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[development thread] Dune: The Spice Must Flow

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Creation & Customization' started by dtumacder, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. dtumacder

    dtumacder Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2008
    Dune: The spice must flow


    This mod is based on the Sci Fi Novels written by Frank Herbert, later continued by his son Brian Herbert and co writer Kevin J. Anderson.

    Basic premise is a sci fi space opera spanning thousands of years, where humans, though technologically advanced, have chosen to make leaps and bounds in the science of humanity. It is a broad story telling of our races survival, forgoeing stagnation and embrasing diversity. The characters, governments, religions and factions within this universe have very rich depths that one discovers with each rereading. So if this mod is found enjoyable I highly encourage you start and read the first book...Dune.

    This mod is influenced by both the ideas presented within this thread: old thread and alot of ideas of my own based on my own interpretations of the books. Inspiration and some components for the mod is in large part due to the acclaimed Fall from Heaven I & II mods. It may sound like I am brown nosing but trueally a large part of my modding skills were developed using alot of the tutorials made by Kael and the rest of the selfless folk in the tutorial forums.

    There will be 4 stages to the the creation of this Total Conversion(TC) modpack. They are follows:

    Concept and Design - I am creating a design outline, all of which will be posted in this thread in the posts to follow.
    Developement - The meat and potatoes of the process. This will be creation and testing, creation and testing. Alpha Testing will be done by myself and select individuals upon request. Design and balance will be a primary focus in this stage.
    Beta Testing - Initial release to the public for a broader testing user base. Developement and balance continues.
    Release - I take a break and enjoy the mod ;) then back to expansion and improvement.

    Developement Progress:
    1. Civilizations - 5%
    2. Tech Tree - 0%
    3. Units and Buildings - 0%
    4. Religions, Civics, Victory Conditions - 0%
    5. Map, terrain, resources - 0%
    6. Artwork - 0%

    OVERALL - 0%

    Beta will start once steps 1-4 are done with developement and Alpha testing.


    I believe the one scenerio and/or map type we should include is Arrakis, Dune, later known as Rakis. This was general concensus in the previous discussoin thread.

    Next time frame. I love All the Dune books, I love the work of Frank, as well as Brian. But for practicalitie's sake we need to limit it so it doesn't encompass all 8 books. Instead, I say we do just the first 6. I will add influences from these first 6 books, and events concerning the story surrounding them. To relive the story a scenerio will be made. BUT if one wished to do this all or at least enough elements will be there to follow along with the story.

    So we can start with the Atreides arriving on Dune, and end with the planet's destruction. With the map evolving over the course of such things.

    Now we need to have all the major factoins there on Dune. This is where we will stray from story for functionality. The Emperor has noticed a decline in spice production under House Harkonnen reign. He has personally come down to the planet and has ordered House Fenring and House Atreides down to Arrakis for an investigation. Fenaris, being close friends with House Corrino and Atreides, being mortal enemies of the Harkonins, yet honorable will find anything if amiss. Now the stage has been set, let the battle for the imperium and for Dune commence.

    Let the plots within plots within plots ensue.


    The Guild will be represented by events taht are driven by how much spice one has.

    The Landsraad will ot be represented any time soon, they are a minor motivation in the books, and may appear in events for flavor but for the overall story, they are inconsequential.

    Feedback, constructive crisism, and ideas are welcome. In fact, they are encouraged.
  2. dtumacder

    dtumacder Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2008
    UPDATED - 5/8/08
    This is a very rough draft, balancing of mechanics need to be implemented, and Technology Tree Tweaks to be done. Starting Techs may change, and Unique Units, buildings and heroes may change due to this as well. Added Smuggler Civ, and all info is now completed. Please discuss and let me know if there are things not liked or don't make sense, be sensible and polite, though constructive critisism welcome.


    Gluttonous - +1 spice on spice plots, Double production of Spice Hoard


    Spoiler :

    House Corrino:

    Leader - Shaddam Corrino IV, Traits - Aggressive, Imperialistic, Starting Tech - Zensunni Teachings, Education, Favorite Civic - Imperialism
    Leader - Princes Irulan, Traits - Philosophical, Imperialistic, Starting Tech - Zensunni Teachings, Mysticism, Favorite Civic - Scholarship

    Unique Unit - Sardaukar (Soldier), Sardaukar Bashar(Bashar)

    Unique Building - Salusa Secundus Training Grounds (Training Grounds)

    Unique Heroes - Farad'n Corrino

    Premise - They are best made for a military victory and CHOAM Dictatorship victory. They will start with the "Imperial Compound", A building that gives +15% Choam influence per turn (this building can be taken if someone gets more Choam influence and takes the throne via diplomatic means, )either in a threatening or friendly manner), or through military might.

    House Atreides:

    Leader - Duke Leto Atreides, Traits - Protective, Charismatic, Starting Tech - Zensunni Teachings, Exploration, Favorite Civic - Hereditary Rule
    Leader - Lady Jessica, Traits - Spiritual, Charismatic, Starting Tech - Zensunni Teachings, Mystiscism, Favorite Civic - Missionaria Proctivia

    Unique Unit - Hawat's Man (Explorer), Fedaykin (Levenbrech), Fishspeaker (Bashar)

    Unique Building - Training Ground of the Faithful(Training yard)

    Unique Heroes - Paul Atreides\Muad'ib, Alia, Duncan idaho, Gurney Halleck, Thufir Hawat, Siona

    Premise - Religion will play heavily when implimented. More Heroes than most other factions. They will start with loyalty in all units.

    House Harkonnen:

    Leader - Baron Vladimir harkonnen, Traits - Financial, Gluttonous, Starting Tech - Crafting, Spice Detection, Favorite Civic - Military State
    Leader - Glossu 'Beast' Rabban, Traits - Aggressive, Gluttonous , Starting Tech - Exploration, Spice Detection, Favorite Civic - Slavery

    Unique Unit - TaskMaster (Corpsman), Gladiator slave (Soldier), Pleasure slave

    Unique Building - Slave Pits, Gladiatorial Arena(Theatre)

    Unique Heroes - Feyd-Rautha, Piter De Vries

    Premise - They get extra bonus' from spice. I see them being able to buy vast amounts of units early in the game and thus becoming a threat earl on. As the game progresses this will even out and they will go for the "CHOAM monopoly" victory.

