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Demogame FAQ

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy VII' started by Chieftess, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Information about DG7 goes here...
  2. peter grimes

    peter grimes ...

    Jul 18, 2005
    Queens, New York
    This is the FAQ thread for Game of Democracy VII.

    What is a demogame? - Simply put, a demogame is a game where a group of people discuss and poll the actions of the game. The Designated Player (typically the President) plays about 10 turns, carrying out the actions posted in the TCIT (Turnchat Instruction Thread).

    What version of Civ3 is going to be used? - We are using Civ3 Conquests v1.22. This means that if you have an earlier version of Civ3 Conquests, it won't work. This is for multiple reasons (including PBEM, corruption model, etc.). There may or may not be an additional patch. This only means you can't play or view the saves, which doesn't matter too much. There are loads of screenshots and game action reports from which you can make informed decisions about the direction of the game.

    What is a 5BC game? - It is a variant on the regular epic game. 5BC is an abbreviation for 5 built city challenge. It means you can only control 5 built cities the entire game. We have also agreed that we will be allowed to capture 1 city from each rival civ during the game. This means we will have a max of 12 cities at any time: 5 built and 7 captured. You can find details on how this affects strategy in the 5BC discussion thread

    What is the history of the Demogame? - The Demogame was started by TheDuckOfFlanders in a thread in the Off Topic forum back in 2001. There have been 6 previous demogames. Most of the origanal players have since left, but you can still view the old demogames in the archives.

    What is a turnchat and TCIT? - A turnchat is where citizens can observe the president playing the game. A TCIT is where elected officials post their instructions. Citizens posting instructions are not valid.

    How do I register? - You can register in the Registry thread. You must register before you can vote in polls, or run for office. But once you register in the Registry you are a Citizen, with the full rights and privileges associated. You can post an opinion in a thread, and everyone will read it and take it in consideration when making game decisions.

    How can I participate? - There are several levels of participation, and it is completly up to you how involved you become. On the most active level, you will run for an Elected Office. At this level, you will most likely check in every day. You will manage thread discussions concerning the issues of your office. Down from that, you might ask to be appointed to a Deputy Position. Here you are a Close Confidant to the Elected Official, empowered to enact decisions. But even if you don't want to hold any formal responsibility you are still a Citizen, and so you can wield considerable influence and yet remain separate from the seats of Power. Start up a Citizens Group. That is the Power every Citizen holds. To keep it all sensible and effective Political Parties are not allowed.

    How do I get elected? - At the end of every month, there are nominations for positions in the demogame. You can nominate yourself, or have someone nominate you. You accept by posting "Accept" in the nomination thread. Be sure to read the constitution on nominations, and job descriptions for all of the elected positions.

    Great, I got elected! Now what do I do? - You start by posting a thread in the government forum for the position you were elected for. You also link to the previous term thread in your first post. When the term ends, link to the next thread when it becomes available.

    What are Citizen's Groups? - These are groups that help push for a certain goal in the demogame. These are not political groups . In fact, political groups are banned from the demogame. What you could do is make a group that says, "Our goal is to collect all the horses on our continent", or "Our goal is to control the east side of the continent". You can not, however, tell people who to vote for, etc.

    Where can I find the latest save? - Gamesaves are held in the turnchat threads. These threads are stickied in the main Demogame forum.

    Where can I find a summary of previous saves? I don't want to read every turnchat log! - You can find summaries in the Turnchat Summary Thread, and screenshots in the Screenshots Thread. Even if you don't have Civ3 Conquests, you can still gather information from here. You can even participate if you play on a Mac!

    I came too late to be nominated. How can I still participate in the government? - Aside from citizen groups, you can be the governor of a city. City threads are in the government sub-forum, and you can post a link to your city in the City Index Thread. There is also a Designated Player Pool. These people execute the decisions made by the Government in the game. These people press the buttons and move the mouse in-game.

    I see a lot of polls are closed. Why is that? - Most polls have an end date, typically 2-3 days. This is because these polls are used for instructions in the turnchats.

    Is there a Demogame Website? - Yes, here .
  3. Icmancin

    Icmancin WSNR Pte

    Feb 26, 2005
    The True North
    Very good grimey just one thing: There have been 6 previous Demo Games not 5.
  4. peter grimes

    peter grimes ...

    Jul 18, 2005
    Queens, New York
    @icmancin - thanks. edit done.
    @greek guy - 5BC description addred, with link
    @greek guy - I expanded on participation, haven't touched Constitution yet...
  5. greekguy

    greekguy Missed the Boat

    Jun 15, 2004
    New Jersey, USA
    Here's a quick FAQ about the different forums that encompass the DemoGame.

