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Design your own Civ VI civ

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Morningcalm, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. McShawarma

    McShawarma Chieftain

    Dec 2, 2018
    Sheikhdom Of Kuwait (Al-Kout)

    - Sheikh Mubarak The Great

    • Leader ability: If trading oil to city-states or other civilisations, you obtain 3x the input from the trade route.
    • Unique Unit: The Boom: A Naval Unit that does 35 Melee Damage, 70 Ranged Damage (Towards all Naval Units except the Battleship and beyond, 20 Melee Damage & 40 Ranged Damage to modern naval units), has 2 Range and 5 Movement. It uses 2 movement points to fire. Can upgrade to Frigate. Can be assigned to defend and follow naval trade routes.
    • Unique Unit 2: 25th Commando Brigade: Replaces the Infantry, does 75 Melee Damage & can move 3 tiles. The unit does +50 damage towards cities but takes 25% more damage. The unit takes 50% less damage from air units.
    • Unique Building: Al-Housh: Provides 2 amenities per city in 9 tiles, during war, can heal units by +18 health.
    • Agenda: The Gulf United: All countries trading with Kuwait are liked, any sense of aggression towards Kuwait could cause a war. Kuwait prefers to stay neutral and will dislike you if you bring them into unneeded wars.
    • Civ Bonus: Isle Of Ikaros: All cities founded and settled by Kuwaiti settlers contain a wall, it upgrades to more modern walls the farther you advance through the tech area on its own.

    To be honest this might be a bit overpowered
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  2. clapyourhands

    clapyourhands Prince

    Jul 16, 2017
    An alternative take on a railway based Canada. No idea if it's culturally/historically accurate, but I thought it would be fun to use, at least.

    Unique Improvement: Grand Railway Hotel
    (replacing the Hockey Rink)
    Must be built adjacent to a Canadian road or railroad; can be built on unclaimed tiles, claiming the tile for Canada. Can only be built once per road or railroad. Provides +1 Housing to the nearest city, +2 Gold, and +1 Tourism. If built next to a railroad, this provides +1 Housing, +4 Gold, and +2 Tourism instead. This functions as a trading post, extending trade routes passing through it and providing additional Gold.

    Leader Ability: The Last Best West
    OLD: Farms can be built on flat tundra, and tundra hills with Civil Engineering. -50% purchase cost for all tundra and snow tiles. Any resource on tundra or snow tiles is extracted at a doubled rate.
    NEW: Farms can be built on flat tundra, and tundra hills with Civil Engineering. -50% purchase cost for all tundra and snow tiles. Resources in Canadian cities are extracted 1.25x as quickly when an ongoing trade route originates from this city (does not stack); this increases to 1.5x when connected by a railroad.

    Still heavy on the tourism with a resource extraction bonus, but with a bigger focus on maintaining a widespread, sprawling empire connected by transport. The boost to resource extraction with routes is meant to simulate increased efficiency in transporting and exporting said resources. Ideally you'd settle wherever there were lots of resources and then connect far-apart cities with roads and rails, building Railway Hotels to bridge the gap, provide housing, and boost tourism. Connecting your cities also would increase your resource extraction rate, further boosting your output.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
  3. HaloCapella

    HaloCapella Chieftain

    Jun 24, 2012
    my ideas if SMAC factions put into CivVI. Will come up for SMAX soon. and since GS is coming in, will try not to rush to it now.

    Spoiler :
    Spartan Federation
    led by Colonel Corazón Santiago

    Spartan Military: Great Generals gain an extra retirement charge. (Sun Tzu also creates the "Spartan Battle Manual" Great Work of Writing.) +25% experience on units nearby a Great General up to 2-tiles away.

    Extravagant Weapons: +5 combat strength to unit if escorting a support unit. +1 movement if unit starts nearby a city with an improved strategic resource.
    (Right To Keep And Bear Arms: Tries to accumulate as much strategic resources as she can. Dislikes those who have more than her.)

    Laser Rover - replaces Helicopter. Stronger but Costly Helicopter.
    Command Center: replaces Armory. Land units trained in this city comes with a free promotion.

    Gaia's Stepdaughters
    led by Lady Deirdre Skye

    Pacifist Tendencies: Settling cities starts with doubled growth and production on its first turn. Sending or receiving delegates gives +1 food and +1 production yield in all cities for five turns.

    Harmony with Planet: Forests provides +1 adjacency bonus for Campus, Theatre Square, and Holy Sites. Building lumber mills and planting forests causes culture bombs.
    (Green Democracy: Likes leaders with a high average Appeal tiles. Dislikes who don't.)

    Isle of the Deep - replaces Quadrireme. Weaker range strength. -5 strength to adjacent enemy units.
    Hybrid Forest improvement. unlocks in Natural History civic. Must be on adjacent with Forest. +1 science, +1 culture, and +1 faith for every adjacent Forest.

    University of Planet
    led by Academician Prokhor Zakharov

    For I Have Tasted The Fruit: Passing a Great Person now also transfers 20% of its points towards all other upcoming Great People.

    Brilliant Research: +1 science to all cities for every technology exceeding higher their own civics. Triggers an Eureka when completing a Campus on a city without a Theater Square.
    (Free Flow of Information: Likes leaders who are in competition with Technology, but only if they have low culture.)

    Needlejet - replaces Jet Fighter. tougher, higher vision, and more expensive.
    Network Node. replaces Research Lab. +100% science output in this city.

    Peacekeeping Forces
    led by Commissioner Pravin Lal

    Intellectual Elite - Completing U.N. Embassy and its buildings provides additional Governor titles.+50% non-GPP yields from specialists.

