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Demogame FAQ

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of Democracy' started by Chieftess, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    This is the FAQ thread for Civ4: Game of Democracy.

    What is a demogame? - Simply put, a demogame is a game where a group of people discuss and poll the actions of the game. The Designated Player (typically the President) plays about 10 turns, carrying out the actions posted in the TCIT (Turnchat Instruction Thread).

    What version of Civ4 is going to be used? - Naturally, we are using the origanal version of Civ4. If a patch comes out during the course of the game, as did happen in the Civ3 Demogame I and II, we will hold a discussion to patch.

    What is the history of the Demogame? - The Demogame was started by TheDuckOfFlanders in a thread in the Off Topic forum back in 2001. There have been 6 previous demogames. Most of the origanal players have since left, but you can still view the old demogames in the archives.

    What is a turnchat and TCIT? - A turnchat is where citizens can observe the president playing the game. A TCIT is where elected officials post their instructions. Citizens posting instructions are not valid.

    How do I register? - You can register in the Registry thread. You must register before you can vote in polls, or run for office. But once you register in the Registry you are a Citizen, with the full rights and privileges associated. You can post an opinion in a thread, and everyone will read it and take it in consideration when making game decisions.

    I registered, but I can't vote in polls
    Anyone who wants to participate in the Civ4 Democracy Game needs to request to join the group. This can be done in your User CP --> Group Membership.

    How can I participate? - There are several levels of participation, and it is completly up to you how involved you become. On the most active level, you will run for an Elected Office. At this level, you will most likely check in every day. You will manage thread discussions concerning the issues of your office. Down from that, you might ask to be appointed to a Deputy Position. Here you are a Close Confidant to the Elected Official, empowered to enact decisions. But even if you don't want to hold any formal responsibility you are still a Citizen, and so you can wield considerable influence and yet remain separate from the seats of Power. Start up a Citizens Group. That is the Power every Citizen holds. To keep it all sensible and effective Political Parties are not allowed.

    How do I get elected? - At the end of every month, there are nominations for positions in the demogame. You can nominate yourself, or have someone nominate you. You accept by posting "Accept" in the nomination thread. Be sure to read the Constitution on nominations, and job descriptions for all of the elected positions.

    Great, I got elected! Now what do I do? - You start by posting a thread in the government forum for the position you were elected for. You also link to the previous term thread in your first post. When the term ends, link to the next thread when it becomes available.

    What are Citizen's Groups? - These are groups that help push for a certain goal in the demogame. These are not political groups . In fact, political groups are banned from the demogame. What you could do is make a group that says, "Our goal is to collect all the horses on our continent", or "Our goal is to control the east side of the continent". You can not, however, tell people who to vote for, etc.

    Where can I find the latest save? - Gamesaves are held in the turnchat threads. These threads are stickied in the main Demogame forum.

    Where can I find a summary of previous saves? I don't want to read every turnchat log! - You can find summaries in the Turnchat Summary Thread, and screenshots in the Screenshots Thread. Even if you don't have Civ3 Conquests, you can still gather information from here. You can even participate if you play on a Mac!

    I came too late to be nominated. How can I still participate in the government? - Aside from citizen groups, you can be the governor of a city. City threads are in the government sub-forum, and you can post a link to your city in the City Index Thread. There is also a Designated Player Pool. These people execute the decisions made by the Government in the game. These people press the buttons and move the mouse in-game.

    I see a lot of polls are closed. Why is that? - Most polls have an end date, typically 2-3 days. This is because these polls are used for instructions in the turnchats.

    Is there a Demogame Website? - Yes, here .
  2. Swissempire

    Swissempire Poet Jester

    Nov 4, 2005
    Hamilton College/Florida
    Hey, not to be naggy or anything, but this FAQ says that politcal parties aren't allowed, but they are.;)

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