Destroy your own buildings?


Sep 26, 2010
I'm tired of paying the Maintenance fees for a barracks in one of my cities.
Any way I can demolish it?
you are kidding? I just posted this same thing. I need to change my strategy in game. Is this just something like a bug that needs a patch or is it meant to be like this?
I think it's deliberate... to make you want to annex puppet cities...

mine are building gardens and rubbish, i'm not ready happiness wise to annex them but I don't want to pay maintance on dud buildings (ones which don't fit my strategy) so i'm going to HAVE to annex two cities at once... sigh (one buiding gardens the other building a circus...
This was patched in 2 weeks ago. If you left click on the building from the city management screen, you will be prompted to destroy the building or not. Not all buildings are eligible, and puppet cities may be immune from this, but puppet cities have been tweaked since the patch to focus on gold, so I don't think they build barracks any time soon along their build chain.
Which buildings can't you scrap?

You can't sell off buildings that consume no maintenance. So no scrapping Markets, Banks, Stock Exchanges, Mints...etc.

You can make a bit of extra cash off of razing cities now by selling off the buildings while the city is in the process of burning to the ground. To be honest when they introduced the sell mechanic they should have auto-credited you with all buildings' sale value when the city is demolished instead of you racing to do it yourself each turn.
You also cannot scrap buildings which are prerequisites for buildings that are also present.
You CAN however scrap buildings in other cities which are empire-wide prerequisites for a wonder (e.g. Barracks to build the Heroic Epic).
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