    U.N. Style Bureaucracy - +1 Diplomatic policy slot in Political Philosophy civic. +100% influence for the next 10 turns after declaring a Ideological War.
    (Humanitarian Ideals: Will try to suzerain City-States and ally neighbors as he can. Dislikes those who declares war on his allies, or allied city-states.)

    Peacekeeper - Late game melee unit. Heals more health in foreign territory. +10 strength if on foreign allied land. Can also be purchased though faith.
    U.N. Embassy district- replaces Government Plaza - Much greater adjacency bonus to all adjacent districts. Can build one more district in this city than the population limit would normally allow.

    Human Hive
    led by Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang

    Underground Bunkers: +10% growth if city is producing military units. Free ancient walls when settling cities or acquiring cities.

    Incorruptible Man: Converts an economic policy slot into a military policy slot in all governments. +1 food, +1 housing, and +1 loyalty to each city for every military policy slot in the government.
    (Atheist Police State: Likes leaders with a strong military, but only if they have a high average population.)

    Nerve Gas Cannon - replaces Bombard. Attacking cities causes extra war weariness to that city.
    Labyrinth - improvement. unlocks in State Workforce civic. +1 food, +1 production, and +0.5 housing. another +1 food, +1 production, and +0.5 housing if adjacent to Encampment district or City Center. requires hill tiles.

    Lord's Believers
    led by Sister Miriam Godwinson

    Promised Land: +1 faith from Farms adjacent to Holy Sites on your home continent. +1 gold from Mines adjacent to Holy Sites on your home continent.

    Fundamentalism: All military and religious units have +5 strength when attacking. Can declare a Holy War with Theology, instead of Diplomatic Service. Doubled religious pressure in all cities for 10 turns when declaring a Holy War.
    (Life of Religious Worship: Likes leaders who has not found their own religion. Dislikes leaders who has found their own religion.)

    Devout Believer: replaces swordsmen. Gives faith from killing units. Doesn't need iron.
    City Conclave - replaces Shrine. -25% War Weariness if city does not have a Campus district. Reformed Church civic unlocks lowering enemy spy level in this city.

    Morgan Industries
    led by CEO Nwabudike Morgan

    Industrial Conglomerate: Gains one more Economic policy slot in the Merchantilism civic. Every time the trading capacity increases by a Market or Lighthouse, gains a free Trader unit.

    Diamond Tycoon: Gains an extra copy of a luxury resource if possesses the first of its type. +5 gold for each civilization with at least a trade deal with Morganites.
    (Centauri Monopoly: Appreciates leaders having a Trade Deal with Morganites. Depreciates leaders without a Trade Deal with Morganites.)

    Synthmetal Mercenary - Replaces Warrior. +5 Combat boost when defending, -5 Combat penalty when attacking. Half cost to purchase.
    Premium Suite - improvement. unlocked in Capitalism civic. Needs breathtaking flat land, but not adjacent to another Premium Suite. Gains tourism and gold equal to appeal.


    edit: made some minor changes

    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
  4. Sacri Windsoul

    Sacri Windsoul Chieftain

    Dec 16, 2018
    Language of leaders: Ukrainian
    Civilization ability: Cossack Rada
    - civ gets (balance)% less war weariness and +(balance) amenities and extra culture while not in war.
    Unique disctrict: Sich - replaces Encampment - can only build next to a river, gets extra defences as soon as complete even if city doesn't have walls(Sich can attack), when walls are build it doubles the effect, the units trained in a city with Sich recieve a free level.
    Cities: Chyhyryn, Kyiv, Kodak, Baturyn, Poltava, Lubny, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, Mirgorod, Pryluky, Chernihiv, Uman, Kropyvna, Pavoloch, Bratslav, Kalnyk, Boguslav, Bila Tserkva, Kaniv, Pereyaslav, Gadyach, Nizhyn, Ovruch, Kalnyk, Korsun, Gadyach, Starodub. (If not enough for a huge map, Sumy, Kharkiv, Lviv, Lutsk can be added too as these were actually Ukrainian cities, but at that time were controlled by other civs).

    Leader: Bohdan Khmelnytsky

    Leader Ability: Khmelnytsky Uprising - When Khmelnytsky loses a city in war that has been declared on him or when he declares a Liberation War, the cost of buying mercenaries becomes (balance)% less and units get +(balance)% XP.
    Unique unit: Serdyuk
    (looks like this) - unique unit of Ukrainian cossacks in Renaissance Era that replaces Musketmen, they are (balance)% cheaper in buying and recieve extra (balance) power bonus, which becomes even a little more when they're fighting on the territory of the city they're defending/liberating.
    Capital city: Chyhyryn
    Agenda: hates civs who declare wars, respects those who liberate their allies.

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  5. Adam Vige

    Adam Vige Chieftain

    Dec 20, 2018
    Inuit Empire (Gathering Storm)

    Leader: Taamusi Qumaq
    • Inuit elder, author, founder member of village council, and political advocate for Inuit interests in Canada
    Leader Language: Inuktitut

    Civ Colors: Ivory and Leather Brown

    Civ Symbol: Inuksuk

    Start Bias: snow tiles near coast

    Civ Ability-Legend of Sedna: +50% Faith and +50% Culture for 10 turns in cities affected by natural disasters. Snow tiles provide +1 Food and +1 Production in addition to their usual yields. Embarked military units can engage in melee and ranged combat as if on land.
    • Sedna is the Inuit god of the ocean and daughter of the creator god. She is symbolized by seals, walruses, whales, and other marine creatures. They hunted these creatures with harpoons in single person boats called qajaq. Europeans saw the success of the boat, modified the design, and called it kayak. This is where embarked combat comes into play. Embarked units could have a unique design based on the qajaq.
    • The Inuit are deeply tied to the natural world like many indigenous peoples. As such, great acts of nature like blizzards or floods would have spoken to their animistic views. The region settled by the Inuit is considered uninhabitable by most people. This is why they have additional yields on snow.

