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Design your own Civ VI civ

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Morningcalm, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Sergean Toad

    Sergean Toad Chieftain

    Oct 28, 2016
    Civilization: Filipinas/Philippines

    Civilization Trait: “PEARL OF THE ORIENT SEAS”
    +1 Adjacency bonus on districts placed on coasts except for Harbors. Harbors get +1 food and +1 gold adjacency bonus on sea resources instead of +1 gold only. If Harbors are adjacent to a district, including the city center, it grants +1 production adjacency bonus.

    Leader: DR. JOSE R. RIZAL
    Spoiler :

    Leader Ability: “LA LIGA FILIPINA”

    Domestic trade routes grant bonus food and production, bonus is increased if there is a harbor or commercial hub in the originating city. Harbor and commercial hub bonuses do not stack.

    Leader Agenda: “THE GREAT MALAYAN”
    Likes highly cultured and peaceful civilizations. Dislikes warmongering and uncultured civilizations.

    Civilization Unique Unit: “KATIPUNERO”
    A Filipino industrial era unique unit that has +5 combat bonus and ignores terrain costs movement in owned territories. Available after researching military science tech.

    Civilization Unique Building: “BARANGAY”
    A Filipino unique district that is available much earlier than the neighborhood district it replaces. It provides a default +4 housing and bonus food and culture based on half of the housing bonus. Available after researching guilds civic.

    Civilization Icon:

    Civilization Colors:

    Option 1: White and Yellow
    Option 2: Blue and Yellow (possible conflict with Swedish Colors)
    Option 3: Red and Yellow (conflict with Spanish Colors)
    Option 4: Blue and White (conflict with Greek and American Colors)
    Option 5: Red and White (conflict with Japanese and English Colors, and possibly with Denmark)
    Option 6: Blue and Red (conflict with Norway, and possibly Korea)

    Civilization Playstyle:

    Inspired by the Philippines’ natural geography, a Filipino civilization focuses on coastal and near-coastal cities. With high potential growth from coastal cities and their barangay district, this civilization’s districts come online at a faster pace. With Rizal as their leader, this civilization is very flexible and can aim for any victory type.

    I also want to add an (trade focused) Omani civilization. They are so underrated and had sizable colonies in Africa.

    EDIT: I really like naval maps and naval civilizations so maybe I'll also add Denmark, Oman and others haha.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2016
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  2. Dunabar

    Dunabar Chieftain

    Sep 5, 2014
    United States
    I like it, though I would say Tiger Tank over Panzer, since Panzer just means Tank or Armor in German. Pretty sure it's tank, but I don't speak German so I won't claim to be right lol. Blitzkrieg might be a little op with that 10% addition, but much like most things it would have to be tested to see if it is indeed OP. Overall I like it and we can get a Germany from that period without having Hitler.
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  3. steveg700

    steveg700 Deity

    Feb 9, 2012


    Leader: Lê Loi

    GREAT PROCLAMATION (Leader Ability)
    +1 Great General and Great Admiral point from shrines and amphitheaters. Great General and Admirals provide combat bonuses an extra 2 tiles further away, and when one is expended, you receive a random Inspiration for the next era.

    SOVEREIGNTISM (Leader Agenda)
    Will not cede cities when making peace. Does not settle cities near another civ's capital. Does not declare wars of territorial expansion or colonial wars, and dislikes other civilizations that do. Respects civ's that declare wars of liberation and protectorate wars, and likes civ's that liberate their own cities.

    GUERILLA TACTICIANS (Civilization Ability)
    Ranged, recon, and siege units have a chance of withdrawing into adjacent woods or rainforest tiles when attacked. Recon units can set traps on land tiles in friendly territory (active trap limit 3, 4 w/Defensive Tactics, 5 w/Nationalism). Enemy units entering a trapped tile take damage (based on city strength) and lose any remaining movement. You have access to unique great generals which can be selected in place of a standard Great General or Admiral, and one is recruited instantly when another civilization declares war on you.

    VIET MINH (Unique Unit)
    Requires Nationalism.
    Strength: 45
    Ranged Strength: 60
    Moves: 3
    This unique unit is a replacement for the ranger. In friendly territory it can spend 2 movement points to travel from one woods or rainforest tile to another within 6 tiles. Enemy units adjacent to a Viet Minh cannot gain or provide a support bonus.

