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Aug 10, 2017
For a long time, Civ3 was my favorite game, I played it a lot, but when more recent versions of the game appeared, I ended up leaving the Civ3 aside. A few days ago, I hit a nostalgia and decided to play Civ3 again. With a few days I ended up creating a project for a great modpack. Create real historical global maps from 3,000 BC up to 2,018 D.C (Probably the modpack will only be ready next year, or until later!), Representing the whole history of mankind. If you're wondering, is not this Civilization plot? Yes it is. But it will be much more detailed than Civilization, with many more technologies, units, rulers and nations. However, there is a problem. If I go to do this modpack alone it will take a lot, a lot, a LONG time to finish. So I've come to you for help, players who still play Civ3 and who have some free time to help create the modpack. I do not have a limit of people, the more people the better. Those interested post below a sim and their email, or can send an email to: jmrdsgs@gmail.com.

The project, as its name suggests, is basically to create a modpack with the most detailed human history. I split the modpack into 3 large periods, and each period will have its own scenario:

Old Age (Europe, Middle East and North Africa)
Medieval Age (Eurasia, and North Africa)
Modern Age (World Map)

Each period will have subdivisions. Example: Ancient Age (Classical Age, Eastern Age and Late Age).

Over time I will put more details of the modpack below.
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