    Leader Ability-Author of Uqausillaringit: Libraries gain +1 Great Work of Writing slot. Great Works of Writing provide an additional +1 culture (+2 culture with Printing) and +2 Loyalty. +0.5 Diplomatic Favor point per trade route sent to an ally.
    • Qumaq wrote and published two works that greatly influenced Inuit culture. He compiled the first dictionary for his people's language and produced an encyclopedia detailing Inuit tradition and accumulated knowledge. He wasn't an educated man in terms of science and was deeply tied to his traditional roots. While protecting his people's culture was paramount, he was a diplomat who fought to implement institutions from Canadian society for the betterment of the Inuit.

    Leader Agenda-Inuit Preservation: Builds culture and faith while attempting to claim all the land tiles workable by his cities. Dislikes civilizations who claim tiles within workable range of his cities and likes civilizations that don't.

    • From 1972 to 1977, Qumaq was a vocal opponent of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement and the leader of Inuit Tungavingat Nunamini, a movement opposing the signature of the land claims settlement by the Northern Quebec Inuit Association. In 1983 he took part to the Quebec commissions on Aboriginal rights and on Nouveau-Québec’s self-government.

    Unique Unit-Igimak (Harpoon-Thrower): Inuit unique Medieval era unit that replaces the Crossbowman. Lower production cost than the Crossbowman with no embark cost.

    Unique Improvement-Iglu: +1 Faith, +1 Production, and +0.5 Housing. +1 Production to every adjacent camp. +1 Food to every adjacent camp improving a bonus resource. +1 Gold to every adjacent camp improving a luxury resource. +1 Faith and +0.5 Housing from every adjacent Iglu.

    Global Luxury Resource-Walrus (ivory): +1 Food, +1 Gold; found on flat snow terrain 1-2 tiles from coast; improve with camp

    Global Bonus Resource-Seals (blubber): +1 Production; found on coast; improve with fishing boats
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  6. Sostratus

    Sostratus Deity

    Jul 31, 2017
    Minnesota, USA
    Eh, might as well dump out two designs I've been tinkering with. these aren't meant to be historical civs, just gameplay mechanics I would enjoy. As you can tell, I'm a builder. The ability names are just signalling flavor. Might mod this in after GS becomes stable and I tweak a little.

    LA: Titan of Industry
    Builds Engineering Projects {Dams, Canals, Aqueducts} in half the time. Industrial Zones gain +1 :c5production: for each adjacent Manufactory Improvement.
    CUA: Concrete Jungle
    All districts gain a major adjacency bonus with the city center. (Neighborhoods gain +2 housing if adjacent instead)

    UU: Gatling Gun.
    Unlocks at Ballistics. Unique ranged unit of the Industrial Era.
    60 :c5rangedstrength:, 60 :c5strength:
    2:c5moves: move, 1 Range
    Cost: 330 :c5production:
    Maintenance: 5:c5gold:
    Upgrades to Machine Gun.

    UI: Manufactory (Conceptually, a civ4 workshop style improvement. Appearance wise, like a group of IZ buildings. In industrial and beyond like a civ5 manufactory.)
    Unlocks at Guilds.
    -1:c5food: food, +1 :c5production:production. -1 appeal.
    +2 :c5production:production if adjacent to an industrial zone
    +1 :c5production:production (Industrialization)
    +1 :c5production:production (Steam power)
    +1 housing (Urbanization)
    Must be built on flat land, adjacent to a district.

    The design is a production focused civ that covers the land in urbanized sprawl. Visually, the city center is prime real estate and may often feature a ring of districts. The Manufactory is a trade off improvement that offers a great deal of production, especially if placed next to an Industrial zone; but at the cost of appeal and food. The gatling gun is a tough industrial unit has less range than the field cannon, but can go toe to toe in close combat. I would tweak this civ to use the new power mechanics once we understand them better.

    LA Look upon my works ye mighty, and Despair
    +25% :c5production: production towards any district or wonder adjacent to a wonder. Earn 1 governor title each time you recruit a governor; All cities with a governor gain +1 district slot and +4 Housing.
    CUA: Tower of Babel
    +2:c5food: food, +2:c5production: production, +4 :c5gold:gold for each wonder in a city. This Bonus doubles at humanism.

    UU: Halberdier
    Unique melee unique that replaces the pikeman. Unlocks at Military tactics.
    45 :c5strength:, 2:c5moves:
    Cost: 180 :c5production:
    Maintenance: 3:c5gold:
    +5:c5strength: vs mounted; +10:c5strength: when fighting in a district. Upgrades to musketman.

    UI: Golden House
    Replaces the government plaza. In appearance, has some gold domed structures dotted about insead of the filler buildings.
    Same adjacency/loyalty properties as a normal GPlaza. Domestic trade route bonuses are doubled to +2:c5food:/2:c5production:.