    Citizens Forum
    This is the forum where all the discussions take place. (For this Forum to work, we need YOU, the citizen to post here. So don't be afraid to speak your mind!!) Here government officials start threads pertaining to there office. Citizens then discuss and try to make a decision about what to do about the issue. If no consensus is reached in the discussion, the issue will move on to the Polls Forum. (I'll get to that later) Any citizen may start a thread over any topic they think is important. Citizens can also start threads over discussion, Roleplay, and Citizen Groups.

    Government Forum
    This is the forum for the Government Officials. Here they post their Office's official thread. This thread will keep all citizens informed about anything related to their office during the game. Also citizens can post in these threads with comments, questions, and requests. So don't be afraid to ask an Official about something on your mind!! Also in this forum, seperately appointed and private offices will be posted. These would be the Election and Information Office. For more information on the Election and Information Office click on the below spoilers:

    Spoiler Election Office :
    The Election Office will handle all Election related matters. Election procedures will be posted their and the person who runs the office will post nominations and elections when they need to. If you have a question about the Elections process, this is the place to ask.

    Spoiler Information Office :
    The Information Office will be run by me. Any one who wants to help out can, so if you want to, go ahead and ask to join!! The purpose of the Information Office is to keep the Assembly (Citizens) informed about all Game related Information. Some stuff here will be related to the actual game, while other stuff might have to do with Judicial matters. The Office will be made of several threads and will aim to keep everyone informed about the game!!

    Polls Forum
    This forum is for, you guessed it, polls. Here citizens and officials can post polls related to the game. Polls posted by Government Members are official, while most polls posted by Citizens are not. Usually the Government posts polls, where the final results dictate what happens in-game. While Citizen polls are (mostly) surveys or informal, not designed to make a final decision. Everything the Designated Player does in-game is a result of these polls. So vote, it really does count!!

    is there anything i left out or should take out. any and all comments are welcome. i really hope this helps. :)
  6. Strider

    Strider In Retrospect

    Jan 7, 2002
    Okay, I only have one complaint ;). It's WAY to long. Yes, we want to inform people about the differant aspects of the demogame, but we don't want to have them sitting here reading for an hour.

    I bolded and numbered (using brackets []) several sentences. Here's what I think you should do with them:

    1) Changes these setences to: "Any citizen may start a thread over any topic they think is important."

    2) & 3) Change both of these to "Citizens can start threads over discussion, Roleplay, and Citizen Groups (I have a feeling I left something out of that list). No offense, but this doesn't really do Roleplay and Citizen Groups justice. It'll be much better to explain RP and Citizen Groups elsewhere, and then make the above text into links. That way if someone is interested in knowing what the are, then it's there.

    4) Basically the same as above. Explain the Election and Information office elsewhere and just link that to this thread.

    5) Okay, this just needs an edit badly. "Everyone the DP does in-game is a result of these polls" sounds perverted ;). I'm guessing you meant Everything? :lol:
  7. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    We should move the discussion / editing information to a citizen's forum thread and leave this one just for the actual FAQ, with a link to the discussion. Until that gets done here is a tip regarding making it easy to use.

    The most important information needs to fit on a browser screen without scrolling. One really good way to do that is to put the most basic information possible along with links. A good way is to use the section anchor tags which were added when the forum was upgraded earlier this year. The Civ4 info thread is organized that way and it works really well.

    I'll pop over to "needed things" and ask that the discussion parts get get moved to the citizen's forum for continuing discussion.
  8. greekguy

    greekguy Missed the Boat

    Jun 15, 2004
    New Jersey, USA
    thanks for the suggestions Strider, i took most of them into account. :)

    ...and yes, i did mean to type "everything" :mischief:
  9. greekguy

    greekguy Missed the Boat

    Jun 15, 2004
    New Jersey, USA
    seeing as no one has made an effort in the past few days to do anything FAQ related, i'm going to write another here, so here goes:

    Government Positions FAQ

    Executive Branch
    The Executive Branch is made up of the following government positions. They all can appoint Deputies and their "official" names can change on a term to term basis.

    The President is the spirtual and emotional leader of our nation. They control all Domestic issues including slider issues, budget managment, workers, and resolving disputes between other leaders. They also are in charge of the use of Great Leaders, Wonders, and keeping track of our's and rival's culture statuses.

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs handles anything dealing with Foreign nations including Rights of Passages, Millitary Alliances, Mutual Protection Pacts, and long term policys dealing with rival nations. They also head discussion for use of spies and the building of embassies. They also try their best to gather the most intelligence they can on rival civs.

    The Minister of Defense is the General in charge of our army. They control all units and organize battle plans in times of war. They can make reccomendations to build fortifications, outposts, etc. for use by the army. They are responsible for keeping the soveringty of Fanatikos protected during times of peace and war.

