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Devotion Ideology


Oct 3, 2013
Work in progress
A New Ideology called

Download link (v 0.8)
if you don't play with EUI, delete the VP3a folder. Let me know how if it looks wrong

The theme is Religious politics, particularly the Islamism that arose during that 20th century ideological time period in opposition to the Autocratic Ottomans, Ordered Soviets, and of course most recently the Freed Americans et al.
Victory Orientation: :c5war:Domination, and :c5influence:Diplomatic victories, and :c5faith: Religious Victory
Note: this mod runs with or without the Religious Victory enabled.

Update: In v 0.2 we have made use of some old CustomModOption hackery in the DLL to get the AI to consider Devotion when choosing an Ideology. Please report if you see it working: testing is hard :'(

Spoiler :


NYI stands for "not yet implemented". These parts currently require DLL sponsorship. Alms for the poor?

Spoiler :


Unique Unit
Spoiler :


More Wonders Compatibility
Spoiler :

These wonders -- two more for Devotion and one fun addition -- will appear if you are playing with More Wonders.
True compatibility would have two different building requirements. I've opted not to do that because I can't be bothered right now. Let me know if this is a deal breaker for you.
I've also not done the two different styles of info text, or attempted to match that style.
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Is this the religions victory that was talked about, or is that somewhere else?
"Yes. And no." -- Albus Dumbledore

(edited to emphasise a certain line, for your viewing pleasure)
I feel like Armageddon should be renamed to Judgment Day. Also you didnt show what Mujahedeen unit's stats are.
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Of the two films, Bruce Willis has to be preferred, no?

Excellent point about the UU. Will update the OP in due course.
Is this the religions victory that was talked about, or is that somewhere else?
Hokath is ironing out the kinks with the religious victory right now. I think he will implement in a later version of this mod.
Mostly all the components of the mod are this way. I cannot select any tenents. Only Wonders tied to it are readable

Any idea how to solve it?


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Would make sense. We probably both called it PROCESS_FAITH.
I will add a block until we sort something out.
If you want to try to get them to work together you can go to the Bare Necessities modinfo file and delete the updatedatabase statement where it loads Processes.sql
I think the name 'Just War' feels a little generic (though Jihad, the obvious referent, would be much too on-the-nose). The title of 'The Struggle' mentioned by another commenter feels like it would fit well here. Would it be possible to make the purchase-cooldown-removal only work for faith purchases? I don't remember if cooldown-removal is a common thing that all the trees do or if it's unique to this one, feels pretty powerful in the latter case since it theoretically lets you spit out a ton of units at superspeed, especially if you can swap between faith and gold for it.

I don't know how useful Religious Settlements would be at this point in the game, but that's mostly because I'm not sure how much border-growth usually happens after the Industrial era. I assume that the removal of settler restrictions means that you could settle within 3 tiles of other cities? Pretty neat, although I think that might be counter-synergistic with the other half of the tenet since you'll presumably be settling mostly within already-covered territory.

The Kartarpur Sahib feels pretty wimpy for a World Wonder, even compared to the oft-derided Motherland Calls. To be fair I don't really understand the way that religious pressure works, so maybe stacking that additional 25% on top is a huge deal?
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The purchase reduction abilities come from Venice's unique wonder. It's not possible to make Just War only work for faith units without DLL changes, but I think it can be weakened (it has a modifier of "1" and the civilian version is "3". These are the numbers that get added to the cooldown stack, I believe, instead of the usual... 5?)

Religious Settlements is not actually about grabbing the tiles, because as you say most of the expanding has happened. It's about the yields you get when the border expansion pops (which after a recent version of VP can now happen even for cities at max tiles!). I'm referring to things like Authorities +prod/+gold policy, Russia's UA, etc. The "border blobs" effects. So this adds some yields and then doubles them all during a golden age. Of course freshly settled cities pop border expands more frequently, so it does still have a synergy with new cities.

The important settler restriction in mind was the one that stops you settling near enemy borders. It would be intended that the immediate ring you settle with is claimed, so you can settle cities like mini citadels. Bit expensive but could be cool. This one needs DLL integration for the AI to evaluate such plots as settleable. The wording will probably have to change because I imagine if the AI could literally settle on any tile it would go haywire, so we may need some restrictions.

I had the Kartarpur Sahib giving a free Gurdwara to every city, but that was felt to be too strong. Specifically it's too much pressure.
It is designed to be on the weaker side, but we could still add a little something to it, perhaps.
It has an interesting IRL location on the Pakistan/Indian border, so I wondered if maybe some yield on border growth might be flavorful (and having some synergy with the Religious Settlements policy as well!)
Ah, I didn't know that borders could still pop after all tiles were filled in nowadays, that's what I'd been worried about. Nice, definitely makes it appropriately powerful in the late game! Great for Russia and Spain, naturally.

Yeah, it'd be nice if the Sahib had *some* kind of activeish effect that supplements the playstyle instead of just a pressure boost and a free (late) growth building, a la the Statue of Liberty's specialist buff in the "Tall" Ideology tree (albeit probably not on that level of power).
none of the other ideology wonders have anything too fancy.
Statue of Liberty is just +1 :c5production: to specialists
Kremlin is %:c5production: to tanks
Prora gives scaling :c5happy:
That's true, it's rarely substantial, it just doesn't feel like the Sahib scales at all in the way that the others do.
Would there be two Mujahedeens if i play with your Durrani civ or i would need to rename it to work?
Edit: ah wait its not your mod, is it?
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If Durrani did work (not sure if still does) then yes you would have two different kinds of Mujahideen, but then they are probably both called UNIT_MUJAHIDEEN so it would crash.
I will put a block just so people don't wander into that one.

Edit: P.s. do you want me to see if I can update Durrani?
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