    CRAFT VILLAGE (Unique Tile Improvement)
    Unlocked by Guilds. This tile improvement must be built on flat land adjacent to a luxury or bonus resource and not adjacent to another craft village. Provides +1 culture, +1 production for adjacent bonus resources, and +1 gold for adjacent luxury resources. After researching Natural History, adjacent luxury and bonus resources generate tourism.


    An Duong Vuong (Ancient)
    Retire: Instantly gain an archer unit with +5 combat strength.
    Trung Trac (Classical)
    Retire: Transform a single recon unit into an army.
    Triu Vit Vuong (Classical)
    Retire: All existing and future recon units receive +10 combat strength.
    Ngo Quyen (Medieval)
    Retire: Embarked recon units can now trap water tiles. All recon units gain a +5 combat bonus.
    Lý Thường Kiệt (Medieval)
    Retire: Receive 100 culture whenever a Great General or Great Admiral uses its retire ability.
    Tran Hung Dao (Medieval)
    Creates a great work of writing, "Proclamation to Generals and Soldiers". Receive 50 faith whenever you liberate a city.
    Nguyễn Trãi (Renaissance)
    Reitre: When attacked, ranged, recon, and siege units have a chance of withdrawing into adjacent friendly districts. Creates a great work of writing, "Great Proclamation of Victory Over the Wu".
    Nguyen Hue (Renaissance)
    Retire: Upgrade a Classical or Medieval era unit of any type (two uses).
    Vo Nguyen Giap (Industrial)
    Retire: A recon unit gains maximum XP and all promotions.
    TROPHY/ACHIEVEMENT: "Apocalypse OW!"
    Kill an enemy unit on a river tile with a Vietnamese trap.

    This was as an idea I had for Civ V. Seems even easier to adapt for Civ VI, with its new spin on how great persons work. It has a defensive slant, with recon units using their traps and withdrawl ability to draw stronger units into ambushes.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  4. Thousands_Of_Retirees

    Thousands_Of_Retirees Chieftain

    Dec 10, 2016
    Leader- Prithvi Narayan Shah

    -Gorkha King (leader ability)
    All units gain +5 Combat strength on hills, Units heal for 20 hp if they end their turn on a hill or adjacent to a mountain. Unlocks the Gurkha unit after researching rifling, (upgrades to infantry, from musketman, basically a new unit halfway between the two). Whenever an ally builds a Gurkha, receive 200 gold and 15 culture, trade routes to other civilizations with gurkhas gain +4 production and +3 food.

    Gurkha (unique land unit)- 60 Combat strength, +10 combat strength vs wounded units, cannot be seen unless enemy is adjacent to it , +1 movement, Allied civilizations can also build the Gurkha.

    Great Unifier- (Leader Agenda)-
    Likes to conquer nearby city states and severely dislikes civilizations which found cities on or touching his borders, likes civilizations who leave nearby city states alone and settle away from him.

    Himalayas- (Civilization Ability)-
    Mountains provide +1 adjacency bonuses for all districts and +1 housing for neighborhoods, mountains provide +2 production, +1 Faith, and +1 Culture, mountains provide +2 appeal to all adjacent tiles. Unlocks the Base Camp Improvement as a replacement to the Seaside Resort. All Civilian Units can move over mountains, moving over a mountain costs 2 movement.

    Sherpa- (Unique Land Unit)-
    Replaces Scout-
    +1 movement, Can move over mountains, acts as a support unit, when linked to another unit, enables that unit to move over mountains as well and provides 10 healing, units attacking from mountains with the sherpa are invisible to enemies and gain +20 combat strength.

    Base Camp- (Unique Improvement) (replaces seaside resort)-
    Unlocks at Colonialism
    Must be built adjacent to a mountain or mountain natural wonder (e.g Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Everest, Torres Del Paine, Yosemite).
    Provides tourism equal to double the appeal of the tile, provides gold equal to the appeal, and culture equal to half the appeal. Tourism, gold, and culture doubled if adjacent to natural wonder. +2 gold and +1 culture for each additional adjacent mountain.

