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Did anyone try to remove the pollution?

Discussion in 'Civ1 - General Discussions' started by krille, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. krille

    krille CivDOS Fanatic

    Sep 5, 2005
    Pollution is annoying. Terribly annoying. I'd love to see it gone as it serves no real purpose other than annoy to no end (I don't care about 'realism' in this matter).

    Keep the text from the FAQ in the spoiler below in mind, shouldn't it be possible to find the offset(s) where either of these lines are evaluated: "Pollution = Pollution - 20" or "If (HydroPlant) Then IndustrialPollution = IndustrialPollution / 2"
    and change them into something like "Pollution = Pollution - 127*" (if unsigned bytes are used, 255 is an option) and "If (True) IP = IP / 127" or something like this?

    Spoiler :
    12) How do you calculate pollution?

    The book "Rome on 640K a Day" gives the formula for calculating the probability of pollution around a city each turn. According to the book:

    Each city has a "tolerance" for 20 Smokestack Points per turn. Each point
    generated beyond that become a smokestack on the city display, representing
    a 1% chance per turn that a square around the city will become polluted.

    Smokestack Points = Industrial Pollution + Pop. Pollution

    Industrial Pollution = # of shields generated by city.
    Divide by 2 if city has hydro or nuclear Plant; OR
    Divide by 3 if city has a Recycling Center.

    Population Pollution = City Size * Pollution Modifier.

    Pollution Modifiers = 0.25 with Industrialization;
    0.50 with Automobile;
    0.75 with Mass Production;
    1.00 with Plastics;
    0.00 with Mass Transit.
    Note: Mass Transit eliminates Population Pollution.

    Now I'm a terrible n00b at assembler and "debugging", but I'm sure not everyone is. Could anyone help here? :)
  2. Diviner

    Diviner Prince

    Jul 20, 2007
    Budapest, Hungary
    pollution is an annoying glitch sometimes i agree. big nuclear warfare or rapid future tech score (after future tech 63) is killed. well i guess it is not really moddable, but weakening it at least would be good, but eventually i personally could live with it just never build power plants and mfg plants. factories pollute more than enough and i cannot allow myself to have tons of settler in most of my games.
  3. Dack

    Dack Terra Form Moderator

    Nov 26, 2003
    civ dos 474.05
    TerraForm does offer a cheat in that one of its functions will clear all pollution squares and reset the sun index to zero. It could be used if you get yourself in to a situation and don’t want to trigger globe warming.

    You have single handed breathed new life into the CIV I forum with you latest batch of posts
  4. simonnomis

    simonnomis Warlord

    Nov 29, 2005
    This is interesting Dack. I think I circumvented that somehow in my May GOTM. Apparently the game did not register that pollution (nukes used to cause Vendetta situations) was no longer present. Any ideas what might have happened?

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