    Gain a random inspiration and eureka each time you complete a world wonder.
    Each Wonder within 6 tiles of this district generates +3 :c5science:science, :c5culture:culture, and :c5faith:faith for its city.
    Base Production cost: 15:c5production:

    The design is a wonder builder civ that really wants to have a few big cities packed with wonders. The catch is you have to complete a wonder on your own to really get the ball rolling. Note The amenities/ housing boost only applies once.
    The CUA helps wonder spam by replacing lost tile yields - and later becomes quite the boon! The Unique Government Plaza further promotes wonder play with a combination of tech advancement and raw yield. The Leader gives some interesting governor bonuses so you aren't high and dry if you can't secure anything. Playing on a high difficulty where those thieving AI stole all your wonders? I've got you covered. The Unique Pikeman replacement is not only a melee unit, he retains the mounted fighting ability (50 vs 51) and gets a nice +10 strength bonus fighting in districts, So you can "correct" the ownership of those wonders.
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  7. Haig

    Haig Deity

    Aug 3, 2010
    Sostratus would love to play the industrial civ, can already visualize them in my head. Hope you mod them in!
  8. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy The Gangster of Love

    Jul 14, 2013
    Apache Empire
    Leader: Geronimo

    Leader Ability: GERONIMO!!!

    • For ten turns (on Standard speed) after a peace agreement, the Apache gain control over all Barbarian units present on the home continent of the enemy civilization’s capital. These Barbarian units can continue to attack all other civilizations with no diplomatic penalty to the apache. All yields pillaged by Apache-controlled Barbarians go to the Apache.
    Civilization Ability: Noble Savages
    • When the Apache earn a Eureka on the Tech Tree, no research is completed. Instead, a free promotion and full healing are conferred to all Apache units associated with that branch of the Tech Tree (e.g. Melee units with Iron Working, Gunpowder, Replaceable Parts, and Satellites).
    Unique Unit: Navajo
    • Replaces the Spy. Takes no turns to establish presence in an enemy city against whom the Apache have denounced or declared war.
    • Automatically gains sources in a city with whom the Apache are at war.
    • When a Navajo is stationed in any city, all Apache troops and Apache-controlled Barbarians gain +10 Combat Strength in that city.
    • Navajo have access to a unique mission: Windtalker
    • Windtalker: Stations a Navajo in an enemy encampment. If successful, all Apache and Apache-controlled Barbarians gain invisibility to all districts and units unless directly adjacent. Affected units also gain +1 Movement and a bonus to flanking.
    Unique Improvement: Teepee
    • Must be built on Plains, Grassland Plains, or desert Plains.
    • Provides +1 Housing. Apache units occupying the tile gain +4 defense and two turns of fortification.
    • Any adjacent Cattle, Sheep, or Horses without a pasture gain +2 Food and +2 Production.
    Agenda: Tribal Solidarity
    • Likes Civilizations that do not capture barbarian encampments, and dislikes Civilizations that convert barbarians with missionaries or clear encampments

    Obviously, the Apache are pursuing a domination victory and avoiding a Science victory
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  9. awesome

    awesome Meme Lord

    Dec 29, 2009
    behind you
    Start Bias:
    Tier 1 coastal bias, tier 3 forest bias
    Civ Ability: Potlatch
    When making Dedications at the beginning of a new era, make an additional Dedication. +1 Culture from Camps, Fishing Boats, Pastures, and Lumber Mills.
    Leader: Cumshewa
    Capital: Thlinul
    Leader Bonus: Raiders Of The Pacific Northwest
    All Naval units start with Boarding. +1 Great Admiral points per turn with Shipbuilding.
    Leader Agenda: K'aaw
    Likes settling coastal cities. Dislikes civilizations who settle a lot of coastal cities.
    Special Unit: War Canoe
    Upgrades To: Privateer
    Cannot be seen unless adjacent to it.
    Cannot attack in melee.
    Promotion Class: Naval Raider
    Requires Craftmanship
    3 Movement Points
    15 Melee Strength
    15 Ranged Strength
    1 Range
    50 Production
    200 Gold
    Unique Infrastructure: Gya’aang (better known as the totem pole)
    Replaces Monument
    As Monument, except additional +1 to Culture and Amenities in this city (total of +2 Culture, +1 Loyalty and +1 Amenity, unless city is at full Loyalty, in which case it provides +3 Culture and +1 Amenity).
    City List: most of these should be fine, but preferably the ancient names, instead of modern ones (for example, Cumshewa's capital is called Thlinul, not Cumshewa, because that's the ancient Haida name).

    The Haida are a Native American (or First Nations) tribe from the Pacific Northwest. Most of them live on an archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, but many also live on the mainland, in both British Columbia and Alaska. In the game, they are led by Cumshewa, a powerful village chief who captured and destroyed the American ship Resolution. The Haida are intended to be an early naval power, but their Potlatch ability allows them to be competitive in later eras, too.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
  10. Meowzer

    Meowzer Warlord

    Nov 5, 2016

    symbol --- Douglas Fir
    colors --- Blue and Forest Green
    starting bias --- Tier 2 - Grassland Mountains, Grassland Woods. Tier 3 - Coast. Tier 5 - Furs.

    ca - Frontier
    +50% Production toward pre-modern era Recon units.
    Camps trigger a Culture bomb of unowned tiles.

    ui - Lyceum
    Specialty district that replaces the Theater Square district. Standard attributes except: Half the usual production cost. Must be built adjacent to a City Center. Gains a Standard Culture bonus for each adjacent district instead of the usual minor Culture bonus. Gains a Major Culture bonus after unlocking Printing.

    uu - Pioneer
    Civilian unit. Requires Military Engineering. Cannot be purchased. Upgrades to nothing. Becomes obsolete with Combustion.
    Has two build charges for a Camp or Remove Woods. Production cost: 50. Has no Cost Bump. Movement: 2. Sight: 2. Maintenance cost: 0.

    leader - Osborne Russell
    lb - Organic Laws
    Receive a random Inspiration and Eureka when you first establish a Trading Post with another civilization.
    Cities you found start with a Trading Post.

    la - Republic of the Pacific
    Tries to build up Culture and likes civilizations that also focus on Culture. Dislikes civilizations that settle near their coastal cities on their home continent.
    Last edited: May 17, 2021
  11. Lordeus

