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dies irae


no allies
Aug 10, 2001
Essen, Germany
I, Alexander of Greece, son of Philipp II. of Macedonia, have been king for thousands of years and now am the most powerful president on earth ...
In my current game the mongols managed to build Leonardos. They were very unfriendly and took two of my just founded cities.
But now the day of revenge has come: I bribed 3 of their biggest cities, the next city will be Kashgar, home of Leonardo's ....They begged for peace, but I won't keep this treaty. They won't, too. I know for sure.
The Spanish had been unfriendly, too. They demanded 1000 gold. I'll give them more ... bribing their cities. They've just invented electrictiy - my diplos are on the way with special orders.
:egypt: :egypt: :egypt:
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