    House Fenring:

    Leader - Count Hasimir Fenring, Traits - Organized, Philosophical, Starting Tech - Survival, Zensunni Teaching, Favorite Civic - Imperialism
    Leader - Lady Margot, Traits - Spiritual, Philosophical, Starting Tech - Zensunni Teaching, Mystisim, Favorite Civic - Missinaria Proctivia

    Unique Unit - Imperial Assassin (Master Assassin),

    Unique Building - Assassin's School

    Unique Heroes - N/a

    Premise - They will have access to Bene gesserit tech tree early on, they will be based largely on stealth and early advances in technology that should platuae mid game. I see them as the gateway civilization to the Bene Gesserit midgame civ (see below)


    There will be two kinds of fremen the way I invision it. There will be the civilization Fremen, and there will be the barbarian Fremen. These barbarians will represent the tribes of fremen that attack the "unfaithful". Perhaps allow the mechanic for the atreides to "convince" fremen to join them upon defeat, or make that a tech to enable a promotion along those lines to become reality. For those that want to play the fremen there is the civilization/faction.

    Leader - Naib Stilgar, Traits - Spiritual, Aggressive, Starting Tech - Water Discipline, Spice Detection, Spiritual, Favorite Civic - Water Conservatoin
    Leader - Liet-Kynes, Traits - Creative, Spiritual, Aggressive, Starting Tech - Water Discipline, Spice Detection, Exploration, Favorite Civic - Environmentalism

    Unique Unit - Worm Rider, Fremen (Soldier), Fedaykin (Levenbrech), Sayyadina (Acolyte), Fremen Worker

    Unique Building - Deathstill

    Unique Heroes - Paul Atreides/Muad'ib, chani, Alia

    Premise - They will have access to Worm riders, they will be a spice heavy civilization with very strong military overtones. I see them in contention of gaining either the "Paul Atreides" hero or the "Muad'ib" hero, two seperate heroes, one only being able to get out at the same time. Atreides will have access to these heroes as well. They wil lhave access to the Fremen Stillsuit promotion that allows for unit suvivorbility in the game and they will be able to diplomatically (mechanics are uncertain just yet) employ the barbarian fremen and their cities.

    Bene Tleilax:

    Leader - Master Scytale, Traits - Creative, Spiritual, Starting Tech - Crafting, Water Discipline, Favorite Civic - Religion
    Leader - Master Tylwyth Waff, Traits - Industrious, Spiritual, Starting - Crafting, Zensunni Teaching, Favorite Civic - Organized religoin

    Unique Unit - Face Dancer, Improved Face Dancer, Tleilxu Master - National unit (4 allowed)

    Unique Building - Genetic Programing

    Unique Heroes - Hayt, Bijaz

    Premise - They will have access to face dancers. They will be largely technologically based. I see them being able to race to a technology victory, which will be gathering specific techs to replicate the worm cycle and melange on another planet.


    Leader - Esmar Tuek, Traits - Financial, Gluttonous, Starting Tech - Crafting, Spice Detection, Water Discipline, Favorite Civic - Consumption

    Unique Unit - Smuggler Worker, Smuggler(Corpsman), modified ornithoptor(ornithoptor)

    Unique Building- Smuggler's Den

    Unique Hero - N/a

    Premise - Jack of all trades faction, reinforced by their easy flow of Solaris and Spice.

    Bene Gesserit:

    The Bene Gesserit will be units that will become available via a specific bene gesserit tech tree. They will also be mimiced by gaining certain promotions via this tree by certain or all units. At the end of the tree the player will be able to build a Chapterhouse and this will open this mid-game civ/factoin for play. I believe this is needed based off of the later books when the Bene Gesserit become more proactive after the lesson taught by the God Emperor. That and it would be cool to play the witches :p

    Leader - Gaius Helen Mohiam, Traits - Organized, Philosophical, Imperialisitic, Starting Tech - N/A, Favorite Civic - Caste System

    Unique Unit - Novice, Acolyte, Reverend Mother, Truthsayer, Imprinter, Breeding Mistress

    Unique Building - Breeding Program, Chapterhouse

    Unique Hero- Miles Teg, Lucilla, Darwi Ordrade, Sheeana, Murbella

    Premise - They will have access to two more advance bene gesserit units, Imprinters and Reverend Mothers. They will have access to certain promotions from the start and certain buildings. I see them as a military force late game, and a diplomatic force. They will have a special victory condition that they can bring about, "Destruction of Dune" which will have quite a few prerequisites.

    The Scattering:

    This will be a mid-game to late game civ that will be only available after the God Emperor Ascends event. If the no ship tech is researched and built and The Scattering wonder is made it will bring this civilzation to be.

    Leader - Great Honored Matre Logno, Traits - Aggressive, Spiritual, Charismatic, Starting Tech - N/A, Favorite Civic - Military State

    Unique Unit - Novice, Acolyte, Honored Matre (Bene Gesserit), Sexual Fanatic (Soldier), Lost Tleixu, Phibians

    Unique Building- Slave Pits

    Unique Hero- Hellica, Murbella

    Premise - They will have access to Imprinters and Honored Matres. they will ahve access to ceratin promotions from teh start and certain buildings. i see them as a military force late game, and sexually enslaving civilizations into joining them in a diplomatic victory. They will also have special vicotr condition access to "Destruction of Dune" which will have quite a few prereqs.


    Spoiler :

    Zensunni - Religious belief and philosopy of original Fremen ancestors and Duncan Idaho Ghola Hayt was conditioned to follow this.

    Missionaria Proctivia - Bene Gesserit Generic Religion generating beliefs to protect them.