    The Minister of Trade and Technology is in charge of the Trade and Tech. departments. They organize all trades involving resources and technologies with foreign civs. They also keep track of our enemie's quanity of tech. advancements and resources. They also coordinate actions to build space shuttle parts.

    Legislative Branch
    The Legislative Branch consists of the Citizen Assembly and the Senate of Governors. The Governors are elected positions, while the Assembly is not.

    The Citizen Assembly consists of every single citizen of Fanatikos. By registering for this game, you become a member of the Assembly. The Will of the Assembly can override and elected officials decision if enough people disagree with a particular decision. Citizens can also recall an official from office, if they think they are doing a bad job.

    The Senate of Governors consists of the 6 governors of Fanatikos. 5 of them are charged with the care with a built city, while the 6th governers all captured rival cities. All governors are responsible for the care and management of their city. They control build queues, tile allocation, specialists appointment/removal, and anyting else dealing with their city. The Expatriate Governor (6th governor) makes sure their cities are controlled and do not revolt or resist our rule. The Senate also has the power to declare war and mobilize our nation.
    what do you guys think? anything to add, take away, etc. @ravensfire: does this fit in with what you thought when you wrote your constitution.
  10. greekguy

    greekguy Missed the Boat

    Jun 15, 2004
    New Jersey, USA
    Here's another FAQ about Civ 3 Conquests for anyone who doesn't have C3C.
    I took most of it from the C3C Quirks and Issues thread from DG6, so anyone who participated in that thread deserves credit. I also took some of it from the Conquests Changes and Additions List posted by Thunderfall. Thanks for putting that together up. :)
    1 - Submarine Bug. This has resurfaced (pardon the pun), and involves the AI (or player) running into an invisible sub. To combat this, we can:

    a. Always have an escort.
    b. Bring a ship along that can view invisible units.

    2 - Scientific Great Leaders. You can have more than 1 SGL at a time, so don't be surprised. SGL can rush a wonder, or increase science. That increase, however, isn't by much.
    2a. The "Age of Science" is bugged and doesn't work. The display acts like it works, but it'll stay at 1 (or 2 or 3, etc) for a couple of turns until the tech really would be done.
    2b. Also, you can have a MGL and SGL at the same time, or a SGL and SGL at the same time, but not a MGL and MGL.

    3 - Military Great Leaders. This is 2-fold. First, the AI never, if not very rarely, uses MGLs for armies. There is a bug where the AI can rush a wonder with them. The new rule in C3C is that MGL can't rush wonders. They can rush improvements (up to 100 or 200 shields I think), or build an army.

    4 - Change in the Corruption Model. Don't be surprised when your province or city has 80% corruption. The new corruption model (which is VERY communist-friendly) nullifies the effect of the Forbidden Palace. However, the Palace, FP, and SPHQ, along with courthouses gives you a relatively corruption-free (almost) empire under communism.

    5 - Radio has been taken out of C3C. Don't be surprised when you don't see it.

    6 - Artillery/Planes can now bombard your own territory if they can not bombard the enemy units (units are defeated or are at 1hp)! Be careful when bombarding. It might be possible to accidently bombard an ally.

    7 - Ship Changes. Some shipping stats have changed. Most noticable is the transport, which now only holds 6 units instead of 8.

    8 - AI Space Race. The AI has been tweaked to focus more on space-race technologies.

    9 - Satellites. This tech now gives you the entire world map. Should the map not be fully discovered for some reason, and the next turn you notice the world is discovered, this is why.

    10 - Volcanos. Should we start next to one, remember that, if it erupts, we will automatically win the game if our capital is the only city. This is a known bug.
    10a. We are given 1 turn warning that a volcano is about to erupt. When it does erupt, it pollutes the square the volcano is in and at least one other square. Any units or improvements (roads, mines, cities, etc.) in an erupted-upon square are destroyed. The pollution can be cleaned up just like any other pollution. A volcano usually only erupts once per game.
    10b. Also a volcano cannot be roaded (or consequencely railroaded).

    11 - Bombers and stealth bombers now have lethal bombardment. This means that you can now kill units with bombers.

    12 - Barbarians will only attack defenseless units (scouts, settlers, workers) or move to attack units on its NW/SE axis. If NoAIPatrol=0 is added to the conquests.ini file, they will also move randomly.

    13- Map trading and contact trading have been pushed back into the Middle Ages.

    14 - Marshlands must be cleared before a settler can build a city.

    15 - Now, a unit only has to be inside of enemy territory to trigger the MPP, rather than attacking a unit. (don't know if this is a bug, or the notion of being invaded. Maybe it was used to prevent an 'exploit' of having units at every city before attacking.)

    16 - Philosophy gives a free tech to the fist civ who researches it. This is good for trying to get to Literature first.

