Despotism and the Golden Age

Should the rules governing Golden Ages be changed?

  • Change 'em! Golden Age should not be triggered in despotism.

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Change 'em! Golden Age bonus should not be affected by despotism restrictions.

    Votes: 10 37.0%
  • Change 'em! We should have the option to decline and postpone our Golden Age.

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Leave 'em! We're smart enough to delay the Golden Age until we're ready for it.

    Votes: 11 40.7%

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Mar 24, 2002
If you think about it, having a GA while still in despotism doesn't take full advantage of the GA. Under despotism, you are not allowed to use the third food/shield/gold that might be produced on a tile being worked in one of your cities. Golden Age adds one shield and one gold to all tiles. Most of my citizens, 3/4 or more, are producing exactly 2 shields and half will collect exactly 2 gold. If I enter a GA in despotism, I get less than 25% of the shield bonus, and only half of the gold bonus. For this reason, I try to avoid an early GA. The problem is that one half of the civs have an ancient UU, so early war means early GA. The religious civs have a disadvantage here too, as the 3 earliest Wonders could trigger GA if built by religious civ. I think that the rules governing golden ages should be changed to prevent an effective 30% GA.


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Nov 12, 2001
Western Europe
Well, you could always beeline for a government before triggering your GA (it doesn't take THAT long to get to monarchy or republic). Anmyway remember that really early on many squares will be producing only one shield/one trade as you won't have had time to build them all up, so you will be getting a significant bonus, and getting a good start can put you in the lead for the entire game. No use having a GA when the game is already decided.


Dec 26, 2001
Fanatika - Where did everybody go?
I'm not sure your estimation is that accurate. Here is a list of "2-shield" squares, while not in GA:
- Mined bonus grasslands.
- Mined desert
- Mined plains
- Forest

I guess that could be quite a few of your tiles, if you mine your desert & plains. I always irrigate those, so I wouldn't agree with your claim of "most" squares in my games, I guess.

Here is a list of "2-gold" squares, while in despotism, not in GA:
- Coastal squares
- Roaded land next to a river
- Some luxury/resource squares

Again, I don't see this being the vast majority of my land. Perhaps you have a special map? I got everything off the manual, so did I miss anything?

Anyway, getting it early does have many advantages. The double production & gold comes while the AI has the greatest advantage over the human - early. Very handy for pumping out settlers, crucial wonders, early UU (maybe a Legion, or Mounted Warrior). I don't mind a GA anytime, as long as I get one!


Apr 22, 2002
I do kind of like it when the golden age hits mid second age.

Hate it when somebody attacks my jag warrior or my Egyptian chariot (etc.) in like turn 40, and.. they survive! Die you jag.. Die you chariot! I don't want GA yet!

But noooo , that's the one time they have to win a battle against somebody superior.

Ohh, voted for we are smart enough to trigger the ga when we want it (ok, so I'm not .. always .. counted on them being killed).
Dec 5, 2001
The rules need to be changed IMO, especially GA should rather cut corruption in Despo! I ahd a prod 9 city (8 wasted) go to prod 16 (16 wasted) - what the hell am I in my GA for?????

Let a despo GA cut wast and corruption by say 40% - that would be worth somthing!
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