    Orange Catholisism - New versoin of Catholisism in Dune.

    Buddislam - A cover term for a group of religions formed from various denominations of Buddhism and Islam.

    Navachristianity - In the Legends of Dune trilogy, Navachristianity is the religion of the ruling class on Poritrin.

    Shai-hulud - Fremen desert religion

    Mua'dib - Religion based around Paul Atreides.


    A mixture of BTS Civ4 and FFH2 civics plus one or two of my own making to fit with the mod:

    Spoiler :


    Aristocracy - Default Governement where there is a ruling class. Nobility.

    low upkeep

    Hereditary Rule - One family keeps all the power of the faction. Military keeps the peace

    requires Kanly - Tier 3
    low upkeep
    +1 happy citizen for each military unit in city

    Representation - All groups are represented within your faction by a represenative.

    requires Code of laws - Tier 3
    medium upkeep
    +3 Science for each science specialist
    +5 happy citizens in your capital

    God Emperor - Rulled by a diety figurehead

    requires Mysticism- Tier 2
    Medium upkeep
    +25% unhappiness War
    +50% production in capital
    +50% solaris in Capital

    Theocracy - Ruller claims to be rulling on behalf of a set of religious beliefs or agent of a diety

    requires Religious Law - Tier 5
    medium upkeep
    unlimited priests
    +1 happiness with cities with state religion
    +2 exp in cities with state religion
    no non-state religion spread

    Universal Sufferage - Government on a planetary basis, no cenralized government.

    requires No-Technology - Tier 8
    High upkeep
    +1 production and +1 solaris from town upgrade
    +1 happiness per city
    +10% spice production


    Water Conservation - Water conservation is a way of life on arrakis.

    required Water Discipline - tier 1
    medium upkeep
    +1 water to windtraps
    All units start with stillsuit promotion

    Imperialism - An imperium can influence culture on many levels and can be highly valued.

    no upkeep
    +100% Great Person
    +1 cost for every military unit

    Religion - Religion is the cornerstone of society

    requires Philosophy - tier 3
    Low upkeep
    +5% culture in all cities
    +1 hapiness from Temples

    Consumption - A consumer based society

    requires currency - tier 4
    medium upkeep
    +1 sickness in all cities
    +10% solaris in all cities
    +1 happiness from market

    Scholarship - Scholarly pursutes are the basis of this society.

    requires Mathmatics - tier 4
    high upkeep
    unlimited sages
    +20% war unhappiness
    +10% research in all cities
    +1 research per specialist
    +1 happiness from library

    Jyhad - your nation revolves in cleansing the unfaithful.

    requires jyhad - tier 7
    medium upkeep
    -75% war unhappiness
    +2 happiness in cities with state religion
    cites with state religion train units +25% faster
    certain percent chance that city produces "Fanatic" unit
    must be at war
    no diplomacy with enemies.


    Sietch life - Individuals have no place, everyone works for something

    low upkeep

    Slavery - Some people are judged inferior. They are possessoins and tools.

    requires Way of the Wicked - tier 4
    low upkeep
    +1 productin from quarry
    Can sacrifice population to finish production in a city
    +25% chance to create a slave from combat

    Military state - All must join the military at an age and learn a skillset.

    requires Kanly - tier 3
    High upkeep
    +15% mILITARY Unit production
    -25% culture in all cities
    can draft 5 units per turn
    10 free military units
    can spend gold to finish production of city

    serfdom - less than people, more than slaves. Usually associated with feudal society.

    requires feudalism -tier 4
    low upkeep
    workers build improvements +50% faster
    -10% water, +20 percent production in all cities
    can spend gold to finish production in a city

    caste system - There is nobility, and there is poverty.

    requires taxation - tier 5
    medium upkeep
    +1 reserch, +2 culture per specialist
    -1 happiness in 6 largest cities
    can spend gold to finish production in a city

    Guilds - Everyone is part of an organization that contributes labor to the over all system.

    requires Satelites - tier 2
    medium upkeep
    unlimited bard, sage, merchant, engineer
    can spend gold to finish production in a city


    Decentralization - Where basically the government gives no say in what its people produce

    Low upkeep

    Conquest - resources and materials are gained through conquest

    requires Kanly - tier 3
    low upkeep
    New Units recieve +2 experience points
    Military Units produced with solaris

    Free Market - Striking a decent balance between mercantilism and decentralization.

    requires Trade - tier 4
    Medium upkeep
    +1 trade route in each city
    -5% solaris, +20% culture in all cities

    Environmentalism -Society does everything in respect to their environment

    requires Medicine - tier 5
    Medium upkeep
    +6 health in each city automatically for free
    +1 happy citzen for each desert whthin the citiy's radius.


    Paganism - The starting religious civic, paganism is almost a religion in and of itself, believing in the holy nature of everything physical, from water to fire.

    Low upkeep

    Organized religion - Organized religion is when a single person or group determines everything about the single national religion.

    required Philosophy - tier 3
    high upkeep
    religious missionaries can be trained in cities without a monestary.
    any city subscirbe tot state religion will build all buildings 25% faster.

    Missionaria Proctivia - The Bene Gesserit's orchastration of religions.

    required Way of the Wise - tier 4
    medium upkeep
    +2 experience to religious units
    units in cities with state religion get 25% fortification bonus.

    Free Religion - Free religion is the idea that the government has zero say in religion within its borders.

    required Theology - tier 6
    low upkeep
    State religion must always be assigned as "No State Religion."
    +1 happy citizen in city for each religion present.
    +10% research in every city
  3. dtumacder

    dtumacder Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2008
    Forthcoming, a few notes, there should be a Bene Gesserit tree that leades to Chapterhouse wonder, one for each of the Bene Gesserit training promotions (i.e. voice, prana-bindu training, Weirding Way, petit perception, imprinting.) Voice being able to make a unit not attack, Prana-bindu and Weirding Way being upgrades to attack strenght and defense, petit perceptoin extending visibility range and imprinting as a special power promotion enabling one to convincing a unit to change sides. All these with perhaps imprinting were taught to young nobles to an extent that had a willing bene gesserit teacher. Higher up in the tree, having access to the bene gesserit unit, perhaps a national wonder of breeding program that gives +1 strenght to all units in that city.