    Lordeus Chieftain

    Feb 14, 2018
    I am doing it. I will post it after All Gathering Storm civs will be announced.
    I am doing a little bit different thing, more like player's wishlist civs which they posted on 2k forums, reddit and civfanatics, and some more info about game in 1 image.
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  12. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy The Gangster of Love

    Jul 14, 2013
    With Sweden being revealed tomorrow, I thought I'd share my unfinished ideas for a Swedish civilization

    Swedish Empire

    Leader: Christina

    Leader Ability: Athens of the North
    Citizens can work Snow tiles for +1 Food
    Snow and Tundra tiles provide a minor adjacency bonus to Campuses and a major adjacency to Theater Squares
    Campus and Theater Square district and building cost less production to construct on Tundra tiles

    Civilization Ability: Nobel Peace Prize
    Sweden cannot earn Great General or Admiral points
    Sweden gains double the Great Scientist, Merchant, Writer and Artist points when not at war
    Sweden can gift Great Scientists, Merchants, Writers, and Artists to other Civilizations, generating large yields of Diplomatic Favor when doing so

    Unique Building: Tre Kronor
    Replaces the Library
    In addition to the Library's regular yields, also generates +1 Culture, +1 Great Writer points, and has a slot for one Great Work of Writing
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  13. clapyourhands

    clapyourhands Prince

    Jul 16, 2017
    An update to my earlier iteration.

    Civilization VI - First Look: Vietnam (reading the following in Sarah's voice might help with immersion)

    The Trung Sisters lead Vietnam in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI!

    Together, these sisters led the first known rebellion against the Han Dynasty and liberated the Red River Delta from Chinese control. Today, they are remembered as national heroines and as symbols of the Vietnamese struggle for freedom.

    Vietnam’s unique ability is “Nước Việt”. Vietnamese cities generated doubled loyalty towards other cities they have founded, even if they have been conquered by another civilization. Razing a Vietnamese city generates a burst of Disloyalty in surrounding enemy cities.

    Their unique improvement is the “Rice Paddy”! It can be built on flat tiles adjacent to Rivers and Coast. They provide Food and Housing, as well as Culture for adjacent Jungle tiles and other Rice Paddies. Rice Paddies cannot be damaged by Flooding, and have an increased chance of gaining additional yields after Flooding occurs.

    Vietnam’s unique unit is the “Việt Cộng”. It is weaker than the Infantry unit it replaces, but has additional movement and Camouflage while in Forest and Jungle. It can also move after attacking. If this unit defeats an enemy unit in combat, the enemy civ will receive additional war weariness from the loss.

    (I imagine the above section would be narrated over a hapless American Infantry unit stepping into an “empty” patch of jungle only to reveal 5 hidden Việt Cộng surrounding it).

    The Trung Sisters’ unique ability is “Daughters of the Dragon Lord”. Defeating an enemy unit causes the nearest enemy city to lose a small amount of Loyalty, which is doubled when fighting in or near Vietnamese borders. Vietnamese units gain a combat bonus when fighting in a disloyal enemy city. The bonus increases the more disloyal the city is.

    Additionally, the sisters have access the “Voi Chiến” unique unit. This heavy cavalry unit is unlocked in the classical era. While slower than a Horseman, it has additional Strength and exerts Zone of Control on all units, including cavalry. It also has no Movement penalty when crossing rivers or jungle, and has additional Strength when fighting adjacent to a river.

    Vietnam excels at a defensive game, as Vietnamese cities are hard to take and even harder to hold onto. Loyalty bonuses allow them to settle along long rivers without worry of rebellion; in the early game, take advantage of the Voi Chiến and Daughters of the Dragon Lord to march along rivers and conquer cities that are too close for comfort. Then, build Rice Paddies along your riverbanks to grow your cities large while amassing tons of culture. Make sure to keep some jungle intact, both for additional Culture as well as to hide your unique units. In the late game, station Việt Cộng in these tiles to ambush any civilizations bold enough to try and seize your fertile lands.

    Will you fight for independence, no matter the cost? How will you lead Vietnam in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

    Ability Details
    Spoiler :

    Leaders: The Trung Sisters
    Tier 2 Jungle Bias, Tier 5 Coastal Bias

    UA: Nước Việt
    Your cities exert doubled loyalty towards other cities you have founded, whether currently owned by you or conquered by another nation. Razing a Vietnamese city generates a small burst of Disloyalty in surrounding enemy cities.

    LA: Daughters of the Dragon Lord
    Defeating an enemy unit generates -5 Loyalty to the nearest city of that civilization. This is doubled to -10 Loyalty when fighting within or near Vietnamese borders. Military units gain additional Strength when fighting within or near the borders of a disloyal enemy city, +1 Strength for every -5 Loyalty up to a cap of +10. Vietnam also has access to the Voi Chiến unique unit when led by the Trung Sisters.

    LUU: Voi Chiến
    Replaces the Horseman. Has reduced Movement (2) and higher Production cost (120), but higher Strength (40). This unit exerts Zone of Control on all units, including cavalry. It has no Movement penalty on rivers or jungle and has additional combat (+5) when fighting near a river.

    Agenda: Enemies at the Gate
    Likes civilizations who liberate their captured cities and never cede their own cities in peace deals. Dislikes civilizations who let their cities remain occupied and willingly cede their own cities.

    UI: Rice Paddy
    An improvement unique to Vietnam that can be built on flat tiles adjacent to rivers or coast (and on the Rice bonus resource). It cannot be built on Desert, Tundra, or Snow. Unlocks at Irrigation. Provides +2 Food and +0.5 Housing. Also provides +0.5 Culture for each adjacent Rice Paddy or Jungle tile, which doubles to +1 with Economics. This improvement cannot be damaged by river flooding and has an increased chance of gaining additional yields from flooding.