    Mountain Shrine- (Unique Improvement)-
    Unlocks at Mysticism
    +2 Faith, +1 Culture, +1 Production
    Can Be Built on Mountains or Hills Adjacent to Mountains.
    +1 Gold, Production, and Faith if built on a Mountain
    +1 Faith if adjacent to a holy site
    +3 gold if adjacent to a Base Camp
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  5. Raz.BELOVED

    Raz.BELOVED Chieftain

    Aug 9, 2016

    Every time any trader unit ends its turn in your territory you gain a production and gold boost in the cities territory it lands in (Equal to the number of trade posts in said city).




    The Greatest Happiness
    Razing cities provides +1 amenity in all cities until your current war is over

    Universal Ruler
    Will try to conquer cities with good international trade yields. Will avoid doing this to civs that already trade with Mongolia. Dislikes civs that don't trade with Mongolia.


    Conquest of Rus
    Can conquer city-states and instantly liberate them to gain a permanent 2 envoys. Can a unique Cassus Belli that is required to activate before the effect works. The Cassus Belli as a cooldown for 10 turns.

    Golden Horde
    Will try to become suzerain of city-states near his empire, by any means possible. Unlikely to keep conquered city-states, dislikes civs that keep or raze conquered city-states.


    Sword of Islam
    Conquered cities convert to your capitals religion. +1 amenity in all cities following your capitals religion.

    Restorer of the Empire
    Will commonly use reconquest wars if available. Likes civs that use reconquest wars

    KESHIK - Replaces Knight (Unlocked at Stirrups, considered a Ranged unit, upgrades into Field cannon)
    41 Melee Strength, 58 Ranged Strength, 1 Range, 4 Movement, 1 Maintenance

    YURT - Unique Improvement (Unlocked at Animal Husbandry)
    +1 Culture, +1 Housing, +1 culture and +1 food for each adjacent Pasture or Camp. Cannot be built next to another Yurt. Light Calvary units can be expended if on the same tile as a Yurt to increase population.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
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  6. Dunabar

    Dunabar Chieftain

    Sep 5, 2014
    United States

    Leader: Hannibal Barca
    Leader Ability - Barcid Legacy: All Military units gain the ability to move over Mountains and have a 50% chance to recruit defeated Barbarian units.
    Historical Agenda - Wealth of Carthage: Dislikes Civilizations that generate more Gold than Carthage. Likes Civilizations that establish multiple trade routes with the Carthaginian Capital.
    Civilization Ability - Dido's Founding: All cities founded by coastal tiles gain a free "Harbor of Carthage" and Trader. Gains a free Economic Policy slot.
    Unique unit
    Spoiler African War Elephant :
    No penalties to fighting Spearmen or other anti-cavalry units and gains +5 combat bonuses against other Cavalry units.

    Unique District:
    Spoiler Harbor of Carthage :

    The Harbor of Carthage gains +3 Gold income to the city and an additional 2 from Coastal Trades. +10 Production to Military Navy units and generates Great Admiral Points.
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  7. Dunabar

    Dunabar Chieftain

    Sep 5, 2014
    United States
    (Alternate Leader to Rome - This was a bit of a tricky plan. I wanted to do a alternate leader to Rome, but I also wanted to make something sort of like Venice from Civ 5. So, I mixed my two desires in a sense. This Civ is more focused on spreading faith, making money, spreading it's culture, and working to make bigger Civilizations do the foreign fighting for them)

    Papal States

    Leader: Urban II
    Leader Ability - Pontifical Guard: Allows the Papal States to recruit the "Swiss Guard" using faith. Cost is reduced by 10 for every Major Civilization that follows the Papal State Religion and Suzerain City-States cost for levying troops is reduced by half.

    Spoiler Swiss Guard :

    Swiss Guards gain +10 Combat when Attacking or Defending inside the Borders of the Papal States and Generates Faith with each enemy unit defeated.

    Faith Cost:

    Historical Agenda - Crusaders of Faith: Likes Civilizations who wage Holy Wars against other Civilizations or Religious City-States that follow a different religion. Dislikes Civilizations of different Faith that wage Holy Wars against Major Civilizations and City-States of the same Religion as the Papal States.

    Civilization Ability - Papal Founding
    Unable to found or conquer other cities. Generates +3 Faith, Gold, and Culture from every major Civilization and City-State that follows their Religion. All Policies generate +1 Faith & Culture.