    There will be an Ixian overtones through the tech tree that will allow for Ixian gadgets. This can include laze guns, no rooms, no ships, ixian probes, ixian eyes, etc etc.

    Fremen techs will tend to be the survival techs. Water and Worm specific techs.

    This will be outlined more in depth as the project progresses. As mentioned beforehand there will be key points for non scenerio games to access terra forming changes, to call upon various Heros, such as Paul, Leto II, Muad'ib, chani, Alia, Tuek, Later on, God Emperor upgrade to Leto II, Duncan idaho, Gurney Halleck, Ghanima, Siona, Piter De Vries, Feyd-Rautha, Farad'n Corrino, Darwi Ordrade, Miles Teg, Sheeana, Hellica, Harah, and Otheym. To name a few :p.

    LAST UPDATE: 5-8-08
    Here is a break down of tiers, the format of each tech is: Tech name - Prereq, Prereq - Benefits...if any are typed at the moment.

    Once again, please let me know of any critique and what not.



    Spoiler :

    Tier 1

    Water Discipline - Enable Water Conservation, Can Build Wind Traps, Stillsuit Promotion, Fremen Stillsuit Promotion(Atriedes, Fremen, Smugglers)
    Crafting - Can Construct Spice Liquor Still and Tailor
    Spice Detection - reveals Sparse Spice Patch & Spice Patch,
    Exploration - Can Build Roads
    Zensunni Teachings - Construct Monument

    Tier 2

    Water Collection - Water Discipline - Can Construct Water seals (Granary) & Deathstill(Fremen)
    Desert Life - Water Discipline - Unrhythmetic Walk Promotion, World Wonder: Pact with the Fremen
    Festivals - Water Discipline - Can Construct Market
    Mining - Crafting - Can Build Mine, Reveals Iron
    Masonry - Crafting - Can Build Quarry, Can Construct Wall & Dungeon.
    Harvesting - Spice Detection - Can Build Harvester
    Satelites - Exploration - Enable Guilds, Enable Open Border, Enable Map Trading
    Survival - Exploration - Sentry Promotion, Can train Corpsman and Smuggler, Can Build Camp,
    Education - Zensunni Teachings- Can Build Cottage, Missionaria Proctivia religion , Can Construct Ixian Ambassador
    Mysticism - Zensunni Teachings- Enable God Emperor, Can Construct Temple & Developement Center

    Tier 3

    Water Storage - Water Collection - Can Construct Cistern (Smokehouse), Mahdi religion
    Worm Riding - Desert Life - Thumper Promotion, Worm rider Promotion, crysknife promotion, Shai-hulud Religion, Can train Worm Rider
    Iron Working - Mining - can chop down forest (when there are forests), Can Build Plantation
    Construction - Masonry - Enable bridge building
    Flight - Harvesting - Reveal Rich Spice Patch, Workers produce 50% more spice, Can Construct Landing Field, Can train Carry all
    Projectiles - Survival - Can train Maula Pistol Soldier
    Espionage - Survival - Can train Spy
    Kanly - Education, Espionage - Can Construct Training Grounds, Salusa Secunda Training Ground(Corrino), Training Ground of the Faithful(Atreides),National Epic, City Garrison Promotion, City Raider Promotion, enable Military State, Hereditary Rule, and Conquest, Can train Hunter Seeker Operator
    Code of laws - Education - Can Construct Courthouse, enable Representation,
    Writing - Education - Can Construct Library, World Wonder: The Great Library, Can build Research
    Philosophy - Mysticism - Zensunni Religion, enable Religion civic & Organized Religion
    Holtzman effect -Education - Can construct City Shield, Can Train Shield Fighter

    Tier 4

    Trade - Water Storage, Harvesting - +1 Trade per city, Can Construct Mercenary Guild & Inn, Enable Free Market
    Drama - Festivals, Education - Can Construct Theatre, Gladitorial Arena(harkonenn), Build Culture, Can adjust Culture Rate
    Smelting - Iron Working - Can Construct Forge & Jeweler, Can build Workshop, Reveals Plaz, Can train Swordsman,
    Sanitation - Iron Working, Construction - Can Remove Jungle (When there are jungle)
    WormSign - Flight, Construction - Can train Ornithopter
    Weather - Satelite - Centers Map
    Poisons - Tracking - Can Construct Assassin's School, Can train Assassin
    Currency - Code of laws - enable Gold Trading, +1 trade per city, Can Construct Money Changer, enable COnsumption
    Feudalism - Code of laws, Trade - Enable Permanent Alliance, Enable Vassal States, Enable Serfdom,
    Mathematics - Writing - can build wealth, Enable Scholarship
    Way of the Wicked - Philosophy - Enable Slavery, Can Construct Slave Pits(Harkonnen)
    Priesthood- Philosophy, Education - Orange Catholisism Religion
    Way of the Wise - Philosophy - Enable Missionaria Proctivia Civic, Can Construct Breeding Program, Can train Bene Gesserit

    Tier 5[/B]

    Honor - Trade, Way of the Wise - Enables Defensive Pact, enable Choam Directorship
    Deception - Trade, Way of the Wicked - enable Conspiracy, Can train Master Assassin, Face Dancer and Pleasure slave
    Plaz Working - Smelting - Can train Levenbrech
    Medicine - Sanitation, education - Can Construct Infirmary and Genetic Programing, Enable Environmentalism, Can train Medic
    Terraforming - Weather - Reveals Map, Can Construct, World Wonder: Lyte-Kines Dream
    Precision - Projectiles, Military Strategy - Can Train Maula Pistal Marksman
    Mentat Training - Poisons, Kanly - Mentat Training Promotion, Can Train Mentat Assassin
    Taxation - Currency, education - Can Construct Tax Office and Smuggler's Den, +1 Solaris Town, +1 Solaris Village, Enable Caste System
    Ix Engineering - Mathematics, Construction - Can Construct Fortress, +1 Road Movement
    Religious Law - Priesthood, code of laws - NavaChristianity Religion, Enable Theocracy
    Fanaticism - Priesthood, code of laws - Can Train Fishspeakers
    Novice Training - Way of the Wise, Education - Can train Novice, Prana-bindu promotion, Weirding Way Promotion