    UU: Việt Cộng
    Replaces Infantry. Unlocks at Ideology instead of Replaceable Parts. Has -5 base Strength compared to Infantry. Gain doubled movement and Camouflage while in Forest or Jungle and can move after attacking. Enemies defeated by this unit generate doubled war weariness for the enemy civilization.

    Ideation and Historical Accuracy
    Spoiler :
    The idea I had for Vietnam’s general playstyle was an a locally aggressive early game, transitioning to a defensive late-game that is extremely hostile to potential invaders that may try to stop its path to its chosen victory condition. In the early game, Vietnam is all about rivers, and its initial uniques synergies to support this. Rice Paddies are the reason why rivers are great; they’re pretty much better farms and encourage having as many river-adjacent tiles as possible. Voi Chien are how Vietnam will get their river cities—by marching along rivers and conquering any cities that are in the way of their winding empire, using the river and jungle combat bonuses to encourage the conquering of cities that not only have river, but also jungle—which we’ll get to later. Finally, Nuoc Viet is how Vietnam will hold onto river cities. Thin, snaky empires are usually a big disadvantage when it comes to loyalty due to how it decays by distance, but with the bonus Vietnam won’t have much trouble staying intact.

    Historically, obviously modern Vietnam is a very long and thin empire that loves its rivers (and coast); the in-game bonuses make it not only feasible, but advantageous to build an empire that maximizes river-adjacent tiles. Pre-modern Vietnam was also a big military threat to its neighbors, most significantly to the Champa that used to inhabit the Mekong delta. Conquering cities to take advantage of fertile riverland in the early- to midgame is a perfect fit in this regard.

    After the Voi Chien obsoletes Vietnam is still a threat to nearby neighbors thanks to its leader ability, but its primary goal now is to hunker down and fight off invaders that try to interfere with its farming and cultural growth. Both the Voi Chien and Rice Paddies encourage Vietnam to keep jungle intact; in the mid-late/late game, this remains relevant with the introduction of the Viet Cong. The Viet Cong definitely aren’t meant to venture off and conquer far-off lands, but they are a menacing threat when on their own turf. Alone they are weaker than the Infantry they replace, but their mere existence makes Vietnamese jungle a nightmare to invade. A patch of forest or jungle can host any number of Viet Cong, making invaders have to think carefully before stepping near. Additionally, their ability to move after attacking makes them hard to pin down for defeat, so wars with the Vietnamese will likely draw on for a while. To compound the war weariness of long wars, losing a unit to a Viet Cong unit also generates increased weariness, making Vietnam masters of attrition. Finally, t fact that these jungles are also providing Culture to your Rice Paddies helps make more worthwhile to keep around in times of peace.

    Historically, this interpretation tries to capture how Vietnamese tactics heavily utilized the terrain to their advantage. From river traps to guerilla jungle warfare, fighting the Vietnamese on Vietnamese territory should be an uphill battle. Most people might obviously think of the Vietnam War when talking about the additional war weariness, but the notion that “the amount of lives resources being invested into this war is not worth the gain” was also a sentiment shared by China the multiple times it relinquished Vietnamese territory, as well as France and the Mongols for that matter.

    Vietnam’s strengths are fairly clear; they are very difficult to invade, have little trouble with loyalty, and excel at conquering their neighbors in the eras where it’s the most feasible. On top of that, they are great at generating raw culture provided that they settle their cities in proper locations. Their defensive nature synergizes well with their cultural focus; Loyalty and war weariness issues make it difficult to wage prolonged wars with Vietnam, allowing it to focus primarily on Wonders rather than unit-building to keep itself safe from harm.

    As for weaknesses, their military prowess is significantly weaker against cities that they don’t border, and falls off in the mid-late to late game. At this point, if Vietnam has not established a fertile riverine empire, it will likely be difficult for it to catch up. A domination victory is unlikely with the Viet Cong, as they are quite weak outside of their home turf. While Daughters of the Dragon Lord can be a strong bonus, it takes a while to build up, at which point a well-developed civ has had quite some time to shore up its loyalty issues. The leader ability is best used to pick off cities that already may be having some loyalty problems rather than try to stir up issues in content ones; pick the Mapuche if that’s what you want to do. Vietnam also runs into the issue of lackluster tile usage. On one hand you want to leave jungles intact for your Rice Paddies, Voi Chien, and Viet Cong, but on the other hand you have to put your districts and wonders somewhere. This compounds with the fact that rivers are prime spots for Rice Paddies, which require other Rice Paddies surrounding them to maximize their value. Removing a single Rice Paddy or Jungle for a district or wonder, especially as a cultural civ, would significantly reduce the city’s cultural output. Playing Vietnam will require a delicate balance between keeping farmland and jungle for food and culture, or developing it for other uses
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    Dec 31, 2016
    Sweden has now been confirmed, meaning that we have two Scandinavian civs - a medieval Norway focused on naval warfare and a renaissance/baroque Sweden focused on culture and great people. Thus, only the oldest of the Scandinavian brothers remains - Denmark. Fittingly, Denmark could be added in a future expansion in order to represent the industrial era and with a completely focus than the other two. Then we could have the Scandinavian countries, each representing a different era and a different playstyle.