    Unique City Center Building:
    Spoiler Archbasilica of St. John Lateran :

    Generates +3 Amenities & Faith and increases tourism by 3 for every six followers of the Religion of the Papal State.

    Unique Holy District:
    Spoiler St. Peter's Basilica & Square :

    Generates +1 Faith and Housing for every adjacent District and must be built adjacent to the City Center. If Neighborhoods are built next to the District, they generate +2 appeal, faith, and culture.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2016
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  8. Frugtkagen

    Frugtkagen Chieftain

    Dec 31, 2016


    Leader: Christian IV


    Regna Firmat Pietas (Leader Ability):
    For every coastal city settled, receive +1 Production in every city(up to +5) and +2 Gold(up to +10) for every sea trade route, both domestic and international. Every sea trade route grants +1 Rigsadmiral points.

    Dominium Maris Baltici (Leader Agenda):
    Will try to build the strongest navy of any Civ, and will dislike anyone who tries to compete with him.


    Maritime Traditions (Civ Ability):
    All naval units gain +10% defensive strength and are 25% cheaper to maintain. Gain an extra +3 Rigsadmiral Points, Gold, Science, Faith and Culture per turn for every enemy port blockaded.

    Rigsadmiral (Unique Unit):
    A replacement for the Great Admiral which can build forts in sea tiles. Land units can be stationed in these forts.

    (Just a few examples)

    Round Church (Unique Improvement):
    A unique tile improvement which spawns a special unit called "Snaphane" when an enemy unit is adjacent, and gives +1 Defense Strength to any unit stationed on the tile. Must be built on either a farm, mine, quarry, plantation, camp, pasture or fort, but won't remove the improvement it's built upon. Should the enemy capture a city in which a round church is located, the church may randomly pillage its own and neighbouring tiles every turn. "Snaphane" units may also spawn in a conquered city, if a Danish unit is adjacent to the tile. It won't provide foreign powers with "Snapehane" units, and can only be removed 25 turns after its city being conquered. Yields +1 Faith and costs 1 Gold to maintain.


    Snaphane (Unique Unit):
    A unique unit which costs 50% less to maintain. Can only be spawned by round churches, and, if spawned, will disappear again once the war is over. Receives a penalty to both attack and defense if not in a city with a round church. Doesn't replace any other unit.

  9. Liufeng

    Liufeng A man of his time

    Apr 12, 2013
    The ardent city
    Here are my takes on the Benin Civ that I'd really like to have in-game (especially now that I know the mechanics of the game a little more) :

    Benin Empire

    Civilization abilty - 20 000 in one day : Infantry and distance units are 25% cheaper to produce and cost 25% less gold to maintain. Cost null for units in garrison on a City Centre, a Military Camp or a fort.

    Unique Building - Iya (replaces the Medieval Walls) : Tiles around the City Centre and a Military Camp need to be attacked twice to be pillaged.

    Unique Unit - Oba Archery Division (replaces the Crossbowmen) : Weaker damage than the regular Crossbowmen, it deals more damage in counterattacks and is much cheaper.

    Leader 1 : Queen Idia (capital : Benin City) – Palace of the Queen Mother : Double gold from pillaging tiles, trade routes and from Barbarian camps ; can produce the « Queen's own », a unique unit that doubles it defense when fighting on Camps, City Centers or forts.

    Leader 2 : Oba Ewure (capital : Edo) – Master of cities : When a City is conquered, the player has a choice of getting a random Eureka or an Inspiration for the era he's in, gold, faith, a random military unit, a builder, or an artifact. It also gains one free emissary for every two cities conquered.
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  10. fredrikslicer

    fredrikslicer Tailor

    May 28, 2016

    Leader: Hattusili I
    ULA: Teeth of a lion, Eyes of an eagle
    Conquests and killing units generate influence

    Leader: Telipinus I
    ULA: Telipinus proclamation
    Government legacy bonuses are increased by 200%

    UCA: Thunder chariots
    1 Extra military policy card

    UB: Royal archive
    Replaces library produces +2 Culture

    UU: Hulukanni
    I defer to AliasMittens on this one I can't match it

    Princes of Italy

    Leader: Cosimo de Medici
    ULA1: The Arno River
    Every river tile produces 1 additional hammer, after researching sailing rivers can be for all intents and purposes be used as roads by Italy

    Leader: Francesco Foscari
    ULA2: Domini di Terraferma
    Cities produces harbors, lighthouses, harbor districts and seaports at half speed, Workshops produces two gold when connected to a luxury resource.