    Tier 6

    Atreide's Talent - Honor, Righteousness - Prescience Promotion
    Tleilaxu Guise - Deception, Malevolent Designs - Can Train Improved Face Dancer
    Worm Command - Worm Riding - Summon Worm Promotion, Team Wonder: Worm Capture
    Plasteel Working - Plaz Working, Engineering - Reveals Plassteel, Can Construct Weaponsmith, Can train SwordsMaster and Lasgun Soldier
    Suk Conditioning- Medicine, Honor - Can Construct Hospital, Can Train Suk Doctor and Phibians
    Worm Cycle - Wormsign, Worm Command - Team Wonder: Offworld Worm, World Wonder: Death of the Tyrant
    Military Strategy - Warfare, Philosophy - Can Construct Command Post, Heroric Epic, Blitz Promotion
    CHOAM Profit - Taxation - +1 Trade route per city, +1 forgeing trade route per city, +2 spice
    Ixian Probe - Ix Engineering, Plaz Working - Ixian Probe Promotion
    Theology - Religious law - Enable Free Religion, Buddislam Religion
    Malevolent Designs - Fanaticism, Way of the Wicked - Heroe: The Tyrant, World Wonder: The Return, Team Wonder: Devious Plans
    Benevolent Designs - Fanaticism, Way of the Wise - Heroe: Leto II, Ghanima, World Wonder: Chapterhouse, Team Wonder: Insightful Manipultations
    Acolyte Traing - Novice Training, Theology - Can Train Acolyte, Petit Perception Promotion

    Tier 7

    Axlotl Tank - Plasteel Working, Theology - Heros Automatically get 1 Ghola ressurection, Can train Ghola (Generic), Can train Tleilxu Master, Heroe: Duncan Idaho (Ghola)
    Lasgun Weapons - Plasteel Working, Precision - Can Train Bashar and Lasgun Marksman
    Mercantilism - Taxation - Can Construct Tavern
    Machinery - Ix Engineering, Precision - Can Construct Ixian Workshop
    Jyhad (Rage)- Fanaticism, Plaz working - Enable Jyhad, Wonder: Muad'ib's Jyhad
    Deep Training - Acolyte Training - Can train Imprinter, Heroe: Miles Teg (Ghola), The Voice Promotion,

    Tier 8

    Synthesis - Axlotl Tank, Worm Cycle - Team Wonder: Synthetic Spice
    No Technology - Machinery, Plasteel Working - Can Construct No-globe, Can train No-ship, Team Wonder: No-ship Worm Carrier
    Spice Agony - Deep Training, Atreide's Talent - Other Memory Promotion, Can train Reverend Mother, Can train Breeding Mistress, Can train Truthsayer

    Tier 9

    Future Tech

    Tech Tree Images:

    Spoiler :


    Spoiler :

    To begin with there will be a limited type of terrain starting out in the "Dune" map, here is a list and a small description:

    1. Basin terrain - Generic terrain equivalent to plains terrain. This will encompas 20% of the map minus mountains and hills.
    2. Hill Terrain - same as in vanilla civ4
    3. Mountain terrain - same as in vanilla civ4, any mountain formations will be surrounded by a hill terrain. in each of the 8 directions.
    4. Desert Terrain - Starting off this will encompase roughly 80% of the terrain, minus mountains and hills. This terrain will damage units on a per turn basis, no max damage, units can die from the desert, or sandworms ::grins::. Stillsuit promotions are a necessity if one is going to mine or expand into the desert.
    5. Salt Flat terrain- this will be mainly for production and money. Only occurs in desert.
    6. Dune Sea terrain - This will replace lakes as obstructions.
    7. Drum sand terrain - If walked upon this will alert nearest worm and unit unless in city by the time worm comes will be disbanded.

    from left to right the entire middle section will be desert, with mountain ranges and surrounding hills populating the dunescape, to the degree that worms will be able to roam freely. To the north and south will be an equal amount of basin tiles, with mountains and hills running through. Three civilizations will start at the top of the map, two on the south, with fremen barbarian, and fremen civ starting in the desert. The scattering when implemented will be placed in the south and Bene Gesserit in the north.

    Resources -

    1. Iron - replaces copper
    2. Plaz - Though the substance to describe super strong glass I wish to make this the upgrade material in weapon promotions and replacement for Iron.
    3. Plasteel - Last weapon upgrade material and replaces mithril from FFH2.
    4. Spice patch - For 5 turns a worker can turn into a crawler and "mine" the spice. Once done, the spice patch goes away, a worm is called, and the worker is shifted 2 tiles away with a small percent chance of disbanding due to worm death. Only a certain number of spice patches will be on the map at one time in the desert.
    5. Rich Spcie patch - For 10 turns a worker can turn into a crawler and "mine" the spice. Once done, the spice patch goes away, a worm is called, and the worker is shifted 2 tiles away with a small percent chance of disbanding due to worm death. Small randome number that any spice patch will come on the map as a rich spice patch.
    6. Scarse spice patch - For 2 turns a worker can turn into a crawler and "mine" the spice. Once done, the spice patch goes away, a worm is called, and the worker is shifted 2 tiles away with a small percent chance of disbanding due to worm death. Small randome number that any spice patch will come on the map as a Scarse spice patch.
    7. Botantical Testing Stations - These will give 2 water as long as a wind trap is built on it.
    8. Bats - Will produce 1 production. As it makes communications easier in the Dune environment.
    9. BTS resources - Stone, Dye, Wheat, Gems, Gold, Incence, Silver, marble, Iron

    As you can see resources are scarse. At least at this stage of the Mod design. I not only want to get the feeling of affecting events outside the scope of the map and the importance of water on Arrakis, but i also want to introduce a new challenge, a new enemy. The enviornment itself, I want to introduce survival. this Will act in part with terrain in that Desert terrain, without either one of the two stillsuit promotions, is untravelable. Producing growth, via water instead of food in this mod, will come only with careful cultivation. Resources, besides the ones named above, are scarse. Livestock is almost unheard of, there is very little agriculture on Dune, most of it imported. Its only source of planetory export, I believe, is spice and spice liquor. So to survive one needs to learn the tech, build the proper water conservation builds and improvements, and be weary when mining that spice.