    Leader: Jacob Brønnum Scavenius Estrup

    Estrup is both a controversial and influential figure in Danish history. He effectively abolished democracy and ruled the country as a dictator from 1875 to 1894. Estrup was of the opinion that the upper and lower houses of parliament - the Folketing (House of Commons) and the Landsting (House of Lords) - were equals, so when the liberal Venstre (the peasant's party) gained a majority in the Folketing and blocked Estrup's government from enacting legislation, he effectively executed a permanent coup d'état by dismissing parliament - the Danish constitution ruled that if parliament could not adjourn, it could not govern. He argued that if a majority consisting simply of peasants were allowed to decide, then it could lead to nothing but mob rule; the decision making process had to be shared between the common people, the landowners and the King. In these 19 years Estrup governed the country by 'provisional laws', going around the empty parliament with the King's consent. He was the King's man through and through, and the King in turn had complete confidence in him. Estrup furthermore established the 'Blue Gendarmes', a paramilitary force designed to guard the King and his government from the increasingly militant parliamentarians, banned public meetings in parts of the country, built several fortifications around Copenhagen to deter foreign aggressors (e.i. Germany), and, in the opinion of some historians, brought the country to the brink of civil war. The King wanted Estrup to continue indefinitely, but in 1894 he was forced to resign.

    Nevertheless, Estrup was a born leader with firm, conservative principles. He possessed great oratorical skills, an unshakeable self-confidence and was a man of unquestionable integrity. In his youth he had suffered from tuberculosis, and had developed a strict self-discipline and strong, self-reliant character which allowed him to survive not only politically, but also literally - 88 years, despite his terrible illness.

    Leader Ability: The Provisional Time

    Gain one additional wild card policy slot in every government. May change government policies at any time without penalty.

    This represents the aforementioned time of Estrup's rule by decree/provisional laws.

    Leader Agenda: Copenhagen Defense Wall

    Wants his cities to be well-defended. Tries to appease potential threats, and likes countries with strong militaries that may help him out against foreign aggressors. Dislikes empires that seem bent on invading Denmark (e.i. placing troops on Denmark's borders, rumors of invasion schemes, etc.).

    The construction of Vestvolden, or the Copenhagen Defense Wall, was the main political goal of Estrup. After the defeat at the hands of the Germans in 1864, the question of defense had dominated political debate in Denmark, with the peasant party Venstre supporting a militia-based system akin to the one in Switzerland, and Estrup and the conservatives campaigning for fortifications around Copenhagen. With the King's support, Estrup got his wall. The purpose of the Copenhagen Defense Wall was to keep the enemy out of range of the capital, and to allow Copenhagen to hold out against a foreign (German) invasion force long enough for military or diplomatic support (French, British or Russian) to arrive and save Denmark.

    Country Ability: Apple Orchard, Hop and Mallow

    +1 additional food bonus for each two adjacent farms from feudalism doubled, adjacent farms provide +1 culture after discovering feudalism, outgoing trade routes provide +1 additional gold for every two adjacent farms in its home city. Gain a one-time bonus of +5 great writer points for every farm within the empire upon discovering nationalism.

    Denmark has always been an agricultural powerhouse, and the Danish landscape, being flat and fertile, is very convenient for agricultural development. Therefore most of Denmark is covered by farms and fields, which has had a huge cultural significance on Denmark, and which was one of the primary focus points of the national romanticist movement in Denmark in the 19th century. The name of this ability comes from H.C. Andersen song "I Danmark Er Jeg Født" (In Denmark Am I Born), in which it is written "You windswept Danish beach, where ancient chieftain's barrow, strands close to apple orchard, hop and mallow..."

    Unique Improvement: Dairy Cooperative

    Upon researching industrialization, the dairy cooperative replaces the pasture for cattle tiles. +1 food, gold and culture for every adjacent farm, adjacent farms gain +0.5 housing.

    Andelsbevægelsen, or the cooperative movement, emerged in rural Denmark in the late 19th century. It had a great impact upon Danish agriculture, and especially the dairies were successful. Denmark has sometimes been referred to as the 'butter chamber of Europe', and Denmark is (and was) a huge manufactorer of dairy products - butter, milk, yoghurt, etc.

    Unique Unit: Gunboat

    Replaces the privateer. Weaker but much cheaper to produce and maintain than the privateer, may form an armada before discovering the mobilization civic. May only move in and around coastal tiles, +25% bonus when attacking cities, +100% flanking bonus.
    Loot from plundering and raiding doubled, earn great admiral points from kills and plundering.

    After the bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of the Danish Navy in 1807, Denmark took to mass-producing gunboats in order to combat the British. The war came to be dubbed 'the Gunboat War', and saw Danish gunboats combating British fleets patrolling Danish waters and privateering targeting British merchantmen. Gunboats were small rafts, often only with one or two guns, but very effective for operations in shallow waters such as the Danish straits. At the Battle of Saltholm Danish gunboats captured 12-13 British merchantmen, and inflicted one of the greatest economic losses on a British merchant fleet in Britain's history - a highlight of the gunboat's effectiveness. Danish gunboats would continue to harass the Royal Navy throughout the Napoleonic Wars.

    Music: I Danmark Er Jeg Født (In Poul Schierbeck's Setting)

    This piece of music would be fitting, since it's also referenced in the CA.


    I think a Denmark such as this would complement the other Scandinavian civs nicely. Denmark would be a flexible civ, focused on agriculture, commerce and government, and would thus be able to go for many different victory types while being the master of none. It would be able to defend itself adequately with its gunboats, and would be able to prosper when at peace through its effective farms and dairies. It would be a good civ for a tall playthrough. If some aspects of it are OP, please let me know.
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    Nov 5, 2016
    What about this instead? (I know this joke is old, but I couldn't resist.)
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  16. HanNorwood

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    Dec 6, 2013
    United States
    The Mayan Civilization
    Led by Lady Six Sky

    The Maya are a culture and faith based civilization, who benefit from internal trade, rather than international. Lady Six Sky herself can further their culture and faith output by capturing cities, making the Mayans a religious and cultural powerhouse from the start of the game.