    17- There are two new specialists.
    17a. Police Officers. They affect corruption. This can mean that corruption lost to shields and gold are returned a bit. You can only get them once you have researched Communism.
    17b. Civil Engineers. They add two shields to any improvement. Not sure if works for Wonders, but does not work for units.

    17c. Also taxmen and Scientist have been improved. Taxmen now increase treasure by two gold and Scientist increase science by three beakers.

    18- SS stasis chamber moved from synthetic fibres to Robotics

    19- Contact trading moved to Printing Press
    19a. Map trading moved to Navigation

    20- Explorers and Conquistadores moved to Astronomy

    21- Archers and Longbows and Guerillas get defensive bombardment. Basically if a stack of your units is attacked and you have one of the above in that stack, then they will fire a free shot at the enemy before the actual battle begins.

    22- Marines are 50% more powerful in attack

    23- Air and modern Sea units have bigger ranges particularly aircraft.

    24- Helicopters can carry 3 units.

    25- The great wall gives free walls in every city on the same continent.

    26- There is an Ironclads tech now. This is an optional tech that allows you to build Ironclads

    27- Cossacks have the blitz ability, which means they can attack more than once a turn

    28- The minimum time needed for research is 50 turns

    29- 100K victory condition changes with map size. it's 130K on a large map.

    30- 2 new governments: Feudalism and Facism. Feudalism is becomes available with the Feudalism techonology and Facism becomes available with the Facism technology. Those techs. appear in the early Middle Ages and Mid. Industrial Ages, respectively.

    31- Civilizations
    31a. Add Seafaring and Agricultural attributes
    31b. Change England to Seafaring and Commercial
    31c. Change Iroquois to Agricultural and Commercial
    31d. Change Aztecs to Agricultural and Militaristic
    31e. Change Spain to seafaring and religious
    31f. Change Vikings to Seafaring and Militaristic
    31g. Change Celts to Agricultural and Seafaring
    31h. Change Carthaginians to Seafaring and Industrious

    32- Civilization Abilities:
    32a. Agricultural: +1 food in center city tile and irrigated deserts; cheaper aggicultural city improvements (aqueduct, granary, etc)
    32b. Seafaring: Coastal cities receive commerce bonus in the center city square; seafaring city improvements (harbor, comemrcial dock, etc) are easier to build; +1 movement for naval units and are less likely to sink in the sea or ocean.

    33- Armies. They now have blitz, they can autoraze terrain, they have 1+ movement point, and they heal faster anywhere.

    34- Resources:
    34a. Oasis: +2 food
    34b. Tobacco: +1 commerce
    34c. Tropical Fruit: +1 food, +1 commerce
    34d. Sugar: +1 food, +1 commerce

    35- Improvements:

    35a. Civil Defense:
    Cost: 120
    Culture: 0
    Upkeep: 1
    Requirements: Electronics (and a barracks)
    Effect: 50% defensive bonus to units inside the city

    35b. Commercial Dock:
    Cost: 160
    Culture: 0
    Upkeep: 2
    Requirements: Mass Production, harbor
    Effect: +1 commerce in all water squares that produce at least one

    35c. Stock Exchange:
    Cost: 200
    Culture: 0
    Upkeep: 3
    Requirements: The Corporation, Bank
    Effect: 50% increase to tax revenue

    36- Wonders:

    36a. The Internet:
    Cost: 1000
    Culture: 4
    Requires: Miniaturization
    Expires: Never
    Attributes: All
    Benefits: Research Lab in all cities on same continent

    36b. The Temple of Artemis:
    Cost: 500
    Culture: 4
    Requires: Polytheism
    Expires: Education
    Attributes: Religious
    Benefits: A temple in every city on the same continent

    36c. The Mausoleum of Mausollos
    Cost: 200
    Culture: 2
    Requires: Philosophy
    Expires: Never
    Attributes: Scientific and Seafaring
    Benefits: 3 unhappy citizens are made content in the city

    36d. The Statue of Zeus:
    Cost: 200
    Culture: 4
    Requires: Ivory, Mathematics
    Expires: Metallurgy
    Attributes: Religious and Militaristic
    Benefits: Produces an Ancient Cavalry every 5 turns

    36e. Knights Templar:
    Cost: 300
    Culture: 2
    Requires: Chivalry
    Expires: Steam Power
    Attributes: Religious and Militaristic
    Benefits: A Crusader every 5 turns

    37- Small Wonders:

    37a. Secret Police Head Quarters:
    Cost: 200
    Culture: 0
    Prerequistes: Espionage, In Communism
    Benefits: A 2nd Forbidden Palace. Only works under communism.
    as always comments are welcome. anything i should take out/add?

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