    A note on spice, I am going to attempt to get a feature that allows a worker to mine spice outside cultural boarders. Prohibit them to mine it within other people's boarders but allow them to gather spice up in neutral territory.

    Once the event "Lyte's Dream" goes off, or the wonder "Lyte's Dream" (haven't determined if this will go in normal play, as opposed to scenerio play, as either or both), the map will start to dynamically change Basin tiles will become plains tiles. Desert tiles along the edges of the desert will become basin tiles. Once plains tiles appear, forests will start popping up. Eventually all but 20% of the map will be basin, plains, and eventually grassland tiles. Normal resources will become available. Worms will die out and spice will not be mineable when it its 30% of desert on map. I don't kow if there is a map script out there but i would even like it to eventually allow for rivers to run through it.

    I think this will give reason to keep that army of workers you produced early on, to add improvements on to what is now new fertile land. Old improvements like Windtraps will have become obsolete, farms will be needed, certain resources will remain but others will sprout up. Extensive tradeing other than spice will improve.

    When the event "Death of the God Emperor" goes off or the wonder is made, the map will start reverting back to its original state. a reverse effect of how it changed. To the point where in stead 30% is basin with perhaps a few plains here and there, and 70% is desert once again.

    Throughout the process, i'd like mountain ranges to stay stagnant simply changing from one color to the other when desert or basin tiles no longer surround it.

    That is the idea I had for the map that will come with the mod. Once that is done a Scenerio will be laid out to follow the main story line more striniant. We can also then build scenerios for just specific eras within the Dune history with more detailed events.

    Rough Map Layout: Please keep in mind it is a rough outline, and the terrain textures are still BTS textures I do plan on getting custom textues. If someone does take on the map for this project this is simply a guideline. I used 70% desert and 30% "basin" terrain and I outlined the top with the Shield wall with slight breaks in it. Without further adue:

    Spoiler :

  4. dtumacder

    dtumacder Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2008
    UPDATED: 5-8-08

    Spoiler :

    Stillsuit Promotion
    Fremen Stillsuit Promotion
    Unrhythmetic Walk Promotion
    Thumper Promotion
    Worm Rider Promotion
    Crysknife Promotion
    Mentat Training Promotion
    Prescience Promotion
    Summon Worm Promotion
    Blitz Promotion
    Ixian Probe Promotion
    Prana-bindu promotoin
    Weirding Way
    Petit perceptoin Promotion
    The Voice
    Other Memories Promotion
    Imprinter Promotion
    Truthsaying promotoin


    Spoiler :

    General Units



    Laza Tiger - any but invoked only during event
    D wolf - requires grassland
    Salusan bull - requires plains
    Little Maker - requires desert
    Sandworm - requires desert
    Shai'hulud - requires desert

    Recon Units

    Corpsman (explorer)- requires Survival
    Spy - requires Espionage
    assassin - requires Poisons
    Master Assassin - requires Deception
    mentat assassin - requirs Mentat Training

    Melee Units

    Soldier (Warrior)
    medic - requires Medicine
    Shield Fighter (Axeman) - requires Holtz Effect
    Mercenary - requires Trade and Mercenary Guild
    Suk Doctor - requires Suk Training
    Swordsman - requires Smelting
    Levenbrech (maceman) - requires plaz working
    Swords Master - requires plasteel working and weaponsmith
    Bashar - requires Lasgun Weapons

    Ranged Units

    Maula Pistol Soldier - requires Projectile Weapons
    Maula Pistol Marksman - requires Precision
    Hunter Seeker Operator - requires Kanly
    Lasgun Soldier - requires plasteel working
    Lasgun Marksman - requires Lasgun Weapons


    Ornithopter - requires Wormsign
    Carryall - requires Flight
    NO-ship - requires No-technology

    Special Units

    Bene Gesserit - requires Way of the Wise
    Ghola - requires Axlotle Tanks

    Unique Units

    The Scattering:

    Novice - requires novice training
    Acolyte - requires acolyte training
    Honored Matre (Bene Gesserit)
    Sexual Fanatic (Soldier)
    Lost Tleixu (Improved Face Dancer)


    Fremen Worker
    Fremen (Soldier)
    Fedaykin (Levenbrech)
    Sayadina (Acolyte)
    worm rider

    House Atreides:

    Hawat's Man (Explorer)
    Fedaykin (Levenbrech)
    Fishspeaker (Bashar)

    House Harkonen:

    Gladiator slave (Soldier)
    pleasure slave - requires Deception

    House Corrino:

    Sardukar (Soldier)
    Sardukar Bashar (Bashar)

    House Fenring:

    Imperial Assassins (Master Assassin)


    Smuggler Worker
    Modified Ornithopter (Ornithoptor)

    Bene Tleilax:

    Face Dancer
    Improved Face Dancer
    Tleilxu Master - National unit (4 allowed)

    Bene Gesserit:

    Reverend Mother
    Breeding Mistress

    Generic Heroes:

    Leto II - requires Benevolent Designs
    The Tyrant - requires Malevolent Designs
    Ghanima - requires Benevolent Designs
    Duncan Idaho (Ghola) - requires Axlotl Tanks
    Miles Teg (Ghola) - requires Deep Training


