Dec 12, 2006
Athens, Greece
This thread will be used for demographics analysis ONLY.

The game has started and we have our first intel from demographics.

Babylon Rome and Aztec have settled their capitals and are all on 1 hammer plant, working a 3 food tile. So are both propably building warrior while growing size 2.


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Certainly not the four plains hills we are enjoying -- wonder what the other two civs have.
Turn 3 demograpics

It appears that the other 2 civs are either on 2 hammer start or 1 of them is on 3 hammer start or one of them is working 2 hammer tile


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Rival worst food is 3, which means they are working a 1 food tile. That means 2 hammers 1 food + 2 hammer plant.
You could change around the foods while you all are logged in to check what food they have...
Population and land area can be used as well, to keep track of slaves in multiple cities and border pops. Not much point in that latter though.
OK after turn 3, nothing changed on the power department, everyone is at 8000 soldiers.

An interesting thing though: When I logged in this morning before the reload (game bugged with one hour timer), I saw the demo of the next turn: worst (me, with only a scout and pop 1) is 8000, best 10000, and average opponent was 8666. We discussed about it with Dan, and it is most likely 3 warriors done together with 3 pop gained (ie. 3 civs building a warrior on a 2 hammers city plot, working a 3 food tile from the beginning of the game)... so that's what we can expect for turn 5 I think...

This is demog from turn 4 after me and Munro played our turn (I am the first to size 2 and Munro got a warrior)


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I was able to connect in time... Average rival power averages now at 8333, which means another pop gained or warrior built for civplayers.
Babylon Rome and Aztec have settled their capitals and are all on 1 hammer plant, working a 3 food tile. So are both propably building warrior while growing size 2.

Demographics update:

Rival average is now 8777 (79,000 total from 9 players).
Best 1100 = 2 pop + 1 warrior
Worst 8000 = 1 pop

On our side we have:
Natives: 11,000
Persia: 10,000
Mali: 8,000
Maya: 8,000

That means our rivals have 42,000. I.e. base 40,000 + 2,000: either 1 warrior or more likely 2 cities with pop 2 (presumably Rome and Aztec). So still no warriors built by our rivals.
Here are the demo after my turn:

Spoiler :

If I am not mistaken, our rivals gained either 2 pop and a warrior or 1 pop and two warriors. I don't have a lot of time tonight to investigate this, I let you guys correct me :)

Here are my demo numbers on turn 6:

"Rival average" = 13,777 (124k total)
(Zulu = 10,000)

Our team:
  • Natives: 11,000
  • Persia: 9,000
  • Mali: 8,000
  • Maya: 11,000
total: 39,000

Rival team total = 124 - 39 = 85,000
Rivals now have BW (+8,000 each) => Rivals get 80k from techs

=> Rival team now has +5k power from pop and warriors, i.e.
- one city with size 2 (+1,000)
- two warriors (+2,000 each)
ok... I was working with warlords values for warriors (1000)... good thing you posted the details Munro.... :blush:
Here are my demographics for turn 7:

Rival average = 17,333 (156k total)

71k is from our own team:
  • Natives: 19,000
  • Persia: 17,000
  • Mali: 16,000
  • Maya: 19,000

Rival team total = 156 - 71 = 85,000, i.e. no change from last turn.

So they still only have +5k power from pop and warriors. In fact, we can now see that Rome, Babylon and Tenochtitlan (from F9) all have pop 2 (+1,000 each), while Thebes and Delhi are still pop 1. That means they still only have 1 warrior built.

Spoiler :
Thanks Indiansmoke. :)

The numbers are completely unchanged for turn 8 (rival average is still 17,333) so nothing has changed on our side or theirs.

BTW - do we know which of our 5 rivals has actually built the warrior? We can probably work it out now by looking at the city sizes and tiles available to work (and some of the historical demographic screenshots)...

Edit: not India or Egypt since they have both gone worker first. But so far it could be any one of Aztec, Babylon or Rome ... (unless anyone's been tracking the production demographic stats closely enough to track who's been working which tiles)?
Demographics for turn 9:

Rival average = 21,000 (189k total)

74k is from our own team:

  • Natives: 23,000 (Dog Soldier = 6,000)
  • Persia: 16,000
  • Mali: 16,000
  • Maya: 19,000

Rival team total = (189 - 74) = 115k.

Archery is worth 6,000 so base power from techs is now 16,000 + 6,000 = 22k.
So rival base power from techs is 5 * 22k = 110k.

So they still only have +5k power from pop and warriors:
  • Rome: 2 pop
  • Babylon: 2 pop + warrior*
  • Tenochtitlan: 2 pop
  • Thebes: 1 pop
  • Delhi: 1 pop

* Indiansmoke, how do you know it's Babylon who built the warrior rather than Tenochtitlan (other than common sense)?
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