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Desperation turns leader into drooling imbecile


Clown Prince of Wallachia
Jan 6, 2003
I'll start off by saying this is being played in the RAR mod.

The Siamese (and Sioux also) have been driven off their "homeland" eastern continent by the Celts. The Siamese have only maybe a half dozen cities now on a medium size island. I have two cities there, mainly because of the five dyes that are there. Six units (riflemen / cannons / cavalry) each as garrison, and I am the farthest ahead technologically.

The Siamese move units into the territory of one of my cities. I say "Please leave" and like always with the AI, they initially say "Oh sorry." Naturally they don't move. so I say "Move or declare WAR!"

And they do the latter!!! I can crush the remnants of the civ in a heartbeat and they DECLARE WAR?? :eek: With the transports movement here, I can (and did) reinforce these cities in a single turn. Now I've taken one of "Mo-Ron-Kuts" cities (but don't want to take more - or maybe I should just take everything?)


Overlord of Eternity.
Jun 14, 2005
Yep take the lot i say your ahead so theres nothing they can trade with you that makes it worth your while techwise. Besides there always going to harass you rest of the game now.
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