    Spoiler :


    Windtrap - prereq Water Discipline
    Workshop - prereq Smelting
    Mine - prereq Mining -
    cottage - Prereq Education
    Plantation - Iron Working
    Harvester - prereq harvesting
    Quarry - prereq Masonry
    Camp - prereq survival
    roads - prereq exploration


    Chapterhouse - prereq Bene Gesserit - +10 espionage per bene gesserit unit other civs have, +10% espionage
    Spice liquir still (Brewery) - prereq Crafting - +1 happiness from wheat, spice
    Tailor - prereq Crafting - +5% solaris with dye, +1 happiness from dye
    Monument - prereq Zensunni Teachings - +2 Choam influence
    Water Seal - prereq Water Collection - Stores 20% of water after growth, +1 health per city
    DeathStill - prereq Water Collection - +2 water on city tile for 5 turns if unit dies in civ borders
    Market - prereq festivals - +3 solaris, -1 research, +2 choam influence, Can turn 1 citizen into merchant, +1 hapiness with consumption
    Walls - prereq Masonry - 15% Defense
    Dungeon - prereq Masonry - -10 to Crime rate, -25% war unhappiness
    Ixian Ambassador (Elder Council FFH) - Prereq Education - +2 research, can turn 1 citizen into scientist
    Temple - prereq Mysticism - can turn 1 citizen into priest, +1 happiness per city with state religion.
    Developement Center - prereq Mysticism - +2 research
    Cistern - prereq Water Storage - Stores 20% of water after growth, +1 health from wheat
    Landing Field - prereq Flight - can airlift 1 land unit per turn, +1 trade route
    Training Ground - Prereq Kanly - +2 exp new unit
    Salusa Secundus Training Grounds - Prereq House Corrino & Kanly - +2 exp new unit, melee units start with free promotion
    Training Ground of the Faithful - prereq House Atreides & Kanly - +2 exp new unit, Units start out with Loyalty
    Courthouse - prereq COde of law - -10 to crime rate, -40% Maintenance, required to build fortress
    Library - prereq Writing - +25% research, can turn 1 citizen into sage, +1 happines with scholarship
    City Shield - prereq holtzman effect - 15% Defense
    Mercenary Guild - prereq Trade - Units can buy Mercenary
    Inn - prereq trade - +5 crime rate, heals units extra 25% dmg/turn, +1 trade route, +25% trade route yield
    Theatre - prereq Drama - +3 Choam influence, +1 happiness, +1 hapinss from dye, with Consumption
    Gladiatorial Arena - prereq Harkonenn and Drama - +3 Choam influence, +2 exp to new units, +1 hapiness
    Forge - prereq Smelting - +1 sickness, +25% production, can turn 1 citizen into engineer, +1 hapiness from gold
    Jeweler - prereq Smelting - +5% with gems and gold, +1 happiness from gems and gold
    Assassin's School - prereq House Fenring and Poison - Free mobility promotion to all Recon units, +10% Espionage
    Money Changer - Prereq Currency - +25% solaris, can turn 1 citizen into merchant
    Slave Pits - prereq House Harkonen(or Scattering) and Way of the Wicked - Percent chance slave is produced in city.
    Breeding Program - prereq Bene Gesserit and Way of the Wise - Choose one promotion to give each new Unit
    Infirmary - prereq Medicine - +1 health, units heal extra 10% dmg/turn
    Genetic Programming - Choose one promotion to give each new unit
    Tax Office - requires Taxation - +1 unhappiness, +25% solaris
    Smuggler's Den - requires Smuggler and Taxation - +1 spice and +10% Solaris, +10% espionage cost to enemies, +1 Trade Routes, Can turn 1 citizen into merchant
    Fortress - prereq Ix Engineering - +1 happiness, +10% gold, =10% Maintenance, 30% Defense
    Weaponsmith - prereq Plasteel WOrking - +10% Military Unit Production, Required to Train Swords Master
    Hospital - prereq medicine - +3 health, units heal extra 25% dmg/turn
    Command post - prereq Military Strategy - +20% Military Unit Production, new units +2 exp, cn be built by great commander
    Tavern - prereq Mercantilism - +1 great person (Great Bard) +10% Maintenance, +1 Trade Route, +25% Trade Route Yield, +1 hapiness with Consumption.
    Ixian Workshop(Machinist Shop) - prereq Macinery - +20% production, can turn 1 citizen into engineer
    No-globe - prereq No Technology - 100% cost to enemy espionage costs, Units are hidden within city, +15% defense

    National WOnder:

    The Eyes and Ears Network - prereq Guilds, 5 inns - +10 to crime rate, espionage bonus(to be determined)

    Heroric Epic - prereq Military Strategy,unit lvl 4 exp, training yard - +4 Choam Influence, +1 greatperson (Great commander), +100% Military unit production

    National Epic - Prereq Kanly,library - +4 choam influence, +1 great person(Great Commander)
    +100% great person birth rate

    Spice Hoard - prereq 1000 spice - +4 gold, +6 choam influence, +1 Spice, +1 hapiness per city, +1 spice on all spice patches

    World Wonder:

    The Great Library - prereq Writing, 3 library - +8 Choam influence(information trade), +2 great person (Great Sage), +1 research from sage in all cities, +1 research from great sage in all cities, +2 sage

    Pact with the Fremen - prereq Desert Life - can convert fremen units when defeated. +6 to Fremen civ, fremen stillsuit promotion to all units built in all cities.

    Lyte-Kine's Dream - prereq Terraforming -

    Death of the Tyrant - prereq Worm Cycle -

    Chapterhouse - prereq Benevolent Designs - Bene Gesserit Civ appears. Player has choice to play them.

    The Return - prereq Malevolent Designs - City built in becomes first city to The Scattering civ. Player has choice to play them.