    Leader: Francesco I Sforza
    ULA3: Habeas in pace
    Palace starts with an additional amenity, additionally gain an additional amenity for every city state in suzerain and upon reaching the renaissance an influence point to each city state per turn for every alliance with another civ

    UCA: Renaissance prince
    When completing a wonder gain X amount of great person points towards respective great person scales depending on how much the wonder costs, when your prophet is spent you gain faith instead from completing faith wonders.

    UB: Italian banks
    +1 Influence

    UU: Condottieri replaces great general, can be bought with gold, when stationed in cities reduces the cost of purchasing military units
  11. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    Great to see everyone's contributions, even if some ideas are a bit less developed, ideas are great and the breadcrumbs of curiosity. Just a couple of comments on some specific entries (unfortunately can't comment on everyone's due to the potential to confuse):

    --excellent leader choice in Le Loi. He could be a great leader for another new Southeast Asian civ. Which currently VI lacks in abundance.

    Also wanted to highlight how great Raz.BELOVED's Genghis Khan ability is! The quote his ability is in reference to is this:

    "The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you,
    to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears,
    and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters."

    Rather neat. Problem is only that some might not know what it's in reference to, so "The Greatest Happiness" might make people think of Genghis in-game as less conqueror and more a happiness generator (which would be better suited for say, Lincoln, Churchill or other charismatic leaders perhaps). But still, great mechanic idea.

    Also, Liufeng, glad you looked at Benin, a fascinating empire. Queen Idia would be a GREAT leader choice (though we will likely see some people protesting yet another female leader--let's be honest, she was the most badass Queen Mother in history.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017
  12. R0ltanks

    R0ltanks Chieftain

    Jan 10, 2017
    Cultural Commonwealth led by Jack Kallum
    Civ Ability: Freedom of Expression-Cultural districts get adjacency bonuses for being next to other districts or city center, All culture buildings provide 1 more culture, All great works of art, literature, and music provide double tourism

    Leader Ability: Cultured Minds-All building that provide great Artist, Writer, or Musician points provide 1 additional great person point

    Unique Infrastructure: (Unlocks at Urbanization) Social District- Replaces Religious district, provides plus 3 housing, plus 1 culture for every pop in this city, and 2 culture and 2 gold for trade routs from this city to other civs or states

    Unique Building: University of Diversity-Replaces University, provides 4 cultural points but no science and 1 great artist, musician, writer points instead of 1 great scientist point

    Unique Unit: Not sure can make up or just not at all


    Just Quote so we dont get confused ;)
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 11, 2017
  13. luigilime

    luigilime Prince

    Mar 24, 2016
    Udine, Italy
    I really like this one but I think there should be a few tweaks, please forgive me.
    I think that there should be a unique building that can be built not only in the capital like perhaps a "piazza" that replaces the market and gives bonus culture and provides artwork slots.
    Though I really like Machiavelli, its agenda and unique ability are too similar to france, I would replace him with Cosimo de Medici with his leader ability ("banchieri fiorentini") to have a bonus on trade routes like perhaps double the yelds from routes or double gold from commercial districts or both, and have a discount for purchasing great people.
    His agenda ("l'ago della bilancia"): tries to befriend everybody, and to have trade routes with everyone.
    Doesn't like people who refuse his trade deals and refuse his delegates.
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  14. Davin998

    Davin998 Chieftain

    Jan 11, 2017
    IMG_0323.jpg America led by Donald Trump
    Was joking around initially, but then thought of some workable and interesting abilities)
    Leader Ability: American Nationalism-international trade routes to and from civs yield -3 culture, and 50% less overall yield, however, domestic/internal trade routes yield 150% more overall, and provides +3 culture.Internal trade routes also provide +3 tourism in the modern era and later.

    Civ Ability: Make America Great Again-All districts (except industrial zones and theater squares) yield 10 percent less of their bonuses, but twenty percent of that district's yield is turned to production.

    Leader Agenda- Self Help- likes civs who only use domestic trade routes. Dislikes civs that rely on international trade. Will not give free gifts to other civs.

