 'afraid' relations more easily than civs that aim for domination.

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