    Muad'ib's Jyhad - prereq Jyhad

    Team Wonder:

    Offworld Worm - prereq Worm Cycle -
    Components - Worm Capture, Synthetic Spice, No-ship Worm Carrier, Devious Plans, Insightful manipulations


    Spoiler :

    Miltary Might - Kill everything
    CHOAM Dictatorship - influence 51% of dune
    Fremen Jyhad - Convert all Fremen on the map to your cause, vassal Fremen civ., Muad'ib is level 10, World Wonder: Muad'ib's Jyhad
    Recreate the Worm cycle offplanet - a kin to the alpha centari victory, where one must gather up certain technologies and build components


    I would like a more dune's like desert tile to simulate the appearance of Dune. There will be need for custom units made for the various units mentioned adn for the heroes as well as the worms.

    For art for the individual main characters, i would like it to come from one source, either in existance or depicted by a volunteer. I would like it not be pictures of real people for the sake of legality and it just seems off seeing a picture of a real life person in a game.
  5. GarretSidzaka

    GarretSidzaka Deity

    Dec 17, 2002
    Bravo! i will post more soon
  6. dtumacder

    dtumacder Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2008
    excellent I noticed your interest in the other thread and hoped to hear some input.

    Alot of the holes you see in the design plan are due to being at work and workin gon that document off and on, but i have alot of details still in my head ready for release.

    Tonight i'm going to break down the tech tree and see if i can get an image of what I had in mind for it.

    I think that is the easiest way to go in ways of adding alot of the Dune mythos to the game.
  7. seZereth

    seZereth FfH´s art monk(ey)

    Feb 3, 2006
    Perhaps I can help out on Units.
    no promise and my time is very limited.
    but Dune always fascinated me. I could supply u with low poly, low texture units if you want. but first i need to see the mod at a stage where it will not be abandoned any more, so my work would not go to waste.

    So, as soon as you have something which convinces me, that this project will not be abandoned, you can approach me for unitartwork.

    cheers and good luck!
  8. dtumacder

    dtumacder Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2008
    oh wow, thanks.

    Well I'm a project lead in real life, and I've read thoroughly kael's guide to mod designing which has alot of common sense advice. one in particular is, start a project under the assumption you will have no help.

    I've modded minor things for my own personal civ 4 use.

    I understand the hesitantsy, I saw the time stamps on the last thread with much dread. I'll keep my progress updated and I look forward to the time where we are at a place where you can help us out.
  9. Ajidica

    Ajidica High Quality Person

    Nov 29, 2006
    I have read most of the Dune books more than once, I can do testing and some XML work. I can't help that much, as I' m working on another mod, but if I can help I will.
  10. Jeckel

    Jeckel Great Reverend

    Nov 16, 2005
    Peoria, IL
    Hmm, sounds interesting.
  11. dtumacder

    dtumacder Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2008
    In this post I am going to add possible mods out there that already did the work or add an excellent dynamic.

    Influence Driven War

    In essence this is the battle for not just military, but for CHOAM influence. Precidence is set heavily in the books when military victory amoungst the nobles equates to more spice and choam holdings.
  12. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
    ahhh dune....what a story for a mod.

    one problem all sci fi mods suffer - n one makes sci fi units. :(
  13. dtumacder

    dtumacder Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2008
    ::nods:: I've noticed a general fantasy theme for most mods, either that or modern mods. There are a few sci fi mods out there.

    But Dune is a rarity in sci fi novels. Sure they have advance technology and alien themes, but this is not what it concentrates on. Dune concentrates on futuristic human advancement and human technologies. This I do not see as a problem.

    So when one looks at the units we need to create or he buildings that need to be made, most especially the ones on dune, its not so much needing mechanical or alien models, but human and desert color buildings with sci fi....trimming is the best way of saying it.

    When they describe the palace of Arrakeen in the first Dune book, they don't describe metals, and whirly gadgets. They describe a stone and steel (or plasteel) fortress, with collumns and wide spaces.

    When they describe the dress of the fremen they describe spice threaded robes, that can look no more than cotton yet sturdier, half the time worn with use.

    So i don't see too much of an issue.

    The one thing that will need to be considered is a shield model for the shield promotion, though that doesn't even need to be done right away as shields are never used in the desert.
  14. avain

    avain (key)

    Jul 29, 2006
    Budapest, EU
    Another project I hope will be completed one day! Great ideas, please persevere! (I always wanted to use this word;), I hope I used it right;) )
  15. seZereth

    seZereth FfH´s art monk(ey)

    Feb 3, 2006
    like i said, dont worry about art, if you reach the step where art is the missing point, you will get it. but reaching that step is the hard part :p
  16. avain

    avain (key)

    Jul 29, 2006
    Budapest, EU
    If seZ says something like this, you should really make it to that point, because the art will be amazing!
  17. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
    seZereth ,

    well if you say arts not a problem...then :

    hint hint star trek mod,
    hint hint b5 mod

  18. dtumacder

    dtumacder Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2008
    most excellent :)

    Then I continue on with that assurance, update, I got a rough draft for the tech tree.

    It is basic tier placement, and prerequisites.

    I used Fall from Heaven's Tech Tree as a base model, as I think its progression fits more and is smoother. I took out what wouldn't apply, changed names around, and moved a few techs up and down a teir. Only thing it is missing is the Bene Gesserit tree, which will be something that will start cheap and ramp up through 5 tiers but will only become availabe once the Bene Gesserit tech is unlocked at tier 4.

    Let me konw what you think.

    Bene Gesserit tree added with prereqs. Benefits and unlockable stuff to be added this weekend.

    Also didn't put out a notice, Civ/factoins are more in depth on thread post number 3
  19. dtumacder

    dtumacder Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2008
    Oh I realize I'm a huge fan of his work in FFH
  20. seZereth

    seZereth FfH´s art monk(ey)

    Feb 3, 2006
    technically no problem...
    but very time consuming. and i am very busy these months.

    thanks. but i was thinking more in the style of the WW1 Infantry pack I released (Unit Graphics Thread).
    Those low poly units are not hard to produce and you can use a lot of them onscreen... epic battles ;)

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