    Hidden Leader Agenda: Don't Stump The Trump- Despises civs that have better gold per turn, or better overall production.

    Unique Unit: Border Patrol- Replaces Infantry. -3 attacking combat strength, +10 combat strength in friendly territory. +10 Culture per Enemy unit eliminated.

    Unique Infrastructure (unlocks at Civil Engineering): Trump Wall-Replaces the walls gained by civil engineering. Each wall has a bonus 25 strength, and yields +3 tourism and culture.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017
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  15. 2012Jarrett

    2012Jarrett Chieftain

    Jan 11, 2017
    The Cajuns

    Leader: Joseph Broussard

    Leader Ability: Backwater Culture- Cannot found or annex cities. Marshes within your borders provide a 2% tourism penalty to other civs. Marshes provide units the same defensive bonus a citadel provides as well as an attack bonus for melee units attacking enemy units in marsh tiles.

    Unique District: French Quarter- Percentage of Baton Rouge's faith output given as a tourism bonus during Golden Ages.

    Unique Unit: Paddle Steamer- Replaces cargo ship. Increases tourism output from a trade route for all routes, based on the number of cities the recipient has.

    (Thought it might be fun to have a one-city empire like Venice but instead ridiculously geared towards a cultural victory instead)
  16. Amrunril

    Amrunril Emperor

    Feb 7, 2015
    (yet another version)

    Unique Ability: Phoenician Trade:
    The first luxury resource you improve 3 copies of becomes your specialty luxury. This resource provides two amenities per city instead of one, and additional copies provide amenities to additional cities. These bonuses apply to traded copies as well (allowing you to demand higher prices).
    This ability is inspired by the famous Phoenician purple dye (Carthage originated as a Phoenician colony). Where most civs try to obtain one copy of as many luxuries as possible, Carthage is instead encouraged to obtain as many copies as possible of one luxury.

    Unique Infrastructure: Cothon (Harbor Replacement): Foreign trade routes originating here provide +2 gold for each copy of your specialty luxury improved in this city. This district provides the same defensive benefits as an encampment and allows naval units purchased here to move immediately.
    This district builds on the Phoenician Trade ability while serving a dual purpose as both a commercial and military hub.

    Unique Unit: Quinquireme (Galley Replacement): This unit is stronger but more expensive than the galley, which it replaces. It can enter ocean tiles adjacent to coastal tiles and prevents friendly trade routes within its sight range from being pillaged.
    This unit allows Carthage to defend its lucrative trade routes and provides a situational bonus to exploration.

    Leader Ability: Mercenary Captain: You may levy units from any city state you are not at war with and do so at half price.
    I didn't have a specific leader in mind for this civ, but I'm sure there are many who would fit. This ability helps leverage Carthage's trade focus into military power but would also stand well on its own (if an expansion allowed for civ/leader mixing).
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  17. Liufeng

    Liufeng A man of his time

    Apr 12, 2013
    The ardent city
    The Hittites

    Civilization Ability - Iron Artefacts : Strategic resources give amenities like Luxury resources and give +2 :c5production:. Strategic resources can be seen in the map the era before the technology in which they are actually unlocked. 50% of chance that when a unit that needed iron to be built leaves a relic after its destruction.

    Unique Improvement - Bit-hilani : Can only be built next to a campus, theater square, industrial zone, holy site or a comercial hub. Provides +1:c5culture:, +1:c5production: and +1 unit of the district in which its adjacent per building in the district. May cumulate the bonus if its placed between 2 districts.

    Unique Unit - Great Chariot : Unlocked at Iron working, it requires iron to be built. Halves all damage it receives when attacked (43 melee power, 2 move, +1 if in flat terrain, 80 of production, 2 of maintenance).

    Leader : Puduhepa

    Leader Ability - Diplomat of the Ancient World
    : Spreading its religion into a City-state grants one more envoy (one time). Trade routes including the Hittites provide +2:c5gold: and +1:c5production: to both parties.

    Leader Agenda - Diplomatic Mariage
    : Likes Civilizations that try to ally with City-states. Hates those that hurt them.

    Leader 2 : Suppiluliuma I

    Leader Ability - Sacred Royalty : Units gain double experience from fights. Units generate faith when they gain a promotion.