    Civilization Ability: Sacbeob - Internal trade routes provide culture and faith, as well as two amenities to both the sending and receiving city.
    Leader Ability: Chak Ek' - Capturing a city gives a large lump sum of faith and culture.
    UU: Atlatlist - Replaces Slinger. Cheaper to build, and has a range of two, versus the Slinger's one.
    UB: Lakamtun - Replaces the monument. Provides +1 loyalty per turn and +1 culture. When the Lakamtun's city is at full loyalty, it also provides +2 faith.

    Lady Six Star Agenda: Kuchkabal - Likes civs that maintain internal trade. Dislikes civs that don't trade internally.

    If I start modding again, this is probably the first civ I'll make. :D
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    starting bias - Tier 2 Coast. Tier 3 Woods. Tier 4 Mountains. Tier 5 Fish, Whales.

    ua - Guardian Spirits
    Holy Site and Theater Square projects provide double their usual yields.

    ui - Potlatch House - tile improvement - unlocked with State Workforce.
    +1 Culture, increasing to +2 with Cultural Heritage.
    Built adjacent to Bonus resources. Cannot be adjacent to another Potlatch House.
    Building a Potlatch House in a founded city gives it a Government plaza district (if possible).

    uu - Sto:mex - replaces Swordsman
    Does not require Iron. +10 Melee strength when within your territory.

    leader - Chief Si'ahl
    leader ability
    Cannot declare or be the target of Formal or Surprise Wars.
    Cannot declare Colonial Wars or Wars of Territorial Expansion.
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    starting bias - Tier 3 Mountains. Tier 5 Plains.

    UA - Great Expanse
    Cities settled on your home continent grant extra territory.
    Recon units gain +5 Combat strength within your territory.

    UU - Pathfinder - replaces Scout.
    Starts with the Alpine promotion. Gains double XP from unlocking Tribal Villages.
    +5 Production cost. +5 Melee strength.

    leader - Pocatello
    leader ability
    +1 Diplomatic policy slot in all governments.
    +1 Loyalty in all founded cities.
    +1 Movement for Settlers and Medics.
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    Nov 5, 2016
    starting bias - Tier 2 Woods.

    UA - Great Warpath
    Gain Science from killing units from combat with a civ that declared a Formal, Surprise, Colonial, Territorial, or Golden Age war against you.
    Gain 100 Diplomatic Favor when other civilizations settle within 8 tiles of one of your cities.
    Melee and Ranged units ignore Movement penalty on Woods terrain.

    UU - Mohawk Warrior. Replaces Swordsman.
    Does not require Iron. -10 Production cost. +10 Combat strength on Woods terrain. Can see through Woods/RF. May move after attacking. Only adjacent enemy units can reveal this unit.

    UI - Longhouse - tile improvement - Unlocked with Bronze Working.
    +1 Housing. +1 Production for every two adjacent Old-growth Woods, increasing to +1 Production for each after unlocking Metal Casting.

    leader - Hiawatha
    leader ability
    +1 Influence per turn for each City-state within trade route range of your capital you have at least three Envoys with.
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    Macro Land
    Assuming ahistorical civs are okay, I have a fantasy civ in mind. I'm very much not expecting any existing civ to fit it, though I would like to be surprised. The stats and attributes on Aeronautics Field and Aerial Frigate are a bit all over the place, since I'm not aware of any existing template I should follow for what are basically new objects. This civ is basically an air and sea superiority civ, can get air units much earlier, and has general bonuses to movement and area control through faster trade routes and better military engineers.

    Wayfaring Civ
    An ancient civilization that pioneered buoyancy and went the extra mile. Though their secrets are lost to the ages, legends say they could sail and soar across vast expanses, allowing them to travel great distances to reach new lands, establish long trading lines, and deftly maneuver for war. Their fabled Aeronautics Fields were engineering marvels that not made aerial travel possible, but could also function as a dock for sea based movement.

    Unique Leader - Zoiros, the Dreamcatcher
    Ability: Wild Blue Yonder
    Air Fighter units get +1 Deploy range and may Deploy twice in one turn.
    Naval units and Air units may move after attacking.
    +20% production for Naval units and Air units.

    Agenda: Clear Skies
    Likes civilizations that have equal or stronger air power and also explores the map.
    Always tries to build up air power and explore the map.
    Dislikes civilizations that have weaker air power or have explored less of the map.

    Unique Civ Ability - Towards Bold Frontiers
    Traders move, build roads and finish trade routes twice as fast.
    Airstrips are unlocked at Exploration.
    Military Engineers get +1 movement, +2 build charges and -3 gold upkeep.

    Unique District - Aeronautics Field (replaces Aerodrome)
    Available at Exploration
    30 base production (has halved production costs, similar to other unique districts.)
    1 gold upkeep
    +3 production
    May be built on any land terrain (including Hills), and on water.
    5 capacity for air units
    +50% combat experience for air units trained in this city.
    Air units trained in this city get 1 free promotion.
    Allows the city to train air units.
    Allows the city to train naval units if the Aeronautics Field is built near or on water.
    Removes the movement penalty for embarking and disembarking to and from this tile.
    (In a city with a Harbor and a Aeronautics Field, the game will prioritize deploying naval units to the Harbor, then to the Aeronautics Field if it is near or on water, then the city center.)

    Unique Unit - Aerial Frigate
    Available at Exploration
    300 production
    1 gold upkeep
    Air unit
    Fighter promotion tree
    2 Air Strike range
    5 Deploy range
    50 melee strength
    40 ranged strength
    Upgrades to Biplane
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