    Leader Agenda - Wrath of the Conqueror : Likes Bellicists civilizations. Hates civilizations that denounce bellicists.

    And here goes a second one :

    Bulgarian Empire

    Civilization Ability - Cultural Warriors : Producing units provide Culture points equal to the unit production cost.

    Unique Unit - Opalchentsi : Replaces the Infantry. Stronger than the regular Infantry, they get a second Attack when attacking cities.

    Unique Building - Literary School : Replaces the Amphitheater, has one additional slot for Great Works of Writing. Thematic bonuses of the city are doubled.

    Leader : Simeon I the Great (capital : Preslav)

    Leader Ability - Legacy of Achelous : All produced or bought units start with a promotion, and have +1 MP.

    Leader Agenda - Imperial Authority : Likes Civilizations that make him advantageous trade offers. Hates those who refuse to trade with him.

    Leader 2 : Ivan Alexander (capital : Tarnovo)

    Leader Ability - Patron of Arts : Every building and Wonder that can welcome Great Works, artefacts or relics has +1 joker slot in which any Great Work, artefact or relic can be stored without influencing the thematic bonuses. Great Works produce +1 faith and +1 Great Writer, Artist or Musician points, according to the kind to the kind of Great Work.

    Leader Agenda - Artistic Golden Age : Likes Civilizations that produce Great Works. Hates those who don't.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2017
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  18. 2012Jarrett

    2012Jarrett Chieftain

    Jan 11, 2017

    Leader: Wilfrid Laurier

    Unique Ability: True North Strong and Free- Any Canadian cities captured and made puppet cities still provide Canada with any tile improvement yield worked by that puppet city, which the controlling civ also keeps. +1 Science per tundra tiles worked.

    Unique Leader Ability: Manitoba Compromise- +10% Science output per different religion in that city. +25% boost in gossip from civs that share a religion with Canada.

    Leader Agenda: Likes civs that spread their religion to Canada to coexist alongside his own, dislikes civs that try to erase his own religion from his cities.

    Unique Unit: Musher- Fast early game recon unit that replaces the Scout, cannot attack but it makes up for it by moving through tundra tiles as if they were roads. Creates a road on any tundra tile passed six times.

    Unique Architecture: Arctic Research Base- +5 science from tundra tiles if worked by a city with a University, +1 extra science per additional bases connected by roads, cannot build bases within two tiles of each other.

    (Thought it would be fun to have an absolute science bomb like Korea that would have to shoehorn itself into those sad tundra tiles to actually use its UA for anything useful, making anything else a challenge. Plus my girlfriend's Canadian, so this would allow us to get on with me as America and her as Canada and just beat the snot out of each other for fun in Multiplayer. :p )
  19. Meowzer

    Meowzer Warlord

    Nov 5, 2016
    (lacking detail, sorry)
    Ottomons - Settlers create cities within 10 tiles of their capital and city-states you are suzerain of outside of 10 tiles from their capital. The territory of city-states you are suzerain of count as Ottomon territory and provide +2 Gold per population. Cannot found a religion.
    Unique unit - Grenadier. Late game unit. Slightly higher Gold and Production cost (relative to other units of the era).
    Deals +10 damage if adjacent to two friendly military land units.
    Leader bonus - Each city (excluding city-states) starts with Walls. Receives city defense earlier in tech tree. +5 city defense against naval units.
    Leader agenda - Does not attempt Cultural (or Religious) victory.
  20. ValahNamedR3mus

    ValahNamedR3mus Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2017
    This is a suggestion to a civ named Great Moravia . Great Moravia was a empire in about 8th century . Its very important in history of Slovakia and Moravia(part of Czech republic) . Great Moravia was formed by uniting Moravian principality and Nitran principality (today Slovakia). This unknown short lived empire has managed to defeat Francs , develop western Slavs and convert many of Slavic pagans to Christianity .

    Leader : Svätopluk (conqueror personality)
    Special unit : Jazdec (cavalry) or Pešiak (infantry)
    Special building : Gord/Hradisko (something like fort or castle)
    Possible abilities : Great generals add additional strength to infantry/cavalry OR Missionary units sent to Great Moravia join it and yield Science from spreading it .

    Im open for suggestions . Idea about Great Moravia came